Daily Teachings of the Masters | May 27, 2021 — Voyages of Light

Daily Teachings of the Masters

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Resist the idea of failure.

When you realize that you are constantly inspired constantly supported in your new visioning of self you will allow this immersion to take place with ease.

All the places where you have traveled away from your truth are coming to an end.

Teach yourself love, respect and inclusion.

You are including yourself now in your own holy vision of self.

There is no failure only remembrance.


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What Starts Happening When You Begin to Love Yourself More | Wake Up World – September 1st, 2020

By Paul Lenda

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

Self-love is a tricky thing to navigate. On one hand, the distorted view is that it is a narcissistic ego-glorifying action. On the other, authentic self-love is honoring yourself in the sense that you, as much as anybody, deserve your own love. When you start loving and accepting yourself, something extraordinary happens.

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Love thy Neighbor as you Love thyself | Daughter of Terra — Voyages of Light – February 14, 2020

Be ye ever thankful for all you have. Be it a little or a lot for the previsions you have come to you so that you may make beauty. It is not so that the measure of man is in what he has. But rather in what he has to share with the world to make it beautiful, more loving, more caring, more harmonious. Be ye ever mindful of the comforter within who knows you ever so much and loves you more than you can comprehend. It knows not condemnation, but loves unconditionally. So much in fact that sometimes its missed because it has been heretofore unknown to you, in the land of conditions. So it waits silently until you are ready to let just enough love in so that you can hear it speak. Love yourself and you will know love like you have never known it before and then you will teach the world this love so that it is known by all.

I Am. Daughter of Terra.

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Message from the Angels via Ann Albers – January 5, 2020

(Visions of Heaven)

2020 Visions of the Divine

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Happy New Year! Happy Year of Getting Clear! This is a wonderful year in which to make a commitment to see yourself through the eyes of love – with perfect “2020” vision! This is a wonderful year to enter into a deeper partnership with the Divine.

In the midst of your world’s chaos you can see and be a greater love. In the face of the world’s contrasts you come to know and love your own perspectives even more clearly. Rather than looking at the world and judging others as “right” or “wrong,” “good” or “bad”, instead use the diversity of opinions and activities as a backdrop against which you can more clearly see and acknowledge your own heart and your own truths. → 

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The Angels: Finding Clarity in Confusion — Era of Light – November 10, 2019

the angelics eraoflightdotcom

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

(Era of Light)  Most of you, at some time or another have experienced absolutely clarity in your lives. Your head and heart aligned. You knew what you wanted.You didn’t have any reservations about voicing your dream, envisioning it, and moving towards the goal. The desire for something arose organically. It was easy for you to focus on it. You moved towards your goal with decisiveness, guidance, and flow. ➤➤

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Being Human — The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – July 26, 2019

My dearest child…you are a child of light, a carrier of the Divine Spark guiding those who have just begun their journey with compassion and love.  You are also human. (Smiling) Being in your humanness does not make you any less light and there is certainly no shame in it.  If you choose to have a human moment (and every single one involves a choice), do not feel guilty, there is no room for that emotion!  Be who you are!  Love yourself as The Universe loves you and rest assured that being human is perfectly perfect! ~ Creator

Source: The Creator Writings

The Angels via Ann Albers, June 1st, 2019


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

When you look at your world dear ones, what do you see? Do you see the magnificence, glory, and wonder of creation, or do you see the pain and problems?  Do you see an evolving consciousness present in all things or a disparate group of beings all trying to survive?  Do you see hope, or do you see despair?

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Worth It — The Creator Writings transcribed by Jennifer Farley – May 30, 2019

With all the huge, sweeping changes going on, darling child, remember love!  The Universe knows that you have been diligent in your learning and growth and that it has been challenging on more than one occasion.  There is no need to be judgmental, harsh or angry when you release.  If those emotions are still present, there may be hidden things you need to work out before the process is complete.  When you get to a point where the cacophony has stopped, you are able to see things for what they are and have a deep understanding of it, that is when you are ready.  Be patient and loving to yourself…it may take some time but, it is truly worth it. ~ Creator

Source: Worth It — The Creator Writings

The Angels: Your Purpose is So Simple — Era of Light – May 19, 2019

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My dear friends, we love you so very much, So many of you upon the earth wonder, “What is my life’s purpose?” You seek to find meaningful work or meaningful ➡

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Finding Love Within — Wake Up World – May 1st, 2019

The only place we can find true and enduring love is within ourselves. Often it can be easier to love others than to love ourselves. The love that you give to others, can you find it for yourself? Are you able to accept yourself as the wonderful, loving being that you are? How can we truly love another if we don’t love ourselves? Sometimes we can be unkind and critical of ourselves, however it is the times when we are gentle, compassionate and loving that we find the most joy and fulfillment in life. Let’s love ourselves more and increase the joy in the world.

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