(Video) X22 Report: Episode 1968 – Destruction of the Old Economic System, Prosecutions On Deck – September 12, 2019

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We Are Witnessing The Destruction Of The Old Economic System & A Birth Of A New One – Episode 1968a

The MSM/establishment are using the same tactics on BJ as they are doing with Trump, they are saying that he lied to the Queen in regard to suspending parliament, BJ says he did not. The ECB cut rates and implemented stimulus, Trump wants the same thing, hits the Fed again. We are watching the destruction of the old economic system and the birth of a new one, the US is now becoming energy independent.


Prosecutions On Deck, This Is Just The Beginning, [DS] Pain Coming – Episode 1968b

The [DS] is feeling the pain, they are pushing impeachment, but this will fail. The IG released the Comey report, that was the first wave, Flynn’s attorney is asking for everything, he will be set free. McCabe is going to be indicted, prosecutions are now on deck. Trump wins against SF Fed Judge on asylum. Trump sends message to the [DS] in the middle east, Brennan responds. Each wave the [DS] will panic and feel pain. When it reaches the top remember Obama can still be impeached.


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(Video) Utsava Psychic Medium: Epstein is alive,Dumb and Dumber-the trap is set.Bitcoin,Gold and more! – August 28, 2019

Utsava Psychic Medium
Published on Aug 14, 2019

Learn the truth about Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘suicide’, about gangstalking and targeted individuals. Utsava has the pulse on politics and financial markets while for years, she has made incredibly accurate predictions which all came to pass! Learn why the Deep state’s democrats’ ideas of being tolerant is nonsense, more information on Gold, Stocks, Bitcoin and the Reset. Learn. about the threat from China for the US-about AI, energy weapons and gangstalking. Get to know solutions to the problems so you can protect yourself. →

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Your TV is spying on you; globalists are child-traffickers; Google is targeting conservatives; and other truths we’ve long warned about that are all coming true — NaturalNews.com – August 25, 2019

(Natural News) In case you haven’t noticed, so much of what Natural News has predicted over the years is not only now coming true, but is also now being reported by the mainstream media. This proves, once again, that many of the so-called “conspiracy theories” that the independent media is often accused of spreading are actually just cutting-edge truth bombs being dropped long before the establishment chooses to take notice of them.

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(Videos) X22 Report: Episode 1950 – Recession Narrative, Military Timing – August 22, 2019

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Did You Catch It, Recession Narrative, It’s Happening – Episode 1950a

The statistical economy is booming, unemployment low, gdp number high, stock market booming, jobless claims have dropped, and the MSM is talking about a recession. The [CB] is in a panic, they are being exposed. Trump is showing the people that there is no need for them. Trump is prepping the people for the transition, he just told everyone and China is the cover story. The [CB] is the target.

Video: https://youtu.be/7milIyF6UV4

Ammunition Used, Failed, Wait For It, Military Timing – Episode 1950b

The CEO of Overstock resigned. Obama’s are purchasing a multi-million dollar mansion. JW is in court fighting [HRC]. Guards are subpoenaed in the JE case. Red flag laws fizzles in senate. Federal Court Rules Electoral College Members Not Bound by Popular Vote. The Philly man was an FBI informant. This entire operation has been planned from the beginning, look at what had to be done at each stage. It’s coming, military timing.

Video: https://youtu.be/mCSVBPE1nWk

(Videos) X22 Report: Episode 1949 – Central Banks Panicking, Public Roll out of DECLAS – August 21, 2019

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[CB]s Around The World Are Panicking, Think Mirror – Episode 1949a

Fed cuts rates and existing home sales break a 16 month losing streak. The [CB]s are in a deep panic, they understand what is happening, Trump is pushing rate cuts and stimulus, this will keep the economy going but destroy the [CB] system. Trump understands the plans of the [DS] push recession and hopefully people are scared enough to cause one, this will fail, once the rate cuts and stimulus are implemented people will see the market takeoff.


Message Decoded, Public Rollout Of Declass, Complete Transparency – Episode 1949b

The patriots are now dropping carpet bombs, a few at time, this is the warm up. Graham sits down with Barr, discussed public rollout. Maxwell photo decoded. Obama has a meeting set in Denmark, think Greenland. Trump decides we don’t need more background checks. Trump ready to add parameters around the Flores law. Carpet bombs will turn into the MOAB, complete transparency coming, the people need to read the documentation.


Insider: Jeffrey Epstein var en Mossad-agent som arrangerade honeytraps — NewsVoice.se – 10 Augusti, 2019


INSIDER. Den pedofilanklagde “miljardären” Jeffrey Epstein begick idag självmord i häktet, enligt massmedierna, men insidern Steve Pieczenik säger att Jeffrey Epstein i själva verket var rekryterad av den israeliska underrättelsetjänsten, Mossad, för flera decennier sedan. Hans uppdrag var att arrangera “honey traps” åt Mossad för individer inom den amerikanska eliten.

Läs mera & video: “OPUS 167 Mossad Epstein Connection” (7:18) via Insider: Jeffrey Epstein var en Mossad-agent som arrangerade honeytraps — NewsVoice

(Video) [DS], [MSM] Are Taking The Bait, It’s All About Exposure – Episode 1907 — July 3, 2019

(X22 Report) The US economy is now split into two different economies, one is the old [CB] economy which is imploding, you can see this with the current information. The other economy is being created and it will be a people’s economy backed by sound money, both economies are running parallel to each other and when time the is right we will transition. Trump just nominate two individuals for the Fed, to bring in sound money and to keep the [CB] going long enough to usher in the new economy.

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