(Video) Destroying the Illusion — [2.10] L.A. “Training” Exercises | Free Energy | Geoengineering | Space Force | GMOs | Vaccines – February 11, 2019

Published on Feb 10, 2019

Today’s Notable Links:

MilSpec Ops Monkey L.A. Training Exercises Thread –https://bit.ly/2E1LOC5

L.A. Exercises, Breached Doors Tweet – https://bit.ly/2DtOiHz

Mystery booming sounds shake houses and terrify residents across America after ‘flashes of light’ spotted leaving experts baffled –https://bit.ly/2GpeVld

Pentagon space agency poised to ignite turf wars – https://bit.ly/2DkMxwj

To The Stars Academy: Unafraid to Investigate the Unexplained –https://bit.ly/2TJ0ATm

French, German farmers destroy crops after GMOs found in Bayer seeds –https://reut.rs/2GaNMSV

Church of Satan Tweet – https://bit.ly/2MXugtq

Destroying the Illusion

Operation Disclosure