Reclaiming Your Sovereign Power under the Universal Law of “God” | Wake Up World – July 8th, 2020

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

A rebellion of consciousness is happening that’s starting to establish itself in the most exciting of ways. Phase 1 Lockdowns may have eased, but just as predicted, in places we’re already witnessing stage 2. The erosion of civil liberties is steadily slipping in. Mandatory face masks in places and digital health passports being planned for example. BUT, there’s a growing movement that’s realised the state regulations and statutes introduced are subservient to Universal Common Law. It recognises the first principle of “God”, our Source Creator: that of the inalienable right to self-determination, free movement and expression. Here’s essential insight in how you can begin to reclaim that right. →

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Discover Our New World — The Final Wakeup Call – May 20, 2020

The Onset of Satanic Dictatorship

Consciousness and Unity are at odd with the Elites social engineering programs

Face Masks Pose Serious Risks to Healthy People, as Viruses Don’t Kill

Our New World

The Final Wakeup Call  | May 20, 2020






The Real Pandemic

The chaos Humanity and the Earth are going through is the fall of the tyrants; Draconian Law is giving way to Unity Consciousness and Universal Law. The Deep State empire based on old laws has no foundation left, it will fail, taking down all who live within its walls. Those religious, political and corporate businesses that are not aligned with Unity Consciousness or Universal Law, known as “Truth”, will either restructure or fail.

What people should really terrify, is not fear of dying of an infection of Covid -19, but the terror of those who govern the world, and who are scaring all Nations into submission to their purpose of achieving total despotic power in a once-free Nation. Covid-19 or Corona is nothing else than science fiction.  Continue Reading →

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Nederlands: Ontdek onze nieuwe wereld

Het begin van de satanisten dictatuur Bewustzijn en Eenheid zijn in tegenspraak met Elite plannen Gezichtsmaskers een risico voor gezonde mensen Virussen zijn niet dodelijk Onze nieuwe wereld   De echte pandemie De chaos die de mensheid en de aarde…Continue Reading →

Deutsch: Entdecken Sie unsere neue Welt

Der Beginn der satanischen Diktatur Bewusstsein und Einheit stehen im Widerspruch zu den Eliten Gesichtsmasken ein Risiko für gesunde Menschen, weil Viren nicht tödlich sind Unsere neue Welt   Die wahre Pandemie Das Chaos, das durch die Menschheit und die…Continue Reading →

Keep Believing in a Bright New Future — Rinus Verhagen – May 10, 2020

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor

May 9, 2020

Don’t let your hopes be dashed.

See through the game of the Archonten, they feed on the terror they send our way.

It’s sad to see fear being forced upon the people.

Defeating the people who don’t want to be oppressed by a corrupt government in Germany has taken fascist forms, than Angela Hitler and her Deep State led government. → Read more & videos via OpDis

Music Medicine for Your Soul: Sound Healing With the 4 Elements of Nature – FREE Video Event — Wake Up World – February 28, 2020

(Wake Up World)  We’ve all experienced how music and sound quickly shift our mood, emotions, and energy. Music can ignite a memory, liberate stuck emotions and energies and uncover our innate inner attunement — getting us out of our own way so we can reharmonize with our soul’s truest desires. Nature holds the same healing powers, if we allow ourselves to attune to it.

Join us for an exciting FREE video event which blends the healing powers of both music and nature: →

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Ascended Christ Collective via Galaxygirl | February 19, 2020 — Voyages of Light

(Voyages of Light)

Ascended Christ Collective 2/19/2020

Greetings beloveds, we are the Ascended Christ Collective. Peace and deep hope we offer to you today. Infused within these words, like dripping golden honey, so too our light permeates your consciousness and understandings of new beginnings, of new hopes, of the deepest of joys. For truly you have some inkling of what the next dimensional octave may be like but in reality one cannot fathom on a deep level. You are bestowing rising humanity a great service by lending your light, by offering your strengths, your experiences to hold yet more light codes and to ground them and share them with the others. You enrich the ascension vibratory rate with each meditation, with each well wish, with each action of love. →

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Photos From Final Liberation of Aleppo Demonstrates How MSM Narrative Was False All Along — Activist Post – February 19, 2020

