Woman Fights Back Against Charges for Using Cannabis to Treat Her Illness—and She WON — The Free Thought Project – November 3, 2019

(The Free Thought Project)  Marshall County, TN — In millions of instances across the ostensible Land of the Free, people from young to old have their lives turned upside down and ruined after they are caught in possession of a plant. Despite marijuana being legal in a growing number of states, marijuana arrests actually increased in 2018. The low hanging fruit of arresting entirely harmless and innocent marijuana users provides for a constant stream of revenue and justifies the existence of the police state and predatory court system. One woman in Tennessee, however, just showed us all what can happen when you refuse to lay down and let the bureaucratic gear of tyranny grind you to pieces when the government catches you with weed. →

Read more & NewsChannel 5 video: “Tennessee woman challenges cannabis charges and wins” (2:46) via — The Free Thought Project