Kollektivet via Caroline Oceana Ryan, 5 augusti, 2016 — St-Germain.se

Kollektivet via Caroline Oceana Ryan, 5 augusti 2016 Den senaste vägledningen från våra vänner, de Galakter och Änglavarelser som kallas Kollektivet: Hälsningar, Vägvisare! Vi är medvetna om att många av er är mycket otåliga,…

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Saul via John Smallman, 29 juli, 2016


Saul, 29 juli 2016
via John Smallman

I illusionen är det nödvändigt för varje människa att hitta sina egna individuella vägar till uppvaknande.

Vi är alla mycket glada, här i de andliga världarna, över att se hur mänsklighetens uppvaknandeprocess utvecklas precis som det var gudomligt avsett. Ja, det är precis vad som händer. Bli inte störd av de globala politiska omvälvningarna eller pågående konflikterna, då dessa är tecken på ert uppvaknande, eftersom fler och fler medlemmar av mänskligheten uttrycker sitt missnöje med de oacceptabla kontrollsystemen där regeringar och internationella bolag är och har varit delaktiga över hela planeten. Dessa system är inte längre acceptabla och den skada och lidande som de har orsakat under så lång tid kan inte längre döljas, förnekas eller tolereras. Ni har ett talesätt: ”Kunskap är makt.” Ja, kunskap sprider sig snabbt över hela mänskligheten och den makt och kontroll som eliten har haft över mänskligheten så länge är i upplösning då människor över hela planeten återtar sin, och kräver att väsentliga förändringar, som de framkallar, ska genomföras. Förändring krävs och förändring sker som kommer att leda till ytterligare förändring. Det kollektiva beslutet att vakna upp kommer inte att stoppas eller reverseras, i själva verket accelererar det. Mänskligheten är i en magnifik rullning, och ni, Ljusarbetare och Ljusbärare, har varit mycket effektiva i att få igång den.

I det yttersta drivs uppvaknandeprocessen av det mänskliga kollektivet och vägleds av dem i de andliga världarna som valdes på grund av den särskilda karaktären hos deras kompetens och intressen, för att hjälpa till i detta magnifika och lysande program. Det som händer, mestadels under nivån för er medvetna varseblivning, är en intensifiering av den gudomliga Kärleksflamman som brinner evigt inom var och en av er. Ni alla upplever en uppståndelse inom er, av intensiva minnen av nedgrävda eller förnekade erfarenheter av lidande som ni har genomgått och som upplevs känslomässigt. Då dessa starka känslor uppstår är det ofta nästan omöjligt för er att identifiera orsaken bakom dem, de bara flödar, förvirrar er medan ni undrar ”vad i hela friden är det som pågår här?”

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Situation Update — The Portal – The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light – Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Removal of the remaining plasma toplet bombs has proven to be more difficult than expected, as they are protected with quantum potential chambers throughout the Solar System. Quantum potential chambers are directed scalar torsion fields that create an accretion vortex for as much primary plasma anomaly as possible to…

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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, June 9, 2016

The Team

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Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A Message to Lightworkers – June 9, 2016

