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Jon Tallinger covidpatienter Vårdanställd i Lund

VAKEN.se – 18 Augusti, 2021

En vårdanställd i Lund vittnar anonymt om att många boende på äldreboenden och hemmaboende med hemtjänst fått recept utskrivna på morfin, midazolam och glykopyrron, alla i injektionsform. Detta har skett under den så kallade pandemin och i omfattande utsträckning, samt främst för de som inte varit så kallat palliativt vårdplanerade.

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You may have heard last year about Bayer Merging with the GMOs giant, Monsanto. But did you know that Bayer has been involved in some of the darkest cover-ups in recent history ?

(The Truth Revolution)

Bayer’s Role in the Holocaust

To many people the Holocaust and Third Reich have become synonymous with World War II. Among the many crimes against humanity, perhaps the most renown horrors were the mass executions that took place in the extermination camps sprinkled throughout Europe. Auscwhitz is undoubtedly the most famous of them all, known for their quickness to execute prisoners and resident doctor, Josef Mengele. Wanting to better understand the human body and particularly the nuances of heredity, Mengele became infamous for his experiments that included injecting dye in to children’s eyeballs and repeated x-rays on the reproductive organs, to see if he could make prisoners infertile. By better understanding the reproductive process, Mengele wanted to propel the growth of the Aryan race while sterilizing the “undesirables”- the handicapped, gypsies and those of the Jewish race.


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