Name Me One Way ETs Have Saved This Planet – Part 2/2 – November 8, 2017

(Concluded today.)

The Galactics Can and Do Eliminate Depleted Uranium

Matthew Ward has been one of our best sources on our star family’s role in saving and healing this planet. He explained the issue of depleted uranium in 2007:

“(Regarding) the toxins the Illuminati put into the atmosphere, including depleted uranium fallout, the issue of current speculative concern [is] that the US government is exploding materials that produce DU radioactivity.

“First, I repeat what I have mentioned in several messages – the technology of your space brothers and sisters is ameliorating the effects of all pollutants, including radioactivity, to the greatest possible extent, and when it is safe for them to join forces with your environmentalists and scientists, they will completely eradicate all poisons in air, water and earth.” (1)



Name Me One Way ETs Have Saved This Planet – Part 1/2 – November 7, 2017



Let’s skip over nuclear missiles neutralized in flight and oil spills contained and dissipated.  (1)

Galactics (as I prefer to call them) eliminated the certain omnicidal threat of depleted uranium from this planet. I repeat: The planet-killing effect of depleted uranium.

Military strategists have known since World War Two that certain metals like tungsten increase the effectiveness of bullets, shells, and bombs.

By the late Sixties, they’d developed depleted-uranium armament, which could slice through a tank like butter.

What is it about DU that makes it a planet killer?