(USA) Nevada voter fraud: “Historically strange” spike in incomplete registrations, casinos used as home addresses | NaturalNews.com

Image: Nevada voter fraud: “Historically strange” spike in incomplete registrations, casinos used as home addresses

December 04, 2020 by: Cassie B.

(Natural News) An affidavit filed by Republicans in Nevada has exposed an inexplicable jump in incomplete voter registrations in the state.

The affidavit cites data scientist Dorothy Morgan, who said she noticed a “historically strange” rise in voter registrations that were missing the sex and age of the voter, along with registrations in which casinos were listed as a person’s home or mailing address in the third Congressional District covering much of Las Vegas.

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U.S. Presidential Election News | NaturalNews.com – November 8, 2020

Trump will ultimately win Pennsylvania, and here’s why

(Natural News) Democrats are chomping at the bit to crown Joe [B]iden, also known as Kamala Harris by the time Inauguration Day rolls around, as the 46th president of the United States. The chances of this actually happening, however, will greatly decrease once the Supreme Court issues a ruling in the case of Republican Party of Pennsylvania … [Read More…]

Heritage Foundation election expert says 120k vote dump for [B]iden is NOT possible

(Natural News) The head of the Heritage Foundation’s Election Law Reform Initiative said this week that a dump of 120,000 ballots all for Democratic presidential contender Joe [B]iden in the wee hours of the morning following Election Day is statistically impossible. According to Hans von Spakovsky, who is also a senior legal fellow at … [Read More…]

Trump campaign sets up hotline and website for reporting voting irregularities as officials express confidence in eventual reelection

(Natural News) President Donald Trump is being exactly who we wanted him to be in the face of post-election controversy and what appears to be massive Democratic vote efforts: A fighter. We’ve said it before because it’s true — lesser Republicans would have caved long ago under the withering, endless assaults President Trump has endured … [Read More…]

Nevada reports over three thousand individual accounts of mail-in ballot fraud

(Natural News) There is not a proper system in place to vet and verify the astronomical influx of mail-in ballots sent out in the lead-up to the 2020 Presidential election. The ballots can get lost in the mail, be intercepted, or used fraudulently after someone moves from their home state. The Nevada Republican Party has already documented … [Read More…]

Thousands referred to DOJ for election law violations after as many as 9,000 illegal votes identified in Nevada

(Natural News) A legal group working with the Trump campaign has identified upwards of 6,000 votes that were illegally cast in the state of Nevada by people who no longer live there. An initial analysis by the firm identified 3,062 voters who moved from Nevada before Election Day but still cast votes there, which is against the law. And … [Read More…]

Nevada postal worker caught on tape pledging to commit voter fraud

(Natural News) One of the last remaining swing states that has yet to finish counting its ballots is Nevada, where a United States Postal Service (USPS) mail carrier in Las Vegas was caught earlier this year promising to commit election fraud with mail-in ballots. An undercover reporter from Project Veritas filmed postal carrier Art … [Read More…]

Media watchdog calls to investigate mainstream media election meddling

(Natural News) Conservative media watchdog Media Research Center (MRC) called to investigate mainstream media outlets’ meddling in the 2020 presidential elections. In a Nov. 4 statement, MRC President Brent Bozell III called reports by mainstream media-affiliated pollsters as “deliberately widely wrong.” Bozell mentioned in his … [Read More…]

US Military Veteran Claims to Have Worked With Aliens — Humans Are Free – March 3, 2020

Tall Whites Aliens

(Humans Are Free)  Australian news morning show, Sunrise, interviewed a man who claims that he had worked with extraterrestrials on a US base in the 60s.

The ex-military man, Charles Hall, calls these beings “Tall Whites,” because of their appearance, and says the military had let them take up temporary residence near Nellis Air Force base in Nevada. →

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Blazing UFO Departing Area 51 — Latest UFO sightings – May 29, 2019


New UFO video of a strange activity over Area 51 in Nevada.

Witness report: I shot this video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of May 24, 2019, while aiming my camera directly towards the center of the base at Area 51 which is 77 miles away. The final object in this video took off so fast it only occupied one frame of the video. This is only the second time in more than five years that I’ve filmed an object that was leaving the ground at such a speed that it created a rainbow of colors.

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Underground bases in Nevada – by Benjamin Fulford – January 26, 2018

When this week’s newsletter of January 22, 2018 went public, the following link had mysteriously stopped working.  Now it is working again.  It refers to the underground base in Nevada that is now apparently under attack.


Source: benjaminfulford.net

What You’re NOT Being Told About Marijuana Legalization In Nevada(Video) — July 4, 2017

Credit: NY Daily News On July 1, 2017, thousands of people in Nevada waited in line at dispensaries for hours to purchase marijuana — a plant that has been cultivated for thousands of years and has never killed anyone. The night before, parties raged in celebration of the ability to purchase it for recreational purposes. Though…

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Small UFO Produces Giant UFO Twice Over Las Vegas, Nevada On Jan 17, 2017, Video

Date of sighting: January 17, 2017Location of sighting: Las Vegas, Nevada, USAAt 8 min into the video, you will see the real deal. A giant glowing orb at the mountain side flashes, then a small UFO shoots out. twenty seconds later, the little UFO flashes and leaves behind a larger glowing UFO holding position in…

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