(Full report) Benjamin Fulford 4/11/22 Report: Khazarian mafia leaders being systematically rounded up | Prepare For Change

Prepare For Change | By Edward Morgan

April 14, 2022

Source: https://benjaminfulford.net/

The world revolution against the Khazarian mafia is accelerating with the systematic round-up of top KM agents worldwide. At the same time, the KM is trying to shut down the internet, cause a starvation crisis and promote a fake alien invasion as it fights to survive.

Let us start with a look at all the prominent US and Western power brokers who have recently “tested positive for Covid” ie been arrested:

Full report: Benjamin Fulford 4/11/22 Report: Khazarian mafia leaders being systematically rounded up — Prepare For Change

While US STILL occupies Iraq going on 20 years, we’re condemning Russia for invading Ukraine | NaturalNews.com

Thursday, March 24, 2022 by: S.D. Wells

(Natural News) The world is now seeing the true conspiracy theorists: the ones who believed that jet fuel brought down the World Trade Center; the ones who believed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, when the Bush oil family went there to steal their oil and fund Dick Cheney’s military industrial complex, a.k.a. Haliburton; the ones who believed we needed to invade and occupy Afghanistan (for 20 years), while we steal their opium to make heroin-based painkillers for Americans, but we’re supposed to believe it was all about chasing down ONE GUY who supposedly lived near the Khyber pass, by the border of Pakistan, who used to work with the Central Intelligence Agency, who’s been dead for decade.

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VIDEO LIVE: Baby Cyrus Trafficked By CPS, Ukrainian Biolabs Target Whites, Blood Samples Sent Down Under

By Stew Peters Network  – Published March 17, 2022

Thursday on the Stew Peters Show, Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin agrees to intervene to save 10 month old baby Cyrus who being trafficked by the corrupt St. Luke’s Hospital.

Read more & video(59:00): https://rumble.com/vxp8g9-live-baby-cyrus-trafficked-by-cps-ukrainian-biolabs-target-whites-blood-sam.html

(Full Report) Benjamin Fulford 3/14/22 Geopolitical Report: As world distracted by Ukraine hysteria, big changes happened | Prepare For Change

By Edward Morgan – March 17, 2022


The incredible hysteria and lies being pumped out daily in the G7 Khazarian slave colonies’ propaganda media has distracted the world from truly historical changes. What we are witnessing is the end of a war that has been raging literally for thousands of years. The ancient group of Satan-worshipping families that controls the UN, the Worlds’ central banks, the fortune 500 transnational corporations and much more, are facing something they never expected: final defeat.

Full report & videos: https://prepareforchange.net/2022/03/17/benjamin-fulford-3-14-22-geopolitical-report-as-world-distracted-by-ukraine-hysteria-big-changes-happened/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=benjamin-fulford-3-14-22-geopolitical-report-as-world-distracted-by-ukraine-hysteria-big-changes-happened

As US government denies biological research in Ukraine, Russia exposes network of biolabs that began during the Obama-Biden administration | NaturalNews.com

Wednesday, March 16, 2022 by: Lance D Johnson

(Natural News) The US government denies that biological research is taking place in Ukraine, yet Russia is currently exposing a network of biolabs that began during the Obama-Biden administration. Former President Barack Obama previously toured and spoke about these Ukrainian biolabs, which were set up under the humanitarian pretenses of the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction program.

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FACT CHECK: The Ukrainian bioweapons labs are REAL | NaturalNews.com

Thursday, March 10, 2022 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) It is now officially confirmed that the Pentagon is operating a network of bioweapons laboratories throughout Ukraine, which explains at least in part why Russia invaded the country.

Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland told a Senate committee the other day that Ukraine has “biological research facilities” that the United States military-industrial complex is worried might now be taken over or destroyed by Vladimir Putin.

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Biden’s, Obama’s, Clinton’s and the CIA’s Seal Team Six and Benghazi Massacres

BEFORE IT´S NEWS | By Judy Byington – September 21, 2021

Obama, Biden, Clinton and the CIA appeared to have master minded the Seal Team Six and Benghazi Massacres, a presumed fake killing of Bin Laden, plus laundered through Iran $1.5 Billion US taxpayer dollars that went to terrorists.

Read more: https://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2021/09/bidens-obamas-clintons-and-the-cias-seal-team-six-and-benghazi-massacres-3244790.html

Video: Mel K & Documentarian, Author Joel Gilbert Discuss Race, Obama, BLM and Todays Nonsense 5-28-2021

By THE MEL K SHOW | First published at 09:40 UTC on May 28th, 2021.

Mel is joined by documentarian, author and brave warrior for truth Joel Gilbert to assess where we as a society sit now as we approach the precipice. #godwins

Video(55:35): https://www.bitchute.com/video/taai37MG0R75/


Forbidden Knowledge TV – February 23, 2021


Pictures of President Obama when he was young and with his mother, at the airport, with his grandparents on the bench and many other pictures; those pictures are all photoshopped……

Video(7:53) & transcript: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/juan-o-savin-the-real-story-of-the-obamas-and-epstein/


Dr Charlie Ward | First published at 19:26 UTC on January 7th, 2021.

Video(12:19): https://www.bitchute.com/video/TpeJolKiqDMq/