Awareness & Sensitivity ∞The 9D Arcturian Council — Daniel Scranton’s Channeling – March 25, 2019

Awareness & Sensitivity ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to appreciate the level of awareness that we have sensed within those of you who are awake. Your awareness is due in large part to your sensitivity, rather than to your quest for knowledge. When you are sensitive, you pick up on things. You can sniff out the truth because you can feel how a person is vibrating, and this sensitivity will increase now because of the faster moving energies and because all of you have been asking for even more awareness than you already have.

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Co-Create with the New Generation of Humans ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – Aug 6, 2018

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have the perspective on your lives that we would love for you to share with us. Our perspective is that you are making things so much better for the ones who are coming now, the new humans who are being born. And if you could acknowledge that, if you could honor yourselves for making life better for the ones coming in now, you could see that you have more than one purpose for being here.

You’re not just here to shift, and you’re not just here to unite the galaxy. You’re not just here to help others shift who are really going to need help when the time comes. You’re also here to make things easier on this new generation that is being born now and that will experience the shift before adulthood. You are paving the way for this generation, a generation who is also serving a very powerful purpose for the rest of the collective. They are coming in with that knowing that they are shifting.

And so they have the luxury of not getting so swept up in the usual third and fourth-dimensional drama and trauma. They get to be the lightbearers, holding a higher frequency for everyone, and they are also co-creating with those of you who have been around for a while. So instead of you preparing them for the harsh life that would normally be in front of them as third-dimensional beings, you get to co-create with them a version of the fifth dimension that will be so beautiful and harmonious.

You are the wayshowers for so many, and you rarely see yourselves in that positive of a light. But know this – we have this perspective, and we see you. We see how you live your lives. We see what matters to you, and we see where you are going, and we are very, very happy to announce you are doing a wonderful job of being the wayshowers and the lightbearers, and the mentors to those in this new generation who are looking to co-create with those just like you.

And if you are receiving this message, yes, we are talking about you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Source: Daniel Scranton

Sananda via John Smallman, July 27th, 2017

Your true nature will not remain concealed.

Jesus Audio Blog for Thursday July 27th

As enormous changes continue to occur planet-wide, don’t become blasé about them, welcome them and hold the loving intent for them to continue bringing about the essential alterations in the way you all live and interact with one another across the world.  They have been in progress for a number of decades now, as human rights and concern for the planet have become important issues that humanity has chosen to address, especially now as awareness has grown of the need to terminate conflicts and completely and finally resolve the related issues of poverty, starvation, enslavement, and homelessness that have been endemic for a very long time.  Your relatively modern technologies made it physically possible to resolve these issues many decades ago, but only now have enough of you become sufficiently aware of how unconscionable it is not to resolve these issues that now you will ensure that the necessary steps are taken to make it happen.

You are all One, as you keep being reminded, and the truth and validity of that statement is finally being recognized.  And therefore you are changing your attitude from “the impoverished and homeless should be helped,” to “we can and we will end poverty and homelessness on Planet Earth.”  There is no excuse for poverty or for the abuse – psychological, emotional, or physical – that the less able amongst you undergo simply because the “system” demands that people be responsible for themselves.  That is separation very clearly demonstrated.

Every human has issues of low self-esteem and unworthiness – it is part of the illusory environment in which you find yourselves as humans – and has chosen to learn the lessons with which those issues present them….

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When Things Get Chaotic….January 22, 2017

Jesus asked us not to be alarmed by the chaos we see around us:

“Do not be disturbed by the worldwide political upheavals or ongoing conflicts, these are signs of your awakening, as more and more members of humanity express their dissatisfaction with the unacceptable systems of control in which governments and international corporations are and have been engaging all across the planet.

“These systems are no longer acceptable, and the damage and suffering that they have been causing for so long can no longer be hidden, denied, or tolerated.

“You have a saying: ‘Knowledge is power.’ Well, knowledge is spreading rapidly throughout humanity and the power and control that the elite have held over humanity for so long is dissolving as people across the planet reclaim theirs and demand that essential changes, which they will bring about, be put into effect.

“Change is required and change is occurring that will lead to further change. The collective decision to awaken will not be stopped or reversed, in fact it is accelerating. Humanity is on a magnificent roll, and you, the Light workers and Light bearers, have been extremely effective in getting it started.” (1)

Here’s Hilarion in October 2016, suggesting like Jesus that these changes need to take place:

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Saul via John Smallman, January 11th, 2017


Here in the spiritual we realms we continue to be in great joy as humanity’s awakening process accelerates and more and more humans start to become aware that something of major significance is happening in their individual lives and on Earth.  The energies enveloping the planet are strengthening and intensifying moment by moment, and you truly can have no idea of the affect that they are having everywhere – on nations, governments, religious organizations, multi-national corporations, political organizations, charitable organizations, indigenous peoples, military, police, intelligence agencies, and of course work places, families, and personal relationships – ENORMOUS changes are in progress right now!

