Daily Teachings of the Masters | June 24, 2020 — Voyages of Light

Voyages of Light

Daily Teachings of the Masters

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

You are erasing fears right and left.

Prejudgment must go. Must be erased, vanished, finished.

What can you not do?

This world is of your creation.

There is nothing that cannot be accomplished, save for what you suggest is impossible.

You set the parameters,you set the basis for to and fro. Nothing is impossible to one that believes because your world is created on belief.

The belief of suffering, of separation, of powerlessness.

You believe this and frame all experiences to reflect this belief.  →

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Mike Quinsey Message, September 20, 2019 – The Tree of the Golden Light

20th September 2019. Mike Quinsey.

(The Tree of the Golden Light)  With the young people of the world showing more and more independence and determination to bring about changes, the old regime cannot last much longer and must make way for the changes necessary to move Humanity firmly onto a new path that is opening up for them. People are sensing that changes are imminent and are eager to move onto a new path that is free from the old dictates that have become outdated. There are many souls who have incarnated at this time specifically to serve the people and help them understand what is required of them. They have a different outlook and understanding of events on Earth and know that they have an important part to play in bringing the new into being. The old energies are being played out never to return, and already the new vibrations are beginning to lift people up, and their sights are set upon creating a pathway to the New Age. →

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