(Videos) Charlie Ward – Sept 13, 2020

Source: Charles Ward

Carley Ex NHS Nurse from Up North Tells Charlie Ward the Truth about What is Really Going on

Video(44:14): https://youtu.be/6FXpa-Ckiz8

BrownCryptoKid Answers Question about Blockchain and QFS

Video(1:02:09): https://youtu.be/G6JdKLz1eZM

Charlie Ward Australia Update and a Busy Week Upcoming 9-6-20 (Partially Transcribed by Kat) – Sept 7, 2020

Charlie Ward Australia Update and a Busy Week Upcoming 9-6-20 (Partially Transcribed by Kat)

Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Kat

Enclose below some snippets from Charlie Ward’s Sunday Chat today 9-6-20.

It was just himself, as he originally started on his iPhone back in March.

He updated us on the latest news in Australia.

Read more & video, partially transcribed by Kat: “Amazing Sunday with Charlie Ward” (14:51) via OpDis

(Video) Nurse Speaks Out, Empty Beds, and no Coronovirus Cases in Devon Hospitals UK | Humans Are Free – Aug 22, 2020

Clappers Updated

Humans Are Free | by Jason Liosatos Outside The Box – Aug 19, 2020

My talk this week with a Nurse in Devon UK who tells me there are no #Coronavirus #Covid19 cases in any of the big hospitals in Devon UK, yet there are still empty beds and people dying without treatment.

She also speaks of nurses having heart and breathing problems from compulsory face masks.

Video(27:34) via Nurse Speaks Out, Empty Beds, and no Coronovirus Cases in Devon Hospitals UK — Humans Are Free

Watch: Alan Dershowitz & Robert F Kennedy Jr. Have A Vaccine Debate | Collective Evolution – July 24, 2020


The Facts:

Alan Dershowitz and Robert F Kennedy had a vaccine debate regarding the safety of vaccines. It includes a discussion about the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine.

Reflect On:

Why is it that we never hear alternative views about vaccines on mainstream media? Why is vaccine information so censored if the truth is so clear?

(Collective Evolution)  Would it not have been serving to have seen this happen already? A vaccine discussion, between two sides with different perspectives. Made available for everyone to see in a big way – perhaps through mainstream media. Sure, Dershowitz and Kennedy are not physicians, they are lawyers by trade. However, just like it can happen for you, me or anyone else, you are able to read studies, explore research, understand how a vaccine works and what’s in it. You can then gain an educated perspective about vaccines. →

Read more & video: “Heated Vaccine Debate – Kennedy Jr. vs Dershowitz” (1:18:09) via — Collective Evolution

(Video) Whistleblower nurse exposes the hidden medical horror of COVID-19 “protocols” | NaturalHealth365 – June 18, 2020


(NaturalHealth365) Erin Marie Olszewski is a Floridian nurse who served for our country in Iraq. She served our country again, this time, on the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis in New York during the mass “outbreak” through April and May. After witnessing the atrocities of the government health system and how the virus was handled in public hospitals – she exposes what actually happened in New York. →

Read more & video: “New York Undercover Nurse Confirms COVID-19 Criminal Hoax” (1:10:35) via NaturalHealth365

FAUCIgate: OPERATION COVID-19 Point Man Tony Fauci Must Be Arrested and Prosecuted for Genocide | State of the Nation – May 13, 2020


COVID-1984 Co-Conspirator
Black Nobility Cabalist
Big Pharma’s Inside Man
Medical Mafia Godfather
Manchurian Candidate
Globalist Fearmonger
Democrat Operative
Agent of Deep State
C.I.A. Drug Dealer
NIH Corruptocrat
British Intel Asset
Cultural Marxist
Physician Fraud
NIAID Grifter
Jesuit Pawn

The Medical Mafia Don contemplates his next hit.

State of the Nation

May 11, 2020

Special Note: If the following exposé is to be properly understood,
this previously published investigative report is required reading:
COUP-IN-PROGRESS: Pelosi, the Mafia and the Black Nobility.


It doesn’t get any bigger that FAUCIgate.

How so?

Just look at what this capo di tutti i capi of the Medical Mafia — Dr. Anthony Fauci — has gotten away with since the beginning of this manufactured coronavirus pandemic and meticulously staged panic. →

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Tio-i-topp tiktok-videos från sjuksköterskor under coronakrisen | Top Ten Nurse Tik Tok Videos Revealed — VAKEN.se – 6 Maj, 2020

(VAKEN.se)  Owen och Savanah från Infowars visar de tio bästa tiktok-videosen under coronakrisen.

Video: “Top Ten Nurse Tik Tok Videos Revealed” (11:28) via — VAKEN.se

Donald Trump Says The Coronavirus Was “Artificially Induced” — Collective Evolution – April 8, 2020

(Collective Evolution)

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In a recent press conference, Donald Trump stated that the coronavirus was an “artificially induced” virus. You can view a clip of him saying it, here. Obviously, his comments are open to interpretation, and we’ve seen nothing but the ridicule of Donald Trump from mainstream media news sources since he took office. As a result, it’s hard for many people who tune in to these networks and use them as regular sources of information to take anything that he says seriously, at all. But Trump is not alone in his thoughts, that being said, again, it’s hard to really know exactly what he meant. This does not mean that we “support” Trump. In fact, the entire idea that someone who we supposedly elect can make any significant change on this planet is odd. We seem to put our power and faith into one person instead of realizing that we, humanity, ourselves, together, as one are the real solution. Electing and looking to one person for change seems to take the power away from ourselves, and place it into another. →

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Celia Farber on VAXXED II: The People’s Truth — NewsVoice – October 29, 2019

(NewsVoice.se)  I have now seen the much anticipated VAXXED ll: The People’s Truth, which hits theaters on November 6. I watched it last Friday night, starting out as a human being and winding up as a fossil of grief, immobilized. It’s now Monday night, and the words I need are still nowhere at hand. →

Read more & Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth | Official Trailer | 2019 (2:14)via Celia Farber on VAXXED II: The People’s Truth — NewsVoice.se

Red ALERT: Thousands of satellites being launched into space to blast 5G radiation, no safety studies — NaturalHealth365 – Aug 2, 2019

(NaturalHealth365) A ton of satellites are scheduled to orbit and saturate every inch of planet Earth with 5G radiation.  This “new” form of microwave technology will wreak havoc on human and environmental health.

In preparation for the worldwide rollout of 5G technology, 60 satellites have been launched from the Kennedy Space Center, and many more are projected to follow. But, while the telecommunications industry heralds the event as the beginning of a “new era of connectivity,” natural health experts point out that not a single safety study exists to explore the environmental and biological implications of 5G radiation.

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