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What Is Candida? Understanding Yeast Imbalance | Wake Up World – August 11th, 2020

By Dr. Edward F. Group

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Candida is a type of fungus (or, more specifically – yeast) that can cause fungal infections like candidiasis, candidemia, and oral thrush.[1] Dozens of species of candida are known to affect humans and Candida albicans is the most common.[2, 3] When the immune system functions normally, Candida is kept in check and exists harmlessly in the skin or mucous membranes like those of the gut and vaginal area. It’s even among the organisms that newborns acquire during natural birth, nursing, or from food.[4] However, a compromised immune system, and other factors such as poor diet, can lead to an imbalance where Candida overwhelms the body, a condition known as Candida overgrowth. →

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“Gag order” given to doctor over his advice to help improve immunity | NaturalHealth365 – June 5, 2020


(NaturalHealth365) Wear a mask. Get a COVID-19 vaccine. Spray down your entire house with powerful disinfectants. Assume everyone you meet in public is infected with SARS-CoV-2.  It seems like our natural immunity to dis-ease is no match against this current pandemic.

These tips to slow the spread from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) aren’t necessarily “intended” to inspire fear and paranoia, but it’s not hard to see how this is exactly what’s happening as a result. →

So, one doctor tried to offer an “alternative” and got in trouble for it. →

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10 Supplements that can help curb your anxiety — NaturalNews.com – April 22, 2020

(Natural News) Anxiety comes in many forms. It can cause worry, unease, fear or panic. Severe forms of anxiety, or anxiety disorders, are among the most common and pervasive mental health problems in the United States today. Anxiety disorders include panic disorders and phobias.

Common treatment options for anxiety disorders include therapy, medication or a combination of both. However, there is significant scientific evidence suggesting that the following supplements and herbal remedies can safely and effectively relieve the symptoms of anxiety. →

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Treating Cancer Naturally: 11 Strategies That Work — Prepare For Change – April 22, 2020

(Prepare For Change)

By Dr. David Jockers DC, MS, CSCS

Many disturbances to our body’s natural capabilities can promote cancer growth. Some of these concerns include a weak immune system, unbalanced pH, reduced oxygenation to cells, and excessive toxicity.

These problems can be treated and symptoms of cancer can be healed. However, treating cancer naturally using non-toxic therapies requires a diligent approach and a long-term commitment.

You hold the power to unleash your natural healing capabilities. Use these 11 natural cancer treatments to relieve your symptoms and prevent the further spread of tumors throughout your body.

If you are currently cancer-free, these modalities can be used to prevent cancer from gaining a foothold. Unlike toxic cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, these natural therapies fortify the body and help to keep your immune system strong.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci wants mandatory coronavirus vaccines to be forced on all Americans | NaturalHealth365 – April 21, 2020


(NaturalHealth365) Who is Anthony Fauci, MD?  The COVID-19 pandemic has made this physician and immunologist a household name.

As the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984, Dr. Fauci has been touted as the country’s top infectious diseases expert and is frequently relied on to give his professional opinions regarding isues related to the current novel coronavirus outbreakincluding, but not limited to, coronavirus immunizations. →

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Why Treating Epileptic Seizures with CBD Oil is a Good Idea — Prepare For Change – February 22, 2020

By Guest Writer Grace Hawkins,

(Prepare For Change)  Epilepsy is a significant medical condition affecting approximately 1% of the American population. The disorder causes unprovoked and recurrent seizures. This medical condition occurs due to many other therapeutic factors, not only one’s genetic composition. Individuals who have Alzheimer’s can also suffer from seizures. People with a brain injury or who have suffered from a stroke are most likely to suffer from seizures.

Epileptic seizures disrupt an individual’s life. Once they occur, you lose control of your body, and you can suffer further injuries as a result. To reduce such impacts, individuals receive antiepileptic prescriptions for seizure management. However, these medications have severe side effects. →

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Coronavirus vitamin solution NOT revealed by the mainstream media or government health agencies — NaturalHealth365 – February 13, 2020


NaturalHealth365) As you may know, NaturalHealth365 has been a proponent of vitamin C for a wide variety of infectious diseases.  Naturally, many of our readers have been quite concerned about the most recent news about the coronavirus outbreak in China.

Well, today, I have some very good news – about a way to protect yourself naturally – coming from our friends over at the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service (OMNS).  The editor, Andrew W. Saul, PhD has outlined a scientifically valid way to keep your immune system strong.  Enjoy the read!! →

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Olivia Newton-John Credits Cannabis for Help in Surviving Stage IV Breast Cancer — Waking Times – February 8, 2020

Olivia Newton-John Credits Cannabis for Help in Surviving Stage IV Breast Cancer

Alex PietrowksiStaff Writer
Waking Times

At age 71, famed actress and singer Olivia Newton-John is winning a long battle with cancer, and she gives major credit to medicinal cannabis for helping her to overcome pain and get much-needed rest so that her body could heal.

Having been fought off cancerin 1992, then also in 2013, she was again diagnosed in 2017, this time with stage IV breast cancer, which eventually spread into her lower back, causing extreme pain. 

While she did work with traditional medicine under the care of her physician, she says that supplementing with cannabis and a variety of herbs has helped her to stay off of destructive opioidsdestructive opioids for pain management. →

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It takes “2 weeks to build up immunity” to the flu after the vaccine is administered, claims the industry that has paid out over $2 billion for flu shot injuries — Prepare For Change – February 4, 2020

(Prepare For Change)

S. D. Wells,

Nurses and doctors across America will beg and plead with you to get your flu shot “early” so you can build up immunity to the known mass serial killer called influenza. Yet, most people who die from the flu didn’t really. They died from pneumonia, MRSA superbugs and a crippled immune system caused by the very institution that gave them the flu shot in the first place.

First off, you can’t “build immunity” by injecting mercury into your muscle tissue. Second, the flu that spreads around America can be one or more of a dozen strains, on up to twenty. The influenza vaccine is just a “shot in the dark” (pun intended). The CDC has no idea which strains to include, and they most often guess completely wrong, then admit it, while telling you to get the shot anyway, “just to be safe.” →