Are We Allowed to Talk About Anything of Importance, Anymore? [Short] — Humans Are Free – December 29, 2019

Social Media Censorship 2019

(Humans Are Free)  Are We Allowed to Talk About Anything of Importance, Anymore?

The short answer is no, we are not allowed to talk about anything of importance anymore.

We can no longer ask questions or state our opinions online without being demonetized, deplatformed or banned. The list of “forbidden subjects” is long, and it is growing longer by the day.

The following statements create the official narrative — one that you can not question unless you want to be censored or banned. Please note that many of these statements are stuff of Orwellian “deoublethink” (accepting two contradictory beliefs as true, simultaneously):

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Top 10 “Bizarro” Stories of 2019 — The Truth About Cancer – December 26, 2019


In direct contradiction to the scare stories about carbon dioxide being relentlessly pushed by the climate change alarmists, a scientific study published in Nature Climate Change and highlighted by NASA reveals that rising carbon dioxide levels are having a tremendously positive impact on the re-greening of planet Earth over the last three decades, with some regions experiencing over a 50% increase in plant life. →

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Klimatalarmismen är det största hotet mot välfärden — – 23 December, 2019

(  Enligt en vetenskaplig studie i tidskriften Nature från 2016 som refererats av amerikanska NASA har den stigande halten av växthusgasen koldioxid i atmosfären (från 0,03 till 0,04 procent) under efterkrigstiden haft en enormt positiv effekt på jordens växtlighet. Under de senaste tre decennierna har vissa regioner upplevt en över 50-procentig ökning av växtligheten, medan bara 4 procent visat en minskad växtlighet. Jordbruket slår snart skörderekord varje år. →

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OpDis Compilation of Articles, Part 1-4 — December 22, 2019

OpDis Compilation of Articles, Part 1

December 22, 2019

[OpDis Editor Note: This is part 1 of our compilation of various articles concerning geopolitical and exopolitical topics. First, we have news of the take down of the Deep State. Second, we have news of strange encounters in the arctic, NASA heading to a golden asteroid, and Snowden talking about aliens. Third, we hear more from Snowden and Assange. We also hear about events in the Middle East between Israel and Iran.] → Read more

OpDis Compilation of Articles, Part 2

December 22, 2019

[OpDis Editor Note: This is part 2 of our compilation of various articles concerning topics on health, clean energy, geoengineering, Jewish privilege, Project Veritas, and drone footage of Epstein’s island.] → Read more

OpDis Compilation of Articles, Part 3

December 22, 2019

[OpDis Editor Note: This is part 3 of our compilation of various articles. This part contains articles regarding ancient history, technological discoveries, Antarctica, cancer cures, disease, climate change, and pole shifts.] → Read more

OpDis Compilation of Articles, Part 4

December 22, 2019

[OpDis Editor Note: This is part 4 of our compilation of various articles. This part contains articles regarding spirituality of the mind, truth of the USS Liberty, Facebook censoring vaccine awareness, Trump corroborating Q, ancient history, and more.] → Read more


NASA, and the Criminal Denial of Climate Engineering — Humans Are Free – December 21, 2019

Denial Of Climate Engineering

(Humans Are Free)  NASA is nothing more than a tool for the military industrial complex to carry out their nefarious agendas and to cover up their tracks.

No matter how blatant and glaring the ongoing geoengineering atmospheric aerosol spraying is over our heads each and every day, so long as there is an “official agency” like NASA to tell the public it isn’t so, the geoengineering crimes of planetary omnicide continue to be hidden in plain site.

Perhaps the greatest lie the power structure has perpetrated on populations around the world is the “condensation trail” grand deception. ALL commercial airlines and ALL military tankers are outfitted with a “high bypass turbofan” jet engine. →

Read more & Images/videos: “Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California ( Dane Wigington Geoengineering Watch )” (31:35) and “Geoengineering Is Fueling Firestorm Catastrophes ( Dane Wigington )” (10:55) via  – Humans Are Free

IPCC måste kunna försvara sina teorier att koldioxid ger global uppvärmning — NewsVoice – 17 December, 2019

(NewsVoice)  DEBATT. Ingen kan förneka att rådande väder och naturkatastrofer till större eller mindre del är klimatrelaterade, men dagens överskuggande fråga är om klimatet verkligen styrs av en nästan försumbar parameter som koldioxid, som utgör ynka 0,04% av atmosfären. Jan Hård af Segerstad sammanställer kritiken mot etablissemangets ”klimatexperter” och den politiska klimatpanelen IPCC. →

Läs mera & video: “Global Warming: Fact or Fiction? Featuring Physicists Willie Soon and Elliott Bloom” (1:48:16) via  —

NASA Accidentally Shows Evidence of Large-Scale Weather Manipulation In Satellite Photos — Prepare For Change – December 6, 2019

(Prepare For Change)  From the website Humans Are Free: (Hurricane Matthew was in 2016 and Hurricane Irma was in 2017) Hurricane Matthew and its successor Irma have turned weather into a dominant theme in the forefront of the public’s mind. From extreme flooding to widespread debris damage, people have witnessed the incredible power of mother nature – but is there something else at work here? →

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The ‘Most Educated’ Astronaut Says Extraterrestrials “Are Doing Star Travel” At A UFO Conference — Collective Evolution – November 29, 2019


In Brief

The Facts:

Ex Astronaut Story Musgrave made some very interesting comments at a UFO conference a few years ago, saying that he believes there is other life out there are that they are “doing star travel.”

Reflect On:

How much does the human race have to discover about the nature of our reality? Surely there are many things and truths that yet remain to be uncovered.

Read more & video: “Story Musgrave”: Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) (1:15:27) via — Collective Evolution

The Man Who “Hacked” NASA & The AFSPC Gives A New Interview Describing What He Found — Collective Evolution – November 11, 2019



  • The Facts:Nearly two decades ago, Gary Mckinnon of the UK accesses nearly 100 NASA and Department of Defence, including the US Air Force Space command. He faced extradition for 10 years after finding a picture of a UFO and a list of “non terrestrial officers.”
  • Reflect On:How sheltered are we from certain information? Has ‘national security’ simply become an excuse to keep information concealed from the public to protect corporate and government interests? →

Read more & video: “”PERFECTLY SMOOTH SHELL OF A CRAFT.” GARY MCKINNON 1ST INTERVIEW IN YEARS. Richard Dolan Show.” (54:58) via — Collective Evolution