The Old World Is Falling Away and Making Way for a New One | Wake Up World

By Paul Lenda – October 20th, 2020

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

It may seem like the world is a chaotic mess right now. However, maybe it’s good. It’s a good idea to remember the Chinese parable of the Old Man and the Horse. Something may appear at first to be terrible or catastrophic, yet it leads to something better. We are seeing this play out right now but on a grand scale. The old world, which didn’t work that well for anyone, is falling away. A new world is emerging to take its place.

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Now! — The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – June 21, 2019

Some of you may have noticed and/or experienced the volatile energy of the past couple of days. Expectations may have been thwarted, hopes dashed and a great deal of anger released. It may have felt that anything you have been reluctant to let go was forcible moved out. The Universe is reminding you that there were gentle nudges to ‘get ‘er done’ and, for whatever reason, a choice was made otherwise. There was no right or wrong in the situation…just a way to move out the old and stagnant energy before the next phase began. (Smiling)

Now is the time for new beginnings and chances.

Now you can move forward with a clarity you have never experienced before.

Now, you can continue your path of unprecedented growth and learning.

It’s time! ~ Creator

Source: Now! — The Creator Writings

Archangel Michael via Leslie Anne Menzies, August 14th, 2017

Dear Ones, Can you feel the cleansing happening? The purging of all that no longer serves you. The releasing of the “old you,” old habits, beliefs etc, all leaving during this retrograde/eclipse time. Lesson for this Season: Leave the past…Read more

via Archangel Michael via Leslie Anne Menzies, August 14th, 2017 — Sananda