Meet the 10 Companies that Control Almost Every Food & Beverage Brand in the World — October 1, 2017

This eye-opening infographic by Oxfam International reveals that 10 companies control virtually the entire human food distribution system……Read more

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EU’s Smallest Nation is it’s First to Completely Ban Monsanto’s Toxic Glyphosate – July 29, 2016

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Malta Bans Roundup

The European Union’s smallest member country, Malta, has officially began the process of completely banning Monsanto’s toxic glyphosate from the 122 square mile island nation in the Mediterranean Sea. Labeled a ‘probable carcinogenic’ by the World Health Organization, controversy over the use of glyphosate, a primary ingredient in the popular gardening product RoundUp, is a globally contentious issue, yet very few nation states have sided with precautionary reasoning when considering the continued use of this toxic herbicide and crop desiccant.

Usage of glyphosate is soaring worldwide, even in the face of vast expert and personal testimony that confers upon the risks to public health of its usage in industrial agriculture and in small-scale farms and gardens. In addition to being suspected of causing cancer under certain conditions, glyphosate has been linked to many other serious and chronic health problems, such as autoimmune disorders, liver poisoning, autism, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, inflammatory bowel disease and other chronic illnesses.

Furthermore glyphosate is severely disruptive to the gut microbiome of the human body, which is now being understood as a ‘second brain,’ responsible in major ways for regulating mood, the emotional body, our immune system, and influencing mental health conditions like depression.

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Nine chronic diseases caused by pesticides — Galactic Connection

Natural News (NaturalNews) By now, it is fairly common knowledge that pesticide exposure is associated with a disturbing number of life-changing illnesses. Yet, for some reason, pesticides continue to be used on a widespread basis, with people around the world feeling the effects of these harmful toxins. The wide reach and influence of agricultural firms…

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