The latest guidance from our friends, the Galactic and Angelic beings known as the Collective:
Greetings, Light Family! We are pleased to have this time to speak with you today.
We are aware that many around the world are dismayed at the apparent outcome of the presidential election primaries in the United States.
Particularly, there is great disappointment that the more popular candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders, has not been given the Democratic candidacy, though many more millions cast their vote for him than for his opponent.
Understand that elections have been rigged—bought, swindled, stolen, and riddled with voter suppression—for the whole of the United States’ history, as is the case in most countries.
We understand that many are now feeling that “it’s happened again, despite our phone bank and canvassing efforts. Despite our pleas and prayers to the Higher Forces of the Universe. We are again at the mercy of the corrupt—the abusers and usurpers of power.”
And yet, we would say, “Not at all!”
For understand that your very clear, very powerful individual and group intention to create a fair election, to elect someone to the presidency who is not only aware of their Divine purpose, but who is living it out fully, is still in the air.
Still in the ethers surrounding the planet, and still influencing outer events in ways you cannot yet envision.
There are no full-of-purpose, soul-expanding intentions in your world that do not affect outer events—that would be impossible.
And your planet’s current political “system” is likewise feeling the effects of these powerful expectations of fairness, equality, justice, freedom, and abundance for all, just as it is feeling the effects of the powerful energies increasingly coming to Earth, and building new waves of increasingly higher vibration throughout Her being.
There is no mistaking these powerful energy waves of higher intent, as they race out into the atmosphere, raising the level of human consciousness and calling forth every kind of higher help—Angelic, Ascended Master, and all other Divine resources of assistance.
So that far from having missed your goal, you are reaching it.
For now that the “frontrunners,” as they are called, are out as far as they can be in public eye and awareness, the veils that are quickly dropping on every level of outer life and consciousness on your planet are likewise dropping between them and the Truth of their lives.
The carefully constructed façade of “I’m the one you want to trust to get the job done” is falling and dissolving so quickly, you would be overjoyed if you could see the full details of how completely their goings on will be exposed for all the world to see.
It would have been far wiser of them not to pretend that things on the planet are “business as usual.”
Far safer for them to have hidden or carved out a plan of escape, as so many of their crowd are doing now.
For now that they are out where all can see them, they will have nowhere to hide as the truth of their real sources of wealth, their true identities, their true “bosses,” and their true intentions are laid bare for all the world to see.
And so you see the gentleman from Vermont continuing his heart-based dedication to serving the people not only of the US, but of the entire planet.
The current US president also pledged such, and has carried that out faithfully, despite his duty as a double agent, in which he has apparently played out the preferences of the far right at times, in order to lay a more perfect trap for those guilty of human rights abuses on every level.
And so understand that as with the dramatic (and tragicomic) stories in your books and films, all may appear to be darkest, just before the Light begins to appear over the horizon.
We ask that you not doubt the coming Dawn, merely because you are still in the appearance of the night.
Know that you are being sent every available help, and that the energies and higher intentions of the heavenly realms are reaching you in increasingly more powerful levels.
For as human consciousness opens to each higher level of understanding, absorbing the beauty and freedom of Divine Love and Divine Will in ever greater amounts, you increasingly open to greater and greater levels and intakes of higher Light, making your transformation from a third to a fifth dimensional planet all the more real, with each passing moment.
And so we would say, allow these strutting fools to play their part on the stage, and be glad for them.
They have, in their ignorance and love of darkness, called forth from your high heart certain activations and intentions for growth, not only for yourselves, but for your entire planet, that could not have come forward otherwise.
You have heard the (rather sexist) expression, “This is where we separate the men from the boys.”
Indeed—this is where you as humankind separate the Light from the shadows, and all they have been hiding.
And certainly, those crimes and intentions are more visible to you now, and therefore seemingly more threatening or annoying.
Yet they nevertheless come forward now so that your Light sabers of Truth and higher consciousness can more easily spot these lower vibrations and cut off their access to life on your planet.
Thank those who have come forward at this time, to play their part in this glorious unveiling of the new Fifth Dimensional human.
They too have their role in the grand Universal scheme.
And when the moment is right, they will recede from view, to be dealt with by those whose role it is to mete out justice to those who have broken Universal law and offended against all human life.
Until that moment comes, do not cease in your declarations, whether it is “NESARA now!” or “Disclosure Now!” or “Peace, Freedom, Equality for all!”
Whether it is signing petitions or carrying placards for Peace and Justice at a public gathering, or simply blazing the Violet Flame throughout the planet and this entire election process.
Or saying, to quote a phrase St Germain is particularly fond of, “Liberté, égalité, fraternité!”
For this is your new reality.
Know that you are not merely witnessing yet another “election cycle.” Even your bribed or threatened news pundits have been saying that this is not so.
Know that you are witnessing—you are creating, as powerful Divine Creators do—the unprecedented miracle of a whole new dimension, a whole new form of life on your planet.
And for that, as always, we bow deeply, with utter gratitude for your strength, your bravery, your co-Creative power, and say, as ever,
Namaste, friends and fellow Light Warriors! We see your Divinity, and we bow to it.
Whatever may occur around you, you are never alone.
Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan
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