Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, August 17th, 2019 –

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

This message is going to be short because we want to honor the channel. She is in need of rest and yet she wants so very much to get the weekly message to to all of you. She has been going through some very tough and courageous growth these past few weeks. We’re going to let her explain that to all of you in her own words and we are asking her not to delete this paragraph.

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Steve Beckow — The Cabal and the Galactics, According to Adamu – August 9, 2019

The Cabal and the Galactics, According to Adamu

August 9, 2019

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

In the course of researching Subs Under America, (1) I came across a passage from Adamu that is so illuminating that I “have to” repost the quote in its entirety.

We tend to think in terms of fads and fashions, trends and obsolescence. So a passage like this from 2009 may be considered passé, yesterday’s knowledge.

But there’s no time for the galactics, as Adamus said: “Our consciousness resides outside of space and time.” (2) The past, present, and future are equally available to them.

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What all Elite know that you Don’t — Want to Stop them? Redirect your Power! – July 11, 2019

What All elite Know That You Don’t. Want to stop them? Redirect Your Power!

This is the True Walk Away Movement

By TFJaxen, Submitted to Operation Disclosure

A note by the author:

This message is for all. Especially all those who work for the major corporations and all the government agencies worldwide from local to global. This is for the journalist and wanna-be truth tellers. I believe we would all agree that life on this planet is ready for a massive change. From the individual to the community to the world we must change the way we have been unknowingly consenting to our own downfall. How? By allowing someone else, some agency to lay claim to our very Being. Until We stand up and Claim our own Being and the right to direct it as We Will, we will continue to crawl through life. It is time to stand up and walk away from the beliefs that has led to too much destruction. That’s not what this planet or Our Lives were created for. Time to walk, or maybe run towards that which values all Life. Your Life depends on it.

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Mira of the Pleiades: The Beauty that is Unfolding — Era of Light – July 10, 2019

mira of the pleiades eraoflightdotcom

Greetings, I am Mira. I speak today through the screen of truth, unfiltered so you will have something with which to work. Gone are the days of distortion. There is ➤➤

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Mike Quinsey Channels His Higher Self, July 5th, 2019

5th July 2019. Mike Quinsey. 

I would like to introduce this week’s message with an extract from one of Kryon’s recent messages, as in my opinion it is monumental in its implications.

“I follow the God inside and that is pure, and everything that I control with the intent to listen to the voice and be that thing that is in line with the Creative Source, which is in me and talks to me, and that is why I am not going to age much anymore, because I dropped my karma and I am in control”

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Awakening your Angelic Body of Love | Archangel Michael via Natalie Glasson — Voyages of Light – July 5, 2019

Awakening Your Angelic Body of Love by Archangel Michael

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I am Archangel Michael; I extend my blessings and love to you now from the depths of my soul, allow yourself the freedom to bathe in my light and the love I wish to embrace you with. I, Archangel Michael, am the angelic representative of the first ray of light holding the Creator’s will and divine plan, alongside Archangel Faith my feminine aspect. Archangel Faith is present as I connect with you and you may wish to ask her energies to blend with your own assisting you in enhancing your inner faith in yourself and all that is the Creator. Archangel Faith is waiting to assist you and will only ever share with you the purest vibration of love.

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Message of the Moment From Horus via Nancy Tate – July 1, 2019

(The Tree of the Golden Light)

07-01-19: If there is anything that you want to know about what is taking place around this world, first go within and ask why you want to know, and why you are seeing what is outside of you and not seeing that it is not what you are creating within yourself. That is what will tell you that you already know why what is taking place around the world will be continuing to affect you and how you can change that if you desire to. Your world is how you create it, and as you realize that, you will find that there are no questions as to how it is for you, only realizations as to how you can continue to create it in your light and how you can enjoy or change it in any way that you feel to create it. This is the time for you all to be the creator of your world, and join with others who reconcile their ways in the way that is in harmony with yours. We are all one, in the ways that we all choose to be in harmony. That is what brings Peace, Joy and Harmony to our lives, and brings about the knowledge that we are living in the Power of Love. I am Horus, and I live in harmony with all of you. We are the Love that we feel and Live.

SourceThe Tree of the Golden Light