Alternative News | Humans Are Free – Sept 19, 2020

Witches For Black Lives

Millions of Americans have been duped into jumping on the Black Lives Matter (BLM) bandwagon, believing it to represent righteous advocacy on behalf of the so-called disenfranchised and persecuted.

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Exposing War Crimes Should Always Be Legal; Committing And Hiding Them Should Not

The Kafkaesque extradition trial of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange continues, with each frustrating day making it clearer than the day before that what we are watching is nothing other than a staged performance by the US and UK governments to explain why it’s okay for powerful governments to jail journalists who expose inconvenient truths about them.

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Mark Of The Beast Tech Tattoos

Throughout history, religious leaders and so-called prophets have warned that the mark of the beast is imminent, that a time of great strife and suffering is near, that the end of the world is coming.

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Pre Crime Law Would Give Australian Authorities Power To Arrest Covid 'conspiracy Theorists'

A draconian new coronavirus law could give Australian authorities the power to arrest coronavirus “conspiracy theorists” if it’s thought they may commit a crime in the future.

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Anti Lockdown Protests In Tel Aviv, Israel

Hundreds have occupied the streets of central Tel Aviv overnight to vent anger at a stringent second lockdown that will dramatically restrict people’s mobility, shut down most businesses and enforce social distancing rules.

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Fox News Refused to Discuss the Fact that George Soros is Funding Violent Protests

Three Fox News anchors & Newt Gingrich discuss how much riots are costing when lead anchor Harris Faulkner gives Newt Gingrich the last word.

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Bill Gates Evil

In case you haven’t noticed, Microsoft co-founder and billionaire “philanthropist” Bill Gates is champing at the bit to implement his long-awaited mandatory vaccination agenda. And what better catalyst for making it happen than the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis?

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Q and Trump Team Defeat Deep State from Inside Out 2/3 | The Final Wakeup Call – Aug 19, 2020

The world has many saviours

President Trump is Q’s chosen Frontman

Strategic action plan unfolded

Accomplished in first year in office 

The Asian Capitulation

Unity gives Power

Source: The Final Wakeup Call – Aug 19, 2020

Dimensions of Consciousness

Too many people still live in today’s third ‘Dimensional Reality’, which is not actually real. 3D “reality” is a consciousness trap. Who and what we really are has been hidden from us. Our spiritual nature is our only true form. Secret societies have been keeping us trapped and attempting to stop us from remembering who we really are. If people do not see the past accurately and aren’t living in the present moment, then they are being trapped in an illusion that is untrue and misleading. But the Great Awakening has begun, and people are now becoming more conscious and aware of the deception and manipulation that has been going on in the world, and waking up to their divine nature. Continue Reading →

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Nederlands: Q en Trump Team verslaan Deep State van binnenuit 2/3

De wereld beschikt over veel redders President Trump is de gekozen frontman van Q Strategisch actieplan ontvouwd Wat bereikt werd in het eerste jaar in functie De Aziatische capitulatie Eenheid maakt macht Dimensies in het bewustzijn Te veel mensen leven…Continue Reading →

Deutsch: Das Q und Trump-Team besiegen Deep State von innen Aus 2/3

Die Welt hat viele Retter Präsident Trump ist der gewählte Frontmann von Q. Strategischer Aktionsplan entfaltet Was wurde im ersten Amtsjahr erreicht Die asiatische Kapitulation Einheit macht Macht   Dimensionen im Bewusstsein Zu viele Menschen leben immer noch in der…Continue Reading →

Alternative News |Humans Are Free – Aug 8, 2020

Viktor Schauberger The Anti Gravity Water Wizard

Viktor Schauberger: The Anti-Gravity Water Wizard

By Tasha Shayne,

Following keen observance in the alpine wilderness, Schauberger adopted a shamanistic relationship with water and called the substance the “Blood of the Earth,” recognizing it as the progenitor of life and consciousness. →

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Big Pharma

Big Pharma’s Narrative Is Failing

And a group of doctors is helping push it over the edge

by Bretigne Shaffer

So now we don’t have to listen to what those doctors said in front of the US Supreme Court, because it turns out that one of them has some whacky beliefs about sex with demons causing reproductive disorders. What a relief. →

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Massive Lockdown Protest In Berlin Downplayed And Demonized By Msm

Massive Lockdown Protest In Berlin Downplayed And Demonized By MSM

by Dylan Charles, Waking Times

We’re at a crossroads at the moment, and most people are choosing to obedience to the emerging new order. Here in the U.S., the hysteria and fear is thick, palpable and ugly. Just as Stanley Milgram demonstrated in his now famous social experiment, most people are turning against their fellow neighbors and countrymen and willfully posing as enforcers of the new normal. →

Read more & videos: Ben Swann: “”Masks Make Us Slaves” Massive Protests in Germany Over C0VlD Lockdown” (9:10) and “”MILLIONS ARE WAKING UP.” 👁️ | Hurry and Watch! | OMG! 😮 | Ralph Smart” (24:24) via HAF

Covid 19: Argentina Preparing Mass Vaccination

Only 42% Of Americans Say They Will Submit To Coronavirus Vaccine

A new Yahoo News / YouGov poll has found that just 42 percent of Americans say they plan to get a coronavirus vaccine when it becomes available. →

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Moderna’s Ceo, Cmo Both Sell Shares As Final Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Begin – What Do They Know That We Don’t?

