American National Alert and Appeal by Anna Von Reitz – January 18, 2020

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

January 17, 2020

I am being told by my intelligence sources (and bits and pieces are being confirmed in the news media) that rogue elements in Dick Cheney’s Department of Homeland Security (which is a private subcontractor and “executive” Department like DOJ—- meaning that they subcontract for our Subcontractors) —-were also working for “Hell’s Brigade”.

They conspired with other members of this elite transnational mercenary group which has infiltrated the national militaries of many nations including Iran and the US to steal two small nuclear bombs called “Baby Boomers” that are easily transported via railroad car or shipping container —-from an arsenal in the Southeastern United States.

The bombs are thought to be intended to stage another even worse attack than 911 on our own soil. The attack would take out the records of our so-called “Legacy Trusts” and Land Office Records for the past two centuries which are stored in Kansas —so the Vermin could come in and claim whatever they want about who owns our gold and who owns our land. →

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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2070 — Final Nail in the Globalist Economy, Cover up Failed – January 15, 2020

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Report date: 01.14.2020

US/China Deal Will Be The Final Nail In The Globalist Economy – Episode 2070a

Trump trade team is now working on the final part of the China trade deal. The trade deal that Trump is setting up will equalize trade around the world. This trade deal will not benefit the globalists, actually this trade deal will destroy the globalist system.


[DS] Pushes Same Hacking Tactic, The Coverup Already Failed – Episode 2070b

The [DS] feels the patriots closing in, they are now taking precautions to protect what they have done in Ukraine and Iran, this has already failed, the patriots have all the information, this was planned long ago. The [DS] is using the same tactics as before, Russia hacked into Burisma, and it just like the DNC hack. Assange is the key, the patriots have the source. The [DS] coverup plan failed before it was implemented.


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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2068 — When the Global Economy Implodes, Patriots Set the Timetable – January 13, 2020

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Report date: 01.12.2020

[CB] Panics, All Eyes On Them When The Global Economy Implodes – Episode 2068a

Trump and the patriots have positioned the new economy, the [CB]/MSM are trying to control the narrative that the US needs the middle east oil. This is about control. The [CB] are now panicking, the global economy is imploding, they are exposed, they are no longer behind the curtain, the curtain has been pulled back and they are completely exposed to the people.


Prosecutor Outside Of DC Ready To Bring Pain, Patriots Set The Timetable – Episode 2068b

The [DS] is panicking, the fake impeachment is in trouble, NP is trapped by her own doing. Trump is calling her out and exposing her and everyone behind this. WaPo tries to get ahead of the Huber’s investigation on HRC. What if there is a second prosecutor outside of the US with the same mandate, pain is coming. The Iranian people are protesting against their government, there is now an internal battle between good guys and bad guys in Iran. The Declass is coming, there is no other way [Except 1], it will be on the patriots timetable.


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Matthew Wards via Suzy Ward, January 9th, 2020


January 9, 2020

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Your calendar year 2020 had an intense beginning, with fires raging in Australia and saber rattling by leaders in Iran and the United States. In reply to your comments and questions about these situations, we shall first address the devastating bushfires.

They are not Mother Nature’s doing. Arson is involved and so is weather manipulation technology, which Illuminati minions are using to prevent heavy rains and to create gusting and shifting winds. →

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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2067 — Transitional Economy on Deck, Barr Prepare Facts and Evidence – January 11, 2020

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Report date: 01.10.2020

The [CB] Cannot Reverse What The Patriots Are Doing, Transitional Economy On Deck – Episode 2067a

The economy is moving along as planned. Trump and the patriots continue to put out the message that the economy is strong, meanwhile the patriots are building the new economy. Unemployment down, jobs created. The [CB] cannot recover from this, there is no coming back.


[DS]/MSM Begins Projecting, Huber, Durham & Barr Prepare Facts & Evidence – Episode 2067b

The [DS] has already started to project, the MSM is now putting out articles to control the narrative that HRC did nothing wrong, this will fail. NP decided to handover the articles of impeachment next week. The Ukraine plane crash in Iran is being looked into and Iran will not hand over the blackbox. The patriots have trapped the [DS] on all fronts the [DS] players are now in a state of emergency.


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(Video) Fjärde Statsmakten nr 33 med Lars Bern om hur internationella finansintressen tar över — SwebbTV – 9 Januari, 2020



Lars Bern förklarar de internationella finansintressenas strategi för att öka sina tillgångar och sitt inflytande i Sverige och andra delar av världen. USA har precis utfört en attack mot Iran. USA anser sig ha rätt att gå in i ett annat land och mörda en för dem misshaglig person. I Sverige, liksom i andra europeiska länder vågar inte regeringarna kritisera USA trots att det är ett uppenbart brott.

Lars Bern menar att USAs syfte är att störta regimen i Iran som för övrigt är ett av världens oljerikaste länder. Lars menar vidare att det är ett beställningsarbete från de rika oljeföretagen i USA. Man kan säga att den amerikanska oligarkin helt enkelt inte accepterar suveräna staters rätt till full disposition av sina egna naturresurser. Detta mönster i amerikansk utrikespolitik har vi sett upprepas gång på gång. Exempel på detta är också USA:s agerande i Venezuela som också har stora oljefyndigheter. →

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Nyårshälsning från Swebbtv och ett stort tack till alla er som bidrar till att Swebbtv växer!

Mikael Willgert delar några tankar från det gångna året och säger något om vad som kommer prioriteras inom Swebbtv framöver. Han berättar att allt fler börjar ifrågasätta mediernas agenda. Det är en väldigt mörk agenda som leder till att gamla människor sägs upp från sina boenden och att istället migranter flyttar in där. Detta är något som sker på många platser i Sverige och ofta sker det under falska förevändningar. Den mörka agendan leder också till att människor förlorar sina jobb på grund av sina åsikter, för att ta ytterligare ett exempel. Skiljelinjen mellan de gamla medierna och alternativmedierna handlar om att de gamla medierna jobbar FÖR den mörka agendan som influeras från de internationella finansintressena, medan alternativmedierna jobbar MOT den mörka agendan. →

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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2065 — [CB] System Dismantled, Iran Ready To Flip – January 9, 2020

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Report date: 01.08.2020

Trump Confirms, Middle East Oil Dependency Not Needed, [CB] System Dismantled – Episode 2065a

Trump has just confirmed that the [CB] system is being dismantled. Trump and the patriots have been slowly dismantling the globalist/[CB] system. Now we get confirmation that the US does not need the petrodollar.


Backchannels Important, Iran Ready To Flip, [DS]/MSM Panic – Episode 2065

The [DS]/MSM/Iran launched an attack on US bases in Iraq, no targets were hit, no casualties, was this really a strike, no, Iran notified Iraq and through backchannels the US, this was about starting peace talks. The [DS]/MSM push to start a war has failed. While all of this was occurring a Ukranian airliner allegedly crashed, coincidence? The patriots are in control, the [DS]/MSM is now panicking, they have lost control of the Russian collusion story, fake impeachment, Syria, Iran and everything else, the patriots are coming for them and they have no where to hide.


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