Russia to Impeachment One Big Coup – Kevin Shipp — Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog – November 21, 2019

Kevin Shipp

By Greg Hunter’s 

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says from the Russia collusion delusion to the sham impeachment, it’s all really just one big Deep State coup. At the center of the coup is billionaire George Soros, who hates American sovereignty and “America First” President Donald Trump. Shipp explains, “Soros has been funding attempts to overturn a U.S. election and remove a President of the United States. →

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Greta Thunberg Wants You To Be Scared & Big Business Will Make a Killing off It — Collective Evolution – October 22, 2019


  • The Facts:Greta Thunberg seems to have a good heart with good intentions, but she also seems to be a puppet for big business and powerful interests.
  • Reflect On:Why don’t the victims of child trafficking and war in the Middle East receive a platform like Greta has received?


Eva Bartlett spent years on the ground covering conflict zones in the Middle East, especially in Syria and occupied Palestine, where she lived for nearly four years in becoming one of the world’s most prominent journalists. Scrolling through her twitter feed reveals thought-provoking messages that can really help us further our understanding about what’s really happening on our planet, especially with regards to geopolitics. →

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Child Abuse? Using Children to Lobby for Action on Climate Change — Era of Light – September 28, 2019

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With a mother who is an opera singer and a father who is an actor, it stands to reason that young Greta Thunberg would follow her parents’ footsteps into the performing arts.

Greta (shown below) — a 16-year-old who can pass for 12 — has become an international star for her role in the traveling production of Climate Strike, a show sponsored by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and assorted socialist non-governmental organizations (NGOs) worldwide. ➤➤

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Corruption in Disaster Relief – September 8, 2019






(Golden Age of Gaia)

Most of these articles do not name names. We never see words like “deep state” or “illuminati” mentioned. And yet they divert funds on a massive scale from disaster relief.

For instance, we now know that funds given to the Presidents Fund and the Clinton Foundation never reached aid recipients on the ground. (1)

What is the scope of the problem of corruption in disaster relief and how can it be met? Here are some excerpts from articles commenting on the problem.

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Klimathotet är konstruerat inom FN-organet IPCC:s politiska uppdrag — – 23 Mars, 2019

DEBATT. Klimatfrågan har sitt ursprung i FN-organet IPCC:s politiska uppdrag att söka bevis för att människans utsläpp av koldioxid påverkar planeten på ett negativt sätt. Tesen kallas för antropogen global uppvärmning, förkortat AGW.

Man har alltså ett politiskt uppdrag, inte ett vetenskapligt. Uppdraget är att endast leta efter mänsklig påverkan. Denna begränsning visar att det inte alls handlar om vetenskap, det handlar uteslutande om politik. För att ge sken av vetenskap påstår man att man samlat världens bästa klimatforskare och redovisar deras kunskap i ämnet.

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(Video) EU 2019: Italy is Igniting the European Spring – February 16, 2019

Black Pigeon Speaks
Published on Feb 14, 2019

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George Soros is Attacking America with 187 Funded Groups – January 19, 2019

America is Under Attack by 187 Groups Funded by George Soros

7:00 AM

Source: Humans Are Free

Notorious globalist billionaire George Soros has gone on the recordthreatening to “take down President Trump” and promising an audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos that the New World Order are making the necessary preparations to completely and utterly obliterate every single Republican plan.

Soros is doing this the only way he knows how – by throwing his dirty money around, sponsoring hate groups, protestors, and NGOs, attempting to subvert the course of democracy and eradicate the silent majority.

Some of the names on this list will shock you… Abortion groups, open borders advocates, immigrant activists, groups to change the way we vote, socialist health care, climate change, “Catholics”, Socialists and Communists.

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or at: Operation Disclosure