Moderna’s CEO, CMO Both Sell Shares As Final Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Begin – What Do They Know That We Don’t?

The executive leadership over at Moderna is abandoning ship in terms of what the future holds for its Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.

by Ethan Huff

Both Stéphane Bancel, its CEO, and Tal Zaks, its CMO (chief medical officer) have cashed out their company shares as the company’s plandemic jab is right on the verge of entering late-stage trials. →

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Bill Gates Says ‘coronavirus Misery’ Will ‘happen Regularly’ Until Climate Change Fixed

Bill Gates Says ‘Coronavirus Misery’ Will ‘Happen Regularly’ Until Climate Change Fixed


New World Order Epidemiologist and Climatologist Bill Gates Says ‘Coronavirus Misery’ Will ‘Happen Regularly’ Until Climate Change Fixed →

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Source: Humans Are Free

(Video) Trust In News Media Continues To Plummet — New World Next Week | Activist Post – Aug 7, 2020

Activist Post | Aug 6, 20020 By The Corbett Report

Welcome back to #NewWorldNextWeek — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week: →

Read more video: The Corbett Report: “Trust in News Media Continues to Plummet – #NewWorldNextWeek” (21:15) via Trust In News Media Continues To Plummet — New World Next Week — Activist Post

(Video) 3D to 5D Consciousness: Maxwell docs unsealed, Kabal Players investigated, China drowning, GESARA News, Detoxing with C60 – Aug 6, 2020

Nyla Nguyen

Source: 3D to 5D Consciousness

Aug 6, 2020

I’m talking about the G. Maxwell documents being unsealed confirming what we already know regarding the men who have visited Epstein island. Donald Trump Jr’s Twitter account was suspended, leading to another Executive order to be placed for social media giants. Find out which Deep State players are now under investigation. The hunters have become the hunted. China is battling major natural disasters by epic proportions, if the 3 Gorges dam collapses, it will be the end of the Cabal & China. More GESARA news and how to detox your body with C60 olive oil.


Corporate Controlled Mainstream Media (MSM) Exists to Demoralize the Public | Humans Are Free – Aug 1, 2020

Mainstream Media Traitors Lies Cia Mind Control Manipulation

Humans Are Free

It has become increasingly obvious that the corporate controlled mainstream media exists to demoralize the public by cherry-picking stories that favor a narrative that promotes victimization. →

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Alternative News | Humans Are Free – July 30, 2020

Councilman Roger Spackman Pedophile

Pedophile Councilman, Who Worked At A Children’s Home, Walks FREE Despite Videos Of Child Rape

On a regular basis, members of government — a government we are told exists to protect society from chaos — are caught preying on society’s most vulnerable. From heads of state to low level cops, child abusers are rife within all the ranks. →

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Enemies Of Humanity Then Now 600

Big Pharma, Big Tech And Big Media Are Waging An All-Out WAR Against Humanity

Big TechBig Pharma and Big Media are now actively colluding to silence all doctors, websites, videos and online content that explains why hydroxychloroquine can save lives and end the coronavirus plandemic in mere weeks. →

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Austria Hungary Us Award Soros

Soros Has Pumped $50 MILLION (So Far) Into 2020 Democrat Election Campaigns

A report from the Washington Free Beacon notes that Billionaire elitist George Soros has pumped more than $50 million into Democrats’ election campaigns for 2020, a record amount, and around $30 million more than he spent in 2016, with over three months still to go. →

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Another Failure Of The Covid Diagnostic Test

Another Failure Of The COVID Diagnostic Test

In previous articles, I’ve detailed several key reasons why the PCR test is worthless and deceptive. →

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Bill Gates Cbs Coronavirus Vaccine Side Effects

Bill Gates’ Recent Comments On Cv.19 Vacc. Side Effects Are Typical Of Big Business

Bill Gates is back all over the media in recent days, making a few comments that help us to further understand his position on mass vaccination and the risks associated. →

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Top 10 real stories you’ll NEVER see again in American mainstream media | – July 17, 2020

(Natural News) Not only has mainstream media been corrupt, dating back to Vietnam and that horrific misinformation campaign, but today’s “MSM” has gone off the deep end, completely blacklisting any news about anything that doesn’t fit their narrative and hasn’t fit for the last decade. Obama made sure of that. From mass shootings at schools to day-of-birth abortions, the Left loves gore and their demented “sacrificial lambs,” but when it comes to Americans defending liberty or children’s health, mum’s the word across all media outlets, including TV, newspapers, most websites, and of course, all of social media. They’ll plaster mass-propaganda everywhere about wearing covid masks, but they’re all still for open borders, where millions of immigrants pour into America with every disease, virus and bacterial infection that terrifies all the crazy leftists. →

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(Video) Defund the BBC for Propaganda: 583,538 Cancel BBC Licence Fee | Humans Are Free – July 8, 2020

Humans Are Free

Exclusive: 583,538 people have already canceled the BBC license fee.

£300,000,000 now lost.

Defund the BBC now for being the propaganda arm of the government and the “elite.”

Video: “EXCLUSIVE 583,538 CANCEL BBC LICENCE Fee £300,000,000 Now Lost PA OFFICIAL FOI – Defund BBC NOW” (9:55) via — Humans Are Free