Cover Up? NASA Cuts Live Feed From ISS As ‘Object Hundreds Of Miles Long’ Spotted — January 23, 2018

Could this be the evidence needed to prove NASA is covering up the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life? Some seem to think so, as the space agency mysteriously cut the International Space Station’s live feed not long after a massive object hundreds of miles long was spotted above Earth. The footage, taken from a…Read more & video

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Ex-NASA Scientist Accuses the Space Agency ‘Garbling’ Images to Hide Things (He’s Not the Only One)(Videos) – October 17, 2017

By Arjun Walia, Guest author

We published an article last month of a Project Camelot interview with Dr. Norman Bergrun regarding what’s really happening in space.

A mechanical engineer, Dr. Bergrun has worked for Ames Research Laboratory, NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics), and Lockheed Missiles and Space Company, now known as Lockheed Martin. He then went on to found Bergrun Engineering and Research.

Admittedly, testimony like this isn’t enough to prove his claims, but when several hundred, if not thousands of people like Dr. Bergrun — people who have obviously had access to extremely sensitive data —  are coming forward with similarly extraordinary stories, it would be foolish to dismiss them out of hand just because it goes against what we believe.

You can view some of his publications for NASA, where he worked for more than a decade, here.

And whistleblowers aside, there have been hundreds of thousands of pages of documents released pertaining to supposed UFO/extraterrestrial encounters…

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