As It Is, So Are We – July 6, 2017

Zen Gardner, Contributor
Waking Times

Mankind is an experiment. No experiment can go wrong as they are simply experiments. We exist in a conscious universe, one of innumerable coexisting universes. Since the creative universe is conscious we know intention is involved. A sequence of choices or agreements were made of some fashion to bring this world and our habitation of it into being. This includes our own willing agreement since we too are fractals of eternal consciousness in a loving Universe.

The experiment on our planet and perhaps others in our Universe is to see what would happen when an infinitely gifted awareness with free will was dropped into a lower density existence where it experiences limitation and a temporary forgetfulness of its true state. What would this race respond to? How would it react? What would it do, with the added gift of Gaia as its beautiful home?

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Joint Cobra / Kauilapele Interview by Goldfish Report — June 23, 2017

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Babaji via Jahn Kassl, June 19th, 2017

Understand: when the “day of days” is dawning, everything happens very fast. Understand: when the sky returns to the earth, it will only take a few moments. Understand: when God reveals himself to you and calls you by name, the…Read more

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Lord Of The Dance – Feet Of Flames (Hyde Park London).avi 1998 & Celtic Tiger Michael Flatley HD (Modified), Birmingham UK 2005[Videos]