Scientists Warn Chemotherapy Could Spread Cancer, Trigger More Aggressive Tumors – July 8, 2017

A new study shows chemotherapy can cause malignant cancer cells to spread throughout the body — increasing the risk of fatality from the disease.


Chemotherapy can increase aggressivity in cancer, causing malignant cells to migrate and triggering more dangerous tumors — thereby also increasing the disease’s fatality — researchers in the United States found.

Patients with breast cancer who opt for chemotherapy as treatment actually face a risk of metastasis, according to a newstudy, as Science reports,

“The blood vessels of patients receiving chemotherapy drugs have more ‘entry points’ through which cancer cells can get into the blood flow and disperse throughout the body, scientists report today in Science Translational Medicine. In mice with breast cancer, chemotherapy shrinks the primary tumor but boosts the number of cancer cells in the lungs and circulating the body.”


How Bad Medical Research is Destroying Our Health – July 4, 2017

Our trust in science is waning. Do you believe what you hear from scientists? Like many Americans, you may be losing trust in what science is telling you. A Huffington Post December 2013 poll found that only 36 percent of us have a “lot” of trust in the reliability of scientific information. 78 percent think…

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