This Kind Priest Invites Stray Dogs To Mass So That They Can Find Forever Homes — October 28, 2019

By Mayukh Saha

(Activist Post)  Paróquia de Sant’Ana Gravatá hosts a very extraordinary event every Sunday. As the churchgoers attend Mass, the priest brings in dogs who would be acquainted with families. The hope is, someone would adopt those poor animals. A noble deed indeed!

Father João Paulo Araujo Gomes is the head of this church in Gravata, Brazil. And this amazing human being has started this endeavor where he invites dogs from all over the locality to attend Mass, and be at one with God and humanity. The doors of the Church, and apparently the priest’s heart, are always open.

And, it doesn’t need one to be an avid dog lover. One simply needs to be humane enough to understand that dogs are messengers of love and intense loyalty. You might not be a big animal lover, but love comes in many forms- simply accept it. →

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Suzy Ward – Channeling Matthew Ward – February 14, 2019

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us begin by addressing your concerns as to how the following situations are affecting the progress of the light: Yellow Vest movement in France, Brexit complexities, political upheaval in Venezuela, effects of China’s economic slowdown on the global economy, effects of the United States government shutdown, cyberspace warfare, crisis in Yemen, continuing terrorism around the world, climate change denial, Russia’s intentions, nuclear programs in Iran and North Korea.

Those situations and all others in one degree of flux or another are the resistance to change clashing with the insistence upon it, and in no way is this deterring the light’s progress. A process as monumental as world transformation doesn’t happen in a straight line—it zigzags in accordance with billions of free will choices made daily.

The Illuminati, now commonly called Deep State, are resisting accepting that their efforts to retain their influence in your world are utterly futile. And, without knowing that the light’s unparalleled power is exposing and banishing darkness, the peoples are responding to light’s high vibrations by insisting upon justness and equality. What you are seeing is a civilization bringing to an end its ages-long trauma so healing can come.

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