(Fantastic Video, Must See) Contact with the Apunian Nordic Alien Beings From the Future – May 1, 2017

Thanks Therisa! UAMN TV Published on Apr 30, 2017 This video shares incredible experiences with the Nordic looking Apunians, extraterrestrial beings, that come from the future with a powerful message. “The messages of the Beings are very precise and they have the elements to verify them. There is a hopeful future, but some old structures…

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Lord Metatron via Christine Meleriessee Hayden, June 19th, 2016


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Lord Metatron with Lord Saint Germain share an in-depth discussion of the Solstice-Full Moon Alignment for June 2016 with a special announcement of these energies becoming more grounded into the Mt. Shasta area.

Greetings and Love to each of you,
I Am Lord Metatron and I am communicating with Lord Saint Germain in this moment. We are standing within the Command Center of Telos at this moment. We have been wanting to converse with each of you about the energetic exchanges that will be occurring on June 20th, 2016 for the Solstice Full Moon energies.
We have some very important information that we want to convey to you. We are coming together in this way as I represent the Light Infractions that come into the Earth through the Sacred Geometry within the Metatronic Light Frequencies. I will be explaining how this solstice is different from the others and hopefully assist each of you to understand your role in being upon the earth at this time.
Lord Saint Germain, being the Mahachohan of the Seven Rays of God represents the Spiritual Hierarchy of all the Chohans, Elohim, and the Archangels that represent those flames of light. He speaks from the Ascended Master State of Consciousness to assist each of you to incorporate these energies within your consciousness but he has a very important announcement to make about this transition of Light that each of you will be experiencing. We are quite excited about our energies coming together in this way.
I, as Lord Metatron, first of all want to thank you for taking the time to read this information but please connect within your Higher Self with some deep breaths as you absorb the energies off of the page. I bring to you the Metatronic Light Frequencies for you to accept into your consciousness so that the changes that will be occurring will not throw you off balance. We want each of you to fully incorporate as much light frequency as possible, but at the same time to allow your equilibrium to be the determining factor through this event….

Lord Metatron via Christine Meleriessee Hayden, 19 juni, 2016 —

Lord Metatron via Christine Meleriessee Hayden 19 juni,2016 Lord Metatron med Saint Germain delar med sig av en djupgående diskussion om Solståndets och Fullmånens harmonisering i juni 2106, med ett särskilt tillkännagivande om att…

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