AND, nearly everyone is feeling these amazing energies of change.  Most are confused, they think that there is something wrong with them and are afraid to mention it to anyone.  Therefore there are millions and millions of humans feeling these energies and who remain afraid to talk about them because they are sure they will be thought “weird” or “woo-woo.”  Consequently it is absolutely essential that you, the Light workers, the Light bearers, the Way-showers, and all who are aware that they are beginning to awaken, daily make and strengthen your intent to be only loving, and to be so in every moment.  Humanity and the planet needs the energy that you allow to flow through you, suffusing you utterly and completely as it goes on its way out into the wide world beyond you embracing and comforting all on Earth.

This is the time for which you incarnated, this is the time for awakening, and this is the time when it is going to happen.  REJOICE!!!……..


Sananda via John Smallman, December 15th, 2016


You are Love, and nothing else!

What you Light workers, bearers, and holders need to do is NOTHING!  Just ALLOW the Love burning powerfully within you all to FLOW through you, without restriction, and out to interact, as It most certainly will, with all with whom you meet and interact!

Stop doubting and distrusting, because that is not your nature.  You are as though stuck in a traffic jam for which there is absolutely no need, constantly stopping and then moving forward only a few feet, when you could be flowing swiftly, smoothly and safely to your divine destination because the way is wide open.  You are on Earth to assist in humanity’s awakening by being the conduits and channels through which the infinite abundance of God’s Love pours into the heart of every human, but your doubts and anxieties about the chaos, conflicts, and confusion with which the illusion presents you are proving extremely distracting for you.

Many of you feel desperately that you need “DO SOMETHING!”  However, if you were meant to be doing something you would be in places where that would be possible and meaningful.  But you are here, right where you are, to hold and display the Light.  That is all.  Very little is asked of you, just show your Light for all to see, and, as you know deep within yourselves, that “very little” has an ENORMOUS effect all across the planet.

Let go of all judgment, and LOVE!  That is what God does, and it is what you agreed to do with Him.  Your intent to Love is what is waking humanity.  The Love has to be channeled through you – the sub-stations on the Love grid – because you are effectively reducing valves that deliver It gently and softly to exactly where It is intended in a manner that is easily received and accepted.  Love is infinitely powerful, but also gentle, It does not force or drive, It is delivered by all of you through your loving intentions to precisely where It is needed in that now moment.  That “now moment” is NOW!  Open your hearts and allow the divine energy field – LOVE – to flow through them, as is your and God’s Will.

You are blessed to be on Earth in her moment of need.  You volunteered and were chosen to assist in this massive undertaking that will not be stopped or diverted.  The distractions of the illusion cannot in any way hinder the divine plan for Earth and all the life forms she supports so lovingly.  The conflicts, suffering, deprivation, and destructive activities that are causing you so much anxiety will cease.  The time for the exploitation and unthinking enslavement of the many by the few severely misguided ones is at an end.  Humanity will no longer agree to submit by handing away its power to authoritarian regimes of any kind – international corporations, political parties, governments, military and police forces, or religious organizations – that believe that they have the right to control and rule it.  Already you can see people taking back their power, and this will continue.

Humanity desires only to live in peace and harmony, in alignment with its true nature, and this is where you are headed.  The insanity of authoritarian regimes that seek conflict with one another is now well understood and will no longer be enabled.  You are all sovereign beings perfectly capable of living in peace with your worldly neighbors without outside interference.

As is completely apparent, outside interference has led to war after war after war, with no end in sight.  The time for that way of life, if it can be called a way of life, is over.  You are taking back your power, and this is terrifying those who have controlled you for eons, and who wish to continue doing so.  The power available to those who are at the head of authoritarian organizations is melting rapidly away, which is why they are making such a noise about all the dreadful things that might befall you if you do not continue to support them.

Allow them their fears and anxieties, you cannot change that because it is ingrained within them, but cease supporting them with the negative energies that your own fears and anxieties provide.  Turn towards Love, embrace It, trust your inner guidance, your God-given intuition, and go forth enthusiastically engaging with all you meet honestly and openly by just being you.  Let the egoic masks that you have worn for so long just fall away so that you can be seen as the being of Light, Joy, and Love that you truly are, and then delight in observing the warmth of the interactions that result.

You are Love, and nothing else!  Allow yourselves to be, no more is necessary, and others will respond with delight to your presence and will open in Love as well.  You are all, without exception of any kind – race, color, creed, nationality, or status – divine beings on Earth at this moment to awaken from the nightmare that has been such a long and ongoing experience.  Be what you are, without fear or doubt, and watch humanity’s awakening unfold into the heavenly Light of eternal Joy!

Your loving brother, Jesus.


Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff, November 6th, 2016

November 6-13, 2016 Beloved Ones, We come on the wings of love as your world continues in its inexorable changes and transformations that are now occurring on a moment by moment basis. All that was once held dear as real…Read more

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