Identify, Treat and Recover from Toxic Mold Exposure – FREE Online Event | Wake Up World – Aug 1, 2020

(Wake Up World)  Have you suffered with a mystery illness for years, being given medication which just isn’t working? Did you know that mold and mycotoxins are at the root of many chronic illnesses and immune disorders? Could this be your problem?

The unrecognized consequences of this toxicity can create susceptibility to acute and chronic respiratory conditions, hormonal imbalances, brain disrepair, chronic gastrointestinal issues and multiple autoimmune conditions. →

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CENSORED by the media: This at home remedy knocks out viruses safely and effectively | NaturalHealth365 – May 9, 2020


(NaturalHealth365)  Would you like to learn how to neutralize the threat of viruses?  Well, let me ask you a question: how many of you have hydrogen peroxide in your medicine cabinet right now?  This substance has been a staple at home remedy for decades for everything from whitening teeth to cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.  But, wait, I’ve got some really exciting news for you.

Believe it or not: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also recognizes hydrogen peroxide as an effective killer of yeast, fungi, bacteria, mold, and yes – viruses, including the rhinovirus (responsible for the common cold). →

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Ozone Therapy: A Powerful Cancer Treatment & Healing Protocol — The Truth About Cancer – January 31, 2020

Ozone Therapy for Cancer

(The Truth About Cancer)  As a practitioner who has specialized in working with cancer patients for over 40 years, I’m often stunned when some cancer patients talk to me about their health. They say something to the effect of, “I am perfectly healthy except for the cancer.” Of course, this is a nonsensical statement. →

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Chemtrails Represent the ‘No. 1 Health Issue of Our Time’ — Humans Are Free – February 7, 2019

‘These Are Horrendous, Historic, Epic Crimes Against Humanity’

“These particulates pass right through the lungs into the bloodstream. That makes them a vaccination from the sky, and that is, in my opinion, why they are the No. 1 health issue of our time.” — Russ Tanner

Russ Tanner is the creator of, a leading website on geoengineering, and the Facebook group Chemtrails Global Skywatch.

Russ was born in New York state, raised in Florida and lives in Maine. A sky watcher his entire life, Russ has devoted time to educating the public about geoengineering and chemtrails, which make him and others sick, in an effort to bring about their end for the health of human beings, other creatures and the planet……Read more & video: “Chemtrail Flu, Vaccines, Rock Dust, & Aluminum” (1:11:50) 

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Top 8 Reasons to Cleanse Your Body (and How to Do It Right!) — The Truth About Cancer – February 6, 2019

Joyous woman in front of wall


By Dr. David Jockers DC, MS, CSCS

There are many times when we become more lenient about the foods that we eat… among other healthy habits. The holidays bring endless temptations with unhealthy options at every party, workplace, and gathering. Colder weather has people spending more time indoors and less time outside in fresh air.

In addition to our unhealthy choices, we are constantly bombarded with toxins. Toxins cause weight gain, low energy, a weakened immune system, and inflammation throughout the body. One of the best ways to reverse the negative effects of toxins is to cleanse. This article will discuss what cleansing is, the toxins that are adversely affecting our bodies, the top 8 reasons to cleanse the body, and the right way to cleanse.

What is a Cleanse? Read more

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