The Love of the Earth | Gaia via Pamela Kribbe — Voyages of Light – May 14, 2020


By Sitara, May 14, 2020

Pamela Kribbe channels Gaia


Feel the power of my love for you. You are my child, for I bear you as a mother. I want you to experience and accept me as a supporting energy in your life, but to not do that through your head and the thinking processes that you have been taught.

In its essence, my energy does not work in a determining and directive manner, but flows with a rhythm that is natural and spontaneous. Whenever your soul connects with me from a letting go into life, we then dance and experience life together.

You then connect your soul’s energy, your cosmic heart, with my earthly energy in a connection that flows from above to below, in full surrender to the great forces of life, both cosmic and earthly, and without the intervention of the head with its mental processes.

Source: Golden Age of Gaia

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Ashtara’s 5th message to Lightworkers – April 27, 2020 — Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

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(Dancing Dolphin)

Ashtara’s 5th message to Lightworkers – April 27, 2020

Ashtara from the New Jerusalem Starship
A Message to Lightworkers #5

Global Pandemic, Blended Children, Nova Gaia, Soul Contracts…

Received April 27, 2020

Hello, dear Lightworkers of Gaia, this is Ashtara.* It’s been awhile since I have reached out to you and I’m sorry about that. We have all been busy; you and I both. Well, let’s see if we can carve out some time to connect today, shall we? →

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David Wilcock: What’s Really Going On? (Part 2) — Notes w/ Slides by Kat – March 25, 2020

David Wilcock: What’s Really Going On? (Part 2) -- Notes w/ Slides by Kat

SourceDinar Chronicles | By Kat

David Wilcock: What’s Really Going On? Part 2 with Slides 3-23-20

Transcribed by Kat

A little about David Wilcock—his IQ puts him in the genius category, which gives him the ability to retain massive amounts of information.

David can remember every bit of everything he’s ever read or heard. He has an unparalleled grasp on the history of the illuminati, and he connects the dots for us in this masterful video that is a little over 5 hours. He takes us from the gold that was stolen in WWII, through many of the heroes of the resistance—Eisenhower and JFK—to Meg Anon and then Q. →

Video: “David Wilcock on The Great Pandemic II: What’s Really Going On? (NOW WITH SLIDES WORKING!)” (5:15:01) & Partly Transcript via OpDis


Nova Gaia via Galaxygirl | February 22, 2020 — Voyages of Light

Nova Gaia 2/22/2020

I am Nova Gaia. I offer, I extend the vibration of peace and joy to you grounded ones today. I love you so much. I embrace you in my love. There are many versions of me, just as there are many versions of you, reading these words. We have all been deeply involved in healing all of our aspects. I am most pleased and joyous to say that I have arrived fully at my 5th dimensional and higher state and I am fully embodying higher and higher light codes that I am now more able to share with you more fully, more completely. This has always been my intention to shower you with love, with blessings. For you to enjoy living in harmony and bliss with me. For that was the original plan and intention of Creator and this is the state of harmony and bliss that we are returning to. Much healing has had to take place on and within my body. I have fully healed in the state from which I speak. I extend love to this form of me, just as I encourage you all to do. Set the intention of healing for my form. The galactic family members are assisting in many hidden ways that are soon to be made widely known by many. Many will not see or be able to comprehend the true story and so they will either leave or settle for gradual truth, allowing their field to more fully comprehend over a time. Be gracious with them, for they have been so asleep, so wounded. →

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Message from the Eloheim via Galaxygirl, April 18, 2019

Message from the Eloheim (4/18/19) | Galaxygirl






We are Eloheim. You are a magnificent multi-dimensional being, currently lending your light to the Earth Project. You are masters in form. Do not be afraid to state this, to be this, to live this.

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Ascension and Symptoms with Lisa Renee, Rosie Neal, and David Wilcock — Era of Light – March 22, 2019

I hadn’t been able to account for how I’ve been feeling physically and emotionally until I checked in with my chums and Healer friends. But since so many of us are feeling similar symptoms, we’re putting them down to “Ascension shifts and Light Upgrades.”

Has anyone been feeling the following: Exhaustion, fuzzy head, physical aches and pains, intermittent weeping but not necessarily having a sad reason to weep, wooziness, weariness, diet shifts or digestion issues? Or just generally feeling whack?

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Father God: Higher Plan — Era of Light – May 19, 2018

My children, I love you all very much. And now is really the time for all of you to love yourself more. It’s time for you to fall in love with life. To love your life. To move forward in this grand adventure that is your life, in ways that will bring you the greatest…Read more

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