VIDEO: Glenn Greenwald Joins Tucker to Discuss His Move to Rumble & Growing Online Censorship

By Glenn Greenwald  – Published August 13, 2021


(Video) Manifestation for Freedom and Truth in Stockholm – Small but Positive and Energetic | NewsVoice

NewsVoice – May 2, 2021

COVID TIMES. The people that took part at the event in Stockholm on the first of May are generally critical of the corona restrictions, risky experimental vaccines, the expansion of globalism, and diminishing democratic values.

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(Video) PLANDEMIC: Full Feature Film Released Online Amidst Tremendous Opposition and Attempts to Censor it | Health Impact News – Aug 20, 2020

Commentary by Brian Shilhavy – Aug 20, 2020
Editor, Health Impact News

The full feature film “Plandemic” was released online today, despite tremendous efforts to stop it and censor it.

It being called “Plandemic Part 2” by many, because in May, 2020, filmmaker Mikki Willis released a “teaser” trailer of the film which featured an interview with whistleblower Dr. Judy Mikovits, who exposed the fraud of Anthony Fauci exposing him for who he truly is, a mass murderer.

This “trailer” soon went viral and the deep state went into over-drive to try and contain the damage and censor it, which only made things worse for them. It is estimated that close to 1 billion people have now viewed that clip, which is now being referred as “Plandemic 1” by many.

Read more & please watch: “INDOCTORNATION Unmasking The Plandemic” (1:15:30) via — Health Impact News


Stop Where Free Speech Makes A Stand

Mike Adams: ”we are protecting the voices of dissent in a society gone mad” — NewsVoice – June 15, 2020

Mike Adams lanserar – Foto: Mike Adams

(NewsVoice)  FREE SPEECH & DEBATE. America and the Big Tech gatekeepers are devolving into an ”obedience cult” of authoritarian thought police, and they are scrubbing an ever-increasing number of channels and voices from YouTube, Facebook and other platforms.

That’s probably why new users are joining Brighteon in record numbers, and Brighteon is becoming known as the hub for raw truth about vaccines, the ”plandemic,” remedies against cancer, the truth about the Federal Reserve and many other topics. →

Read more via Mike Adams: ”we are protecting the voices of dissent in a society gone mad” — NewsVoice

(Video) Dallas Doctor Ivette Lozano Treating Patients w/ Hydroxychloroquine & Azithromycin – May 19, 2020

Source: Big Skid Media

May 15, 2020

May 9, 2020 – Dallas Texas. Ivette Lozano, MD, brought this message of successfully treating COVID19 patients with Hydroxychloroquine & Azithromycin. She’s smart, energetic, and more than a little bit upset with the political environment.

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Dr. Lozano was born in Havana Cuba and immigrated to the US as a child. She eventually received a BS from SMU and an MD from Texas Tech University Health Science Center School of Medicine.

Dr. Lozano has been in solo private practice for fifteen years. Lozano Medical Clinic is an Urgent Care Center that evolved from the need to have a simplified model of medical care available for those not fortunate enough to have insurance.

Video: “Dallas Doctor Ivette Lozano Treating Patients w/ Hydroxychloroquine & Azithromycin” (13:54)

Credit: OpDis

(Video) POTUS TAKES HCQ: POTUS Says He Takes Preventive Measures – May 19, 2020

Source: FOX 10 Phoenix

May 18, 2020

President Trump revealed to reporters on Monday he’s taking hydroxychloroquine in an effort to prevent getting coronavirus, saying he’s been taking a pill every day for about a week and a half.

Video: “TRUMP TAKES Hydroxychloroquine: President Trump Says He Takes Preventive Measures” (5:00)


Hydroxychloroquine needs zinc to be effective against COVID-19 infection, doctor says