Palme mördades sannolikt av sydafrikansk torped pga svensk vapenexport — NewsVoice – 10 Juni, 2020

Olof Palme kan ha mördats av torpeden Eugen de Kock (foto från 1996) – Kollage:

Orsakerna till mordet på Olof Palme mörkades av den svenska regeringen ända från begynnelsen. Det var svensk vapenhandel som utgjorde det verkliga motivet bakom statsministerns våldsamma död. Det är konsensus bland internationella utrikesspecialister och västerländska underrättelsetjänster, skriver Lars Amber. →

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I den feministiska stormakten krattar etablissemanget manegen för islamistiskt kvinnoförtryck | KATERINA MAGASIN – 8 Maj, 2020

(KATERINA MAGASIN)  Han är inte ens trettio fyllda, ser trevlig ut och kör taxi. Jag sitter i baksätet och det är tiden före Covid, någon gång i höstas, men jag har inte kunnat släppa samtalet vi hade. Det finns kvar i mig, kanske för att det avslöjar en kvinnosyn jag önsketänker inte fanns. Min vana trogen inleder jag ett samtal, som jag brukar, för jag är nyfiken på människor och deras liv. Så jag frågar om hans familj och han berättar att han är gift och har ett barn som är tre år, tyvärr bara ett enda barn än så länge, säger han beklagande och då frågar jag vad hans fru gör och han ger mig en frågande blick. Hon är hemma med vårt barn, säger han och jag undrar, så där svenskt, jobbar hon inte, och han skakar på huvudet och säger att han inte vill att hon ska jobba. Att det är hans beslut. Att en muslimsk kvinna gör som mannen befaller. Och att han inte vill att hon ska arbeta utanför hemmet. “Det är jag som bestämmer om min kvinna ska arbeta eller inte, och jag vill inte att hon gör det” säger han som världens mest självklara sak. →



Declassified Documents Show Osama Bin Laden Plotted to Make Biden President | OpDis – April 25, 2020

Declassified Documents Show Osama Bin Laden Plotted to Make Biden President

Source: Daily Wire | By Ryan Saavedra

Declassified documents that were retrieved from inside Al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden’s Pakistani compound in 2011 revealed that he wanted to assassinate then-President Barack Obama to make “totally unprepared” Joe Biden the next president of the United States, predicting that Biden would lead the U.S. “into a crisis.”

The documents, first reported by The Washington Post in 2012, were unearthed by Fox News Editor Gregg Re on Wednesday night. →

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#UNRIG Video (4:22) Former Spy Accuses World Health Organization of Being Bribed or Blackmailed Into Declaring Pandemic — Public Intelligence Blog – March 11, 2020

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Robert Steele: World Health Organization Lies, Weaponized Against the Public – Should USA Leave WHO? Fake Pandemic But Real Threat . .

Source: Public Intelligence Blog

Veterans Today: False Flag — US Launched Rockets at Its Own Embassy in Iraq — Public Intelligence Blog – January 30, 2020

Iraq: US Faked Embassy Rocket Attack, a ‘false flag’

TEHRAN (FNA)- Spokesman of the politburo of Asa’eb Ahl al-Haq (one of the Iraqi popular forces) Mahmoud al-Rabiei said that the recent rocket attack on the US embassy in Baghdad was a theatrical move orchestrated by Washington.

“The US knows who has attacked its embassy with rockets and putting the blame on the Iraqi resistance groups is a part of the US media game,” al-Rabiei was quoted as saying by the Arabic-language al-Ma’aloumeh news website on Tuesday.

He added that the attack was launched from Arab Jabour district in Baghdad, where no resistance forces are deployed.

“The US orchestrates a theatrical blow to itself to blame the resistance forces,” al-Rabiei said. →

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(Video) Swebbtv Nyheter 17 januari 2020 om nyval, Löfven, vänsternationalism, omhändertagande av barn mm


Hej och välkomna till veckans Swebbtv Nyheter. Efter den stora explosionen på Östermalm i måndags kräver Moderatledaren nyval. Postnord och problemen med ett ökat antal klagomål med posthanteringen. Ett nytt Nationellt arbetarparti med namnet Framåt Sverige håller på att bildas. Partiet är mot mångkultur och anser att Sverige bör lämna EU. De menar att den nationella frågan är den viktigaste frågan. →

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American National Alert and Appeal by Anna Von Reitz – January 18, 2020

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

January 17, 2020

I am being told by my intelligence sources (and bits and pieces are being confirmed in the news media) that rogue elements in Dick Cheney’s Department of Homeland Security (which is a private subcontractor and “executive” Department like DOJ—- meaning that they subcontract for our Subcontractors) —-were also working for “Hell’s Brigade”.

They conspired with other members of this elite transnational mercenary group which has infiltrated the national militaries of many nations including Iran and the US to steal two small nuclear bombs called “Baby Boomers” that are easily transported via railroad car or shipping container —-from an arsenal in the Southeastern United States.

The bombs are thought to be intended to stage another even worse attack than 911 on our own soil. The attack would take out the records of our so-called “Legacy Trusts” and Land Office Records for the past two centuries which are stored in Kansas —so the Vermin could come in and claim whatever they want about who owns our gold and who owns our land. →

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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2070 — Final Nail in the Globalist Economy, Cover up Failed – January 15, 2020

Source(X22 Report)

Report date: 01.14.2020

US/China Deal Will Be The Final Nail In The Globalist Economy – Episode 2070a

Trump trade team is now working on the final part of the China trade deal. The trade deal that Trump is setting up will equalize trade around the world. This trade deal will not benefit the globalists, actually this trade deal will destroy the globalist system.


[DS] Pushes Same Hacking Tactic, The Coverup Already Failed – Episode 2070b

The [DS] feels the patriots closing in, they are now taking precautions to protect what they have done in Ukraine and Iran, this has already failed, the patriots have all the information, this was planned long ago. The [DS] is using the same tactics as before, Russia hacked into Burisma, and it just like the DNC hack. Assange is the key, the patriots have the source. The [DS] coverup plan failed before it was implemented.


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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2068 — When the Global Economy Implodes, Patriots Set the Timetable – January 13, 2020

Source(X22 Report)

Report date: 01.12.2020

[CB] Panics, All Eyes On Them When The Global Economy Implodes – Episode 2068a

Trump and the patriots have positioned the new economy, the [CB]/MSM are trying to control the narrative that the US needs the middle east oil. This is about control. The [CB] are now panicking, the global economy is imploding, they are exposed, they are no longer behind the curtain, the curtain has been pulled back and they are completely exposed to the people.


Prosecutor Outside Of DC Ready To Bring Pain, Patriots Set The Timetable – Episode 2068b

The [DS] is panicking, the fake impeachment is in trouble, NP is trapped by her own doing. Trump is calling her out and exposing her and everyone behind this. WaPo tries to get ahead of the Huber’s investigation on HRC. What if there is a second prosecutor outside of the US with the same mandate, pain is coming. The Iranian people are protesting against their government, there is now an internal battle between good guys and bad guys in Iran. The Declass is coming, there is no other way [Except 1], it will be on the patriots timetable.


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Matthew Wards via Suzy Ward, January 9th, 2020


January 9, 2020

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Your calendar year 2020 had an intense beginning, with fires raging in Australia and saber rattling by leaders in Iran and the United States. In reply to your comments and questions about these situations, we shall first address the devastating bushfires.

They are not Mother Nature’s doing. Arson is involved and so is weather manipulation technology, which Illuminati minions are using to prevent heavy rains and to create gusting and shifting winds. →

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