Keshe Foundation Cancer Solution Breakthrough! Live Stream On April 18 2017

Ascension with Mother Earth The Keshe Foundation is proud to announce a new cancer solution breakthrough ! Mr Keshe will unveil for the first time to the public, the extraordinary results found by medical doctors and clinical trials using Keshe “gans” products. Special information will be released on Tuesday April 18th, 2017 during the Keshe…

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FreeEnergy – Keshe Foundation – Space Institute – Sept.10, 2016


The Keshe Foundation is an independent non-profit and non-religious organization founded by nuclear engineer M.T. Keshe that aims to develop new scientific knowledge, new technologies and new solutions to major global problems like famine, water shortage, lack of electrical power supply, climate change, and disease, through the use of specially developed  plasma reactors which will also give Mankind the real freedom to travel in deep Space.

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Space Technology, Motion Without Burning Fuels, Heat, Energy, Health, Agriculture, New Materials

Magrav plasma units, Magrav plasma generator, Healing Pads, Pain Relief Pens, Nano coated coils, Gans coated coils, Star formation

Space technology that is now being developed will allow humanity to be members of the space community.

Humans have been focused on the physical aspect of life and now are starting to understand and embrace plasmatic science that explains the plasma energy system of the universe, our Sun, our Earth, our bodies, and each and every atom, plus each and every proton, neutron and electron.  So you see – there isn’t ANY THING that doesn’t have a plasma field AND there isn’t ANY THING that isn’t in a plasma field.

Each human, tree, drop of water … has a plasma field of it’s own and is in the plasma field of the Earth. And all planets in our solar system have a plasma field of their own and all are in the plasma field of the Sun…as it can be said…each cell has a plasma field of it’s own plus is in the plasma field of the body.

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NEWS FLASH! Tuesday 26th July, 2016 – at 10AM CET – Keshe to announce major scientific breakthrough

A not to be missed event, be present at one of the defining events in man’s scientific progress.



Tuesday July 26th, 2016, at 10AM CET

The Keshe Foundation Space Ship Institute will release information about a major breakthrough in the world of science and spaceship technology.

The event will be broadcast live on the internet via Live Stream, YouTube and Zoom platforms.
It is essential that you participate in the broadcast and even more importantly – share this knowledge to as many others as possible!

In this way we can stop any attempts at suppression of this humanity changing information!

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Projekt – Keshe Foundation Sweden —

Affärsplan för Keshe Foundation Sweden Produkter för energibesparing Produkter för hälsa och läkning Innehållsförteckning Introduktion, sidan 2 Vision, sidan 2 Uppdrag, sidan 2 Organisation, sidan 3 Produkter och Teknik, sidan 3 Marknad och…

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