(Video) 11:11 Soul Mastery, Portals, and Gateways of Ascension | Arcturian Collective via Marie Mohler — Voyages of Light – November 11, 2019

11:11 Soul Mastery, Portals, & Gateways of Ascension: Quakes, Shakes, Quirks, Fireworks, & Upgrades

A Message from The Arcturian Collective via channel Marie Mohler

Received 11.2.19

The Arcturian Collective shares an inspiring message in this 11:11 Soul Mastery, Portals, & Gateways of Ascension Transmission . . . spotlighting many important and insightful things. To find out more about the important themes that El Morya, Mother Mary, Mother Earth and the Arcturian High Council shine a light on this 11:11 and throughout November ~ please go to http://www.frequencywriter.com.

Video (53:24) via — Voyages of Light