Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 10, 2018


It is very common to seek control when you feel discomfort. But your discomfort is telling you that you are in resistance to something, and to seek control would be to dig in deeper to that resistance which will only perpetuate the discomfort. What you are really looking for when you are uncomfortable is acceptance, and a willingness to move with the energies with faith and trust.

Your control, while it may seem tempting to seek the reassurance controlling action seems to give, can only offer limited results because it lacks flow and the willingness to follow your soul where it is trying to lead you. Finding acceptance with each Now moment and shifting out of the head back into the heart is the only way you can realize your greatest opportunities and experiences. This will become more and more apparent and important as you move along your enlightenment journey.

We urge you to practice, to try new empowered ways of navigation that are based on co-creation and a willingness to stay in faith and trust long enough to see what gifts the unknown can bring you. This is a skill of great importance for you as the pioneers of the next great phase of your life expressions, for acceptance of your own wisdom, and the wisdom of the universe, is the foundation of forward movement with grace, ease, comfort, and peace. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Source: Trinity Esoterics

Daily Message ~ Monday June 18, 2018


As you start moving forward as the pioneers and empowered co-creators of your life expressions, we want you to understand the power of playing in the energies of expansion.

To put it in terms that are easy to understand, using the power tool of expansion involves always being one step beyond what you are creating. For example, let us suppose you wish to manifest a new place to live. As soon as you have put out that intention, you may wish to think of how you would like to decorate it. The act of considering the next step of the manifestation holds the energy that the first step is already a done deal. It is another way of anchoring it into your existence and expressing your faith and trust that it is already manifested.

If you keep creating just beyond what you can see, you are letting the energies continue to expand to serve you, and you will stay in constant forward movement while allowing the universe to do what it does so well, which is come up with the solutions that match you and your desires perfectly. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Daily Message ~ Tuesday June 5, 2018


A good way to embrace co-creating with the universe is to consider it what you might refer to as a brainstorming session. You have one idea that you start with and the universe, from its perspective, suggests how to add to it. You give feedback or add to that new idea based on the new potentials and possibilities it holds. Before you know it, you have created something beautiful and amazing, just because you stayed open to the flow of creation. You can embrace the unfoldment just like that, Dear Ones, and that is exactly how you can add much wonder, joy, and expansion to your life expressions. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young