By Brandon Turbeville

(Activist Post)  Western mainstream media outlets simply cannot show the results of the recent liberation of Western Aleppo in Syria without first doing much editing and damage control work on the television screen. While Western outlets continue the tired line that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is “killing his own people” and that the poor democracy-loving “freedom fighters” armed, trained, and directed by the Western powers are nothing more than victims, scenes from Syria easily challenge any perceptions western audiences may have had regarding recent events there. In fact, any claims that the Syrian people are opposed to the government’s liberation of Syrian territory is completely rebuffed with the pictures currently coming out of Aleppo. →

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Source, Alcyone, Ter ‘Aka via Galaxygirl | February 7, 2020 — Voyages of Light

(Voyages of Light)

Source, Alcyone, Ter ‘Aka 2/7/2020

I am Source. I am the all that is and the all that is not. I am surrounding you with intense love and light in this time of metamorphosis of your bodies, of your planet, of your minds, of your hearts. For all is changing. Time marches on and it has been not only marching, but sprinting to try to keep up with these blasts of light from our friend here, Alcyone. Alcyone, do you have a message for our precious ground team today? →

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Donald Trump’s Acquittal | Ashtar Sheran via Sharon Stewart — Voyages of Light – February 9, 2020

(Voyages of Light)

I am Ashtar and I have a message for those of the Light on Planet Eden.

It was I that joked, Sharon, calling Donald Trump the new “Teflon Don.” He was acquitted on all charges in his attempted impeachment and is free to carry on in his service to the Light.

Like him or not, he is the President of the most crime-infested country, with its otherworldly leaders, who are attempting to bring you all to your knees in servitude to them. He works with a team of on and off-world humans who implement strategies to bring your world to GESARA compliance, the White Hats or the Alliance as they are commonly referred to. →

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Repo Markets in Panic — The Final Wakeup Call – January 29, 2020

The Stage of self-destruction

The Credit Cycle

The function of the Repo Market

It is getting very ugly for the big banks

Scrambling for liquidity scarcity that cannot be resolved

Market melt-up and meltdown


(The Final Wakeup Call)

Published January 29, 2020

The end of existing global financial debt-money system

Reflation is a fiscal or monetary policy, designed to expand a country’s output and curb the effects of deflation. This now is going in reverse, changing in the opposite direction. In fact, debt reflation in the opposite direction is deflation of debt, making the economic situation worse, leading to contraction, propelling the economy into a collapse.

Less debt means less debt-money or credit-money in circulation, which are the same for a better understanding. Therefore, there is less money in circulation, meaning lack of available money. In other words, it is the end of the existing global financial debt-money system.

When a central bank economy is contracting it automatically creates a shortage of new debt, thus available debt-money too. That – and not a lack of any reform is triggering the Repo crisis. Any financial system based on debt-money, like the current will blow up anyway. No paper-money system has ever survived a full credit cycle, because paper money – is a form of primitive, credit/debt-backed money – without any discipline it is unlimited….

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Nederlands: Repo-markt in Paniek

Het stadium van zelfvernietiging De kredietcyclus De functie van de Repo-markt Het wordt heel schadelijk voor grote banken Gevecht voor cash door liquiditeitstekort dat niet kan worden opgelost Markt melt-up or down naar omhoog of omlaag Samenvatting   Het einde…Continue Reading →

Deutsch: Der Repo Markt ist in Panik

Das Stadium der Selbstzerstörung Der Kreditzyklus Die Funktion des Repo-Marktes Für große Banken wird es sehr schlimm Streit um Bargeld aufgrund von Liquiditätsengpässen, die nicht gelöst werden können Market Melt-Up oder Down – hoch oder runter Zusammenfassung Das Ende des…Continue Reading →

Spiritual Awakening: 23 Major Signs and Symptoms — Wake Up World – January 24th, 2020

By Aletheia Luna

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Going through a spiritual awakening is one of the most confusing, lonely, alienating, but also supremely beautiful experiences in life.

Put simply, spiritual awakenings mark the beginning of your initiation on the spiritual path. Without experiencing a spiritual awakening, we go throughout life pursuing the emptiness of money, fame, power, and respect in an attempt to find “happiness.”

The unsettling and equally beautiful thing about spiritual awakenings is that they occur at the least expected times. There is no way you can plan for them. They lurch into your life and shake everything up like tornadoes. But the hidden gift buried deep within them is that they occur at the precise time that you need them the most. →

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