Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, September 21st, 2017

Mother Mary

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Mother Mary and I am here today to talk about the fact that the Earth now is getting rid of much negativity – The negativity has been caused by people, but some of it also originates from Earth itself. Earth is in motion and this can cause some inconveniences for those of you who happen to be in those places where the movements are taking place. You have the ability to measure such movements and ought to help each other so that the damage does not become too large for people and animals in these areas. You are a people in unison and the help could reach everybody. It is a matter of preparations, dear children on Earth. It is time for you to become One with each other. You need to collaborate across country borders and take each other by the hand. The light has awoken many a soul who understand what this means. It means it is time to wake up and that all resources on Earth are used for all regardless of it is technology, knowledge or economy. It is time to take responsibility for the knowledge you have and let it multiply for the benefit of all. When it is concerning life that needs to be saved you must act in one way or another. You are people with a heart and a soul so it is time for you to step forward and show your humanitarian side. You all have it in you. It is just the courage that is missing – The courage that tells who you are and why you are on Earth today. You are part of a big change in consciousness that is happening both on Earth and in yourself. You chose to come down at this time to share your gifts and to help the Earth and yourself to ascend into a higher dimension. You were tired of this a bit dark and grim reality and wanted to have a bit more light and love in your lives.

The light is here now and is shining its rays of love on Earth today. This increases the awareness of light and love in your hearts. Many of us know that it is time to take a step forward now and to do what it was you came down to do. All of you that are on your way to wake up needed to be shaken a little and those that are awake need to become clear in how they show who they are so that more will see and understand where Earth and you are heading. I, Mother Mary, am now spreading roses on your path in order to make it easier for you to follow it and to listen to what your heart is whispering to you. The light is strong now dear friends and time is starting to reach completion. Earth is starting to dress up in her wedding gown and she is incredibly beautiful to behold. It is as if the world is holding its breath today in anticipation of the “big” that soon will happen I love you so much and want you all to come with Earth when she now ascends towards the sky. It will be a marvelous journey with many adventures that all end in light and love for all that is.

Yes, my dear friends, we are now ascending and it can be felt in all your bodies. There is much that you are getting rid of at the same time as the light is seeping in. The choice that you have made in your heart is valid now and if your world is a bit confusing it is because of the choice of your heart. It has chosen to develop and to follow Mother Earth. It has chosen light and love and is now preparing itself to enter into a higher dimension of love and light. Be happy all of you who have bodies who react – it is often a good sign. Do not get discouraged by some obstacles on the way. Your heart will guide you along the path that will lead you home. Learn from what you encounter and grow together with your heart. You will get the help you need. Listen inside and the answers can be found there. You all have many guides around you now who do everything in order for you to find your way home to yourself and to the light of the heart that you carry inside you.

Call on me and I am here for you. I am here among you now and I love you so much.

Mother Mary

Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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Now that the waves have finally subsided, you may be sitting there asking yourself, “What now?  What do I do?  Which direction should I move in?”  The process you all underwent very recently was to get you ready to receive the answers to those very questions.  Now is the time to quiet yourself and listen.  You are and always have been the co-Creator of your existence and nothing happens without your permission and, most certainly does not happen without action from you!
Take some time and think on what you really want to do and in which direction you choose to move.  Although it may feel as if you are lacking an instruction manual, one has always been available in your heart. ~ Creator

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There will be times when you will be ‘invited’ to jump into the fray and participate in the drama going on around you.  It can be very tempting to respond with a knee jerk reaction toward anger or disgust being thrown at you.  Again, this is where your free will and choice come into play.  Do you participate or do you ‘sit it out’?  In those tense moments; breathe, take a step back and ask yourself if it is something in which you truly wish to engage.  Would you be responding with judgement?  Would you be forcing your views on another?  Would your participation help clear the air or make it murkier?  Take some time and listen to your heart….the truest and most equitable solution will always be there. ~ Creator 

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Beginning today and expanding through the weekend we will be blessed with the Snow Moon, a Lunar Eclipse and the New Year Comet. Any one of these events is very powerful, but for all three of them to be occurring at the same time is monumental…….

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The Angels via Ann Albers, January 14th, 2017



My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are so very loved. We say this time and again. Most of you hear us. Most of you believe us for a moment. If you really lived as if you were loved, however, your lives would change. You would tap into an eternal truth, a love that is so all-pervasive it would rush into every aspect of your lives.

The Creator is sending you, always, a steady stream of love. It is up to you to believe and receive, or sadly to resist.

If you lived as if you were loved, you would get up each morning and smile! You would say, “Thank you God for giving me another precious day of life! Thank you for the sunrise, the birdsong, the sounds of people coming to life. I’m ready for another grand adventure today! I know you are watching out for me, guiding me, and cherishing my every breath. Oh that feels wonderful!”

If you lived as if you were loved, you would listen to your heart, knowing that the Creator and your angels support the very essence of your desires, hopes, and dreams. You would know that if your neighbor refused to give you their ice cream cone, then God would provide another! If someone you want desperately to love you does not, we can find you someone even better who does!

If you lived as if you were loved, you would trust that when life does not look the way you want it to look, we simply have something better to bring you!

If you lived as if you were loved, you would be in the world but not of it. You would never need to fear the state of the world, your finances, or anyone else’s behaviors. You would know that you are cared for and protected by a power far greater than any of these. The power that lives and breathes within all things cares for every detail in the entire universe, including the stirrings of your heart!

If you lived as if you were loved, then when someone criticizes, condemns, attacks, or abandons you, you would hold your head up high and say, “That’s OK if you don’t like me! I am loved beyond anything you can possibly imagine and I’m so sorry you don’t feel the same way!”

Dear ones, try going through just one day of your life telling yourself over and over. “I am loved beyond measure. I am loved without condition. I am cherished in every breath,” for indeed you are.

This is truth. This is our reality. This is how we love you, how the Divine loves you, and how ultimately we would love for you to love yourselves!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels