Daily Message ~ Monday February 19, 2018


We understand you equate worry with love, but if another knows you are always worrying about them, it sends the message that you don’t think they are competent or able to run their own lives. This can feed fear, doubt, and stagnation, and perpetuate staying in a disempowered state.

What if you started seeing and celebrating all the ways your loved ones are capable? What if you encouraged them to start connecting with their own strength, wisdom, and preferences? What if you could release the idea of right and wrong and start to see the incredible value that comes with all experience? What if you had faith in the fact that every single person on the planet is masterful in their own right and has their own soul agenda and team of helpers?

We will tell you what would happen. You would encourage others to step into their own authentic power and to make the profound discovery of how incredibly able they are. You would become a safe person for them to be authentic with, by your expression of acceptance, connection, and unconditional love. And that, Dear Ones, is supporting those you love into self trust, expansion, and making choices that will help them grow and thrive in the ways that best match them and their incarnation. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




Melding – February 19, 2018


What you are witnessing right now is a shift in the perception of society.  It may seem and feel as if you are moving from one extreme to another but, in reality, your world is beginning to settle more toward a middle ground…a place where all people can be at rest, at peace with one another.  There have been two main opposing forces pushing against each other for years.  Very soon, this will stop; not with one side giving in to the other, but a melding of sorts, a realization that neither must be completely wrong or completely right.  Compromise is the word of the day.  Can you make it part of your day? (Smiling) ~ Creator



There is No One Right Way ∞The Creators – Channeled by Daniel Scranton – February 19, 2018

“We provide you with tools that you can use, but you do not need to use. For you are the ones who get to decide how you go about shifting. It is not as if there is one way to do it, and you all must find the right way, and then you must follow the steps as they are laid out in the correct order, for so many minutes per day, and for so many days in a row. We know that this is how you go about changing many things in your lives. You have your exercise routines and you have your other regimens that are designed to get you to a certain place.

And that is all well and good. There is nothing wrong with that. You are setting aside time for something, and you are focusing in a way that supports what it is you are wanting to do. And when it comes to your shift in consciousness, you were not given a road map by your teachers in school. So this is new territory for you. Let us say this to you about where it is you are and where it is you are going.

Whatever it is that is in front of you in your lives is there because it is a necessary component for you to make this shift in consciousness. You are not only born equipped with the tools necessary to make this shift, but you are constantly being given scenarios, people, relationships, bosses, children, and so on, that are in your lives to help you. There is something about those people, those circumstances that are triggering you in all the right ways, that are moving you in the right direction.

So even though it may seem that you are taking steps backwards in your lives, that is only because you have something left to do. And there is nothing wrong with any of it. So relax and know that there is nothing for you to figure out. There is no secret formula for you to find. There is only the living of your lives and the choice to do so, consciously.”

Source: Daniel Scranton

Horus and Mother Sekhmet: Energy Unfolding — February 19, 2018

Sitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting with my Higher Self, Mother Sekhmet Durga and with Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message coming forth: Dear Children, The energy is unfolding – the children of the Sun come forth at this hour for the Sun is rising once more. The…Read more

via Horus and Mother Sekhmet: Energy Unfolding — Era of Light

Daily Message ~ Sunday February 18, 2018

Dear Ones, if the moment the spark of a new dream or potential came into your awareness, you immediately started nurturing it by thinking about all things that could support it rather than all the reasons it couldn’t happen, you’d feed its continual expansion and be astounded at what is really possible. It has never been that you couldn’t have more. The most limiting habit human beings have is cutting off their dreams before they have a chance to come to fruition. Are you feeding or starving your dreams? Those inspirations are nudges from your soul. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young





A Pat On The Back – February 18, 2018


When you arrived on Earth, you had an idea of what The Universe had planned for you.  You were excited and happy for the experience.  Yes, there have been days when things have not been the best but, they have been counteracted with huge bursts of learning, light and the knowledge that everything will be okay.  You have learned that, even through challenges and set-backs, amazing growth is happening right now or just around the corner. You have embraced standing on your own two feet, enveloped in your strength and understanding, knowing that The Universe’s assistance is just a word away.
Today, you incredible, wonderful human, pat yourself on the back and say a little congratulations!  You have made it this far and the best is yet to come! ~ Creator




‘The Team’ via Peggy Black: A Highly Calibrated Processor – February 17, 2018

We are here offering our extended support and gratitude as you continue to navigate the many shifts and changes that are taking place on your planet. You are in the midst of another evolutional upgrade which is taking place within your consciousness.

This upgrade of consciousness is often reflected in your physical body. Notice and be kind and caring for what your physical body has to process in order for it to be able to allow more conscious light to be present in the DNA as well as every aspect and cell.

