American Governors Sign Laws To Ban Vaccine Passports & Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination | GreatGameIndia

GGI Stab | May 27, 2021

Governors from many American states are now framing a legal structure and are signing laws to ban Vaccine Passports and mandatory COVID-19 vaccination. Governors from Wyoming, South Carolina, Montana, South Dakota, Arizona, Idaho, and Texas have issued executive orders to prohibit Covid-19 Vaccine Passports, while North Dakota, South Carolina, Arkansas and Utah have passed bills into law to prohibit Vaccine Passport.

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Brazilians Push Back Against Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination: ‘We’re Not Guinea Pigs!’ | HAF

Brazilians Push Back Against Mandatory Covid 19 Vaccination 'we’re Not Guinea Pigs!'

HAF – November 25, 2020

Demonstrators in Brazil’s Sao Paulo state gathered on Nov. 1 to protest against mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations.

by Ramon Tomey

More than 300 people gathered in Sao Paolo’s downtown to protest Governor Joao Doria’s push to inoculate Sao Paulo’s population using a COVID-19 vaccine developed by Chinese drug maker Sinovac Biotech.

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FAUCIgate: OPERATION COVID-19 Point Man Tony Fauci Must Be Arrested and Prosecuted for Genocide | State of the Nation – May 13, 2020


COVID-1984 Co-Conspirator
Black Nobility Cabalist
Big Pharma’s Inside Man
Medical Mafia Godfather
Manchurian Candidate
Globalist Fearmonger
Democrat Operative
Agent of Deep State
C.I.A. Drug Dealer
NIH Corruptocrat
British Intel Asset
Cultural Marxist
Physician Fraud
NIAID Grifter
Jesuit Pawn

The Medical Mafia Don contemplates his next hit.

State of the Nation

May 11, 2020

Special Note: If the following exposé is to be properly understood,
this previously published investigative report is required reading:
COUP-IN-PROGRESS: Pelosi, the Mafia and the Black Nobility.


It doesn’t get any bigger that FAUCIgate.

How so?

Just look at what this capo di tutti i capi of the Medical Mafia — Dr. Anthony Fauci — has gotten away with since the beginning of this manufactured coronavirus pandemic and meticulously staged panic. →

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