Q and Trump Team are the Liberators — The Final Wakeup Call – June 10, 2020

Society’s foundation will be shaken

An all-powerful, all-knowing, but anonymous group “Q”

Trump Team navigate on given instructions

Be Convinced; President Trump is not a tool of the Deep State

Deep State’s satanic control is the result organised long-term conspiracy

QFS on Soundcloud explained

Final Wakeup Call | June 10, 2020







People live in an Illusion

The roots of today’s problems, clearly show that history has not been a random series of events, but rather a carefully planned ‘design’ of land, wealth, resource grabbing, and the seizure of our freedom through Corona-quarantine, accomplished by a small number of wealthy and privileged individuals bent on world domination. This has been undertaken on such a massive scale that it seems almost incomprehensible, but as the old saying goes, “The best kept secrets are the ones hidden in plain sight.”

All what is seen is manipulated illusion all over the world. Global finance, including banking, stock markets, currencies, or whatever is simply a confidence trick. When people are confident they buy and invest and the economy expands, when they lose confidence, they don’t buy and invest and the economy contracts. All it needs is a gloomy forecast from a cabal-controlled financial spokesman, or a rumour circulating about economic problems, and the house of cards can come down overnight. The Deep State cabal are experts in this. Continue Reading →

& Quantum Financial System(QFS) on Soundcloud explained (15:49) via — The Final Wakeup Call

Nederlands: Q en Trump Team zijn de bevrijders

Het fundament van de samenleving is bezweken De almachtig, alwetend, maar anonieme groep “Q” Trump Team navigeert op gegeven instructies Wees overtuigd; President Trump is geen instrument van de Deep State De Deep State satanische controle is het resultaat van…Continue Reading →

Deutsch: Q und Trump Team sind die Befreier

Das Fundament der Gesellschaft ist zusammengebrochen Die allmächtige, allwissende, aber anonyme Gruppe “Q” Trump Team navigiert nach vorgegebenen Anweisungen Seid Überzeugt; Präsident Trump ist kein Instrument des Deep State Deep State Satanistin Control ist das Ergebnis langjähriger Verschwörung QFS auf…Continue Reading →

The Reawakening of Mankind — The Final Wakeup Call – April 29, 2020

Reality is a consciousness trap

The Great Pyramid of Giza is much older

Atlantis Tragedy sent earth’s inhabitants back into the dark ages

The Negative Alien Agenda

True prophets tried to turn the negative forces into positive energies

Anti-life forces of Luciferianism and Satanism

The Final Wakeup Call

April 29, 2020

Who we are and from where we came






Millions of years ago, the Galactic Federation worked closely with the High Sirius Council to serve as a Guardian race that would help to support the seeding and evolution process on planet Earth in its lowest density, called now the first Harmonic Universe, or third dimensional timeline.

The origins of life go back much farther in time than widely is known — and still is lesser known, as the episodes of human history. The exploits begin beyond the confines of this planet and trace down through star empires, galactic federations, alien species and the civilisations of AtlantisLemuria, Mu and those who are only started to being discovered nowadays.

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Nederlands: De Herontwaking van de mensheid

De Werkelijkheid is een Bewustzijnsval De Grote Piramide van Gizeh is veel ouder Atlantis Tragedie stuurde de aardbewoners terug naar de oertijd De negatieve Alien Agenda Echte profeten probeerden het negativisme om te zetten in positieve energieën Anti-levensvreugde van Luciferianism…Continue Reading →

Western France Runs Out Of Gas As “Massive Strikes” Set To Paralyze Entire Nation — Activist Post – December 5, 2019

By Tyler Durden

(Activist Post)  France is bracing for major transportation disruptions throughout the country starting Thursday, as trade unions launch a strike in response to changes President Emmanuel Macron wants to make to the country’s retirement system, while port blockades have resulted in widespread fuel shortages across the country. Much of the Paris Metro will be shut down, as will many national and international train lines, including certain Eurostar services. Flights will also be canceled, as air traffic controllers say they will join the protests through Saturday. →

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New World Order in Meltdown — Prepare For Change – September 11, 2019

By Jon Hellevic,

(Prepare For Change)  Last week was full of portentous events. Only somebody who has not been awake for the last few years will fail to realize how these at first sight unconnected events are part of the same matrix.

There was the ever louder talk in mainstream media about an approaching global recession, inverted yield curves and the negative yields, which tell us that the Western financial system is basically in coma and kept alive only by generous IV injections of central bank liquidity. By now it has dawned on people that the central bankers acting as central planners in a command economy and printing money (aka quantitative easing) to fuel asset bubbles are about to wipe off the last vestiges of what used to be a market economy. →

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Robert Steele: Notre Dame Cathedral Burning a False Flag — Era of Light – April 16, 2019

I was  devastated by the total burning of Notre Dame cathedral, a place where I once prayed in thanks for one of my son’s who survived what might otherwise have been a certain death. The parallels to both the Reichstag Fire and 9/11 loomed. Then I heard from the shadow foreign minister of France and I believe all of the following to be true and an indictment of Macron, Merkel, May, and the Pope — Notre Dame would not have burned as it did without the explicit complicity of the Church — and key police, fire, and government offices in Paris — in detail, in advance, and into the future.

Here is what I have been told by a ranking source in France:

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Macron begär att antiterrorstyrkan Operation Sentinelle ska säkra landet — NewsVoice.se – 22 Mars, 2019

Bild: Operation Sentinelle posterad i Paris nära Eifeltornet, en “symbolisk byggnad”. Foto: Ministère des Armées


NOTERAT. President Emmanuel Macron kritiseras kraftigt för att han beslutat att sätta in den franska antiterrorstyrkan Operation Sentinelle över hela Frankrike för att säkerställa ordning under helgens demonstrationer ledda av de gula västarna, skriver France24.

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(Reader Post) Massive Repression in France against Peaceful Citizens – March 19, 2019

Reader Post | Anonymous

For all American honest lawyers and American people who really don’t know what’s happening right Now in France, a French lawyer created this English video for you!

Massive repression in France against peaceful citizens.

Read more & video: Massive repression in France against peaceful citizens #Yellowvests (9:01)


Total Chaos Breaks Out in France as Yellow Vests Clash With Police — Era of Light – March 17, 2019

justnews eraoflightdotcom

Update: Saturday’s Yellow Vest protests have escalated in intensity as clashes with the police grew increasingly violent.

After weeks of more moderate protests, France’s Yellow Vests are back in full swing following the end of President Macron’s unsuccessful ‘great debate’ – during which thousands of town halls were conducted over a two-month period in the hopes of solving national issues through citizen debates.

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Globalisternas hot om en sämre ekonomi är beräknande — NewsVoice.se – 7 Mars, 2019

European Parliament Strasbourg – Pressfoto

Eftersom Macron inför ett stundande EU-val använder all sin kraft för att försöka dupera och skrämma EU:s olika länder är det förväntat att IMF, World Bank, mfl backar upp Macron genom att sprida olika domedagsprofetior om en global ekonomisk recession inför EU-valet i maj.

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Macron har rätt, läget för EU är akut – men även för Macron själv — NewsVoice.se – 5 Mars, 2019

Emmanuel Macron – Pressfoto: Europaparlamentet

Den franske presidenten med gigantiska problem på hemmaplan går nu ut i en massiv kampanj i hela EU, självklart finansierat av de franska skattebetalarna. Både Macron och Stefan Löfven hamnar förhoppningsvis snart på den historiska sophög där de hör hemma.

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