Be mindful that this shift of consciousness will be experienced differently by each and every individual, manifesting uniquely in each individual’s physical experience. Your consciousness is being triggered to expand to the next level, or upgrade, of your personal, gifts, abilities and understanding.

Become aware of how your physical body is responding. We have observed that many will express resistance to this conscious expansion. Notice how you react to, or perhaps resist, the subtle and sometimes not so subtle shifts in awarenesses. Notice if you, in any way, invalidate your expanded state of mind returning to what is most comfortable, what is familiar, known and believed.

Your physical body allows you to interface with this dimension and, so to speak, reality. You are familiar with ways of thinking and behaving in regard to the vibrations that you encounter each moment. You have learned or been taught how to stay in a safe zone of consciousness.

This safe zone of consciousness is limited, extremely limited. Yet it is to what you have become accustomed. Some individuals never realize that there even is a different or more expanded consciousness available. They preserve their reality in a certain way; they gather with others who vibrate or think in similar ways, which strengthens their certain, yet limited, view of the way things really are.

What they believe, what they express, what they feel is true, will be the reality that is manifest and therefore experienced, continuing to validate their beliefs of what is real. This is the limited cycle that humanity continues to play out, over and over and over.

You, however, are awake and aware. You understand that your physical body is only a tool that allows you to play in this dense vibration, this frequency hologame. We understand that the physical body is extremely important in this hologame. It is valuable to be mindful and conscious of the care and sustainment of your body.

Yet you truly are a multidimensional processer of world stuff. You are a highly calibrated processor of the reality that you find yourself experiencing. Remember, you are not a victim in this realty, you are truly a big player. Limitations are simply a belief system in the hologame, a highly honored and entrenched belief system. Your job is to transform this misqualified limited belief system.

We are reminding you of your magnificence. This upgrade of consciousness is triggering your awareness of any and all personal as well as global limited beliefs. Look around, those limited beliefs are manifest everywhere. Notice where you are holding some limited belief about your life, health, relationship, or finances.

This is the time to invite and allow your personal upgrade. Welcome any new perception, new idea or thought. Welcome any strange or fresh sensations or unaccustomed feelings that might come to you. Allow yourself to explore these uncharted, unexpected, perhaps even unexplainable experiences.

Be gentle as well as patient with any personal limitation you notice. You are being recalibrated. Galactic or cosmic energies are informing your consciousness, triggering your personal codes to move up the spiral of evolution. That this is taking place while you are still embodied is great and grand.

You physical body was designed to survive. Many take their first breath and their last without ever recognizing that they are truly divine beings having a physical experience. The key to this game is to remember who you are, to discover, allow, and acknowledge that you are a multidimensional divine consciousness.

Use every tool available to you to explore and validate that this true. The universe is fully supporting this awesome awaking. Energy is flooding your atmosphere, vibrations and frequencies are stimulating your very DNA.

Begin to understand that your DNA is a tool which responds to these higher energies. Your DNA then downloads, anchors and translates this new conscious energy, converting into a form of  electromagnetic language that is offered to every part of your physical body. When this process begins, it encounters or interfaces with any dense vibrations held within your cells, bones and tissues. If and when discomfort accrues, be aware that is a process of recalibration. Do your best to welcome the process that is occurring within your experience.

Staying in a receptive and grateful state of mind will certainly support and assist you in the metamorphosis or transmutation you are undergoing.

It is important also, in supporting this process, that you nurture your body by eating clean, being in nature often, staying hydrated, and resting when necessary. Mediate and use all your tools. Be willing to shift your patterns and behaviors to those that will support you as you move with this awesome rebirth into your more fully present divine self.

Remember to say each morning upon arising, “I am fully embodied, anchored to this reality and this planet; I am always connected to Divine Source as my Divine Self.” This is your foundation and platform of personal power. It will offer you incredible alignment. It is a simple statement and intention, however it is an extremely valuable declaration.

When your physical mind or consciousness is in partnership with your divine consciousness, you open the doors to all possibilities. You are balanced and centered in your personal power. From this energetic partnership you begin to welcome with ease and certainty any cosmic download of light awareness and remembering.

Begin to ask from this place of energetic partnership, “show me a new way, show me a new vision, show me what I haven’t seen before. Keep raising me to my next level of consciousness while in this physical body.” Invite this process of expansion to be experienced with ease and grace. Notice all the subtle new awarenesses as you interface with these higher frequencies. Be observant and notice the ability to see or sense these energies in a new way.

We celebrate these incredible shifts humanity is experiencing. You are anchoring this truth into this dimension by your own personal knowing, making it available to others who are ready to own their magnificence. We extend our support always upon your request. the ‘team’


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