Massive Orbs Captured From Chicago Apartment Over Lake Michigan 21-Mar-2021 | Latest UFO sightings

Latest UFO sightings – March 24, 2021

This strange UFO activity was filmed from an apartment near Lake Michigan in Chicago on 21st March 2021.

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(Video) UFO released orbs over Utica, New York 3-Sep-2020 | Latest UFO sightings – Sept 5, 2020

Latest UFO Sightings

This video was submitted to MUFON today. Alleged UFO is releasing some kind of orbs in the sky above Utica in New York. This was filmed on 3rd September 2020.

Video via UFO released orbs over Utica, New York 3-Sep-2020 — Latest UFO sightings

UFOs/ORBs flying over Budapest, Hungary 7-Nov-2018 — Latest UFO sightings


Check out this new footage filmed over Budapest on 7th November 2018. Witness report: Filmed from phone onto iPad. Live feed via EarthCam orbs over […] The post UFOs/ORBs flying over Budapest, Hungary 7-Nov-2018 appeared first on Latest UFO sightings……Read more & video

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Making Contact – Asleep & Awake ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – July 31, 2018

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been establishing contact with many of you, while you are asleep. Some of you are able to perceive these interactions in dreams and others of you are unable to determine who or what you are making contact with. We are not the only ones who are reaching out in this way to those of you who are open to these types of interactions. There are many beings and many collectives who want very much to assist humanity, and the best way that we can do that is by reaching out.

We want to normalize these types of experiences for all of you. We want you all to be talking to each other about the experiences that you are having. We want you to compare notes. We want there to be an open conversation about non-physical beings, orbs, extra-terrestrial beings, and other supernatural phenomena.

We take all of this very seriously because we are helping you to make progress, and we are absolutely excited to see the next leap that you will make as a collective. We are eager to connect with you more openly, in your waking states, but not all of you are ready for that type of interaction. All of you have the ability to channel, however, in order to make connections with high frequency beings like ourselves while in the waking state, you need to ready your consciousness.

You need to expose yourselves to high frequency transmissions, like this one, on a regular basis. And in fact, this is one of the primary reasons why some of you feel so attracted to them. These transmissions are readying you for your channeling experiences, and those experiences are imminent. You cannot hold back for much longer that which is knocking at your door.

There are streams and streams of energies and consciousnesses that want to connect with you, that want to make this a bigger party, and that want very much to invite you in to the galactic family that we all truly are. We are but some of the ambassadors, and we know that many of you are willing to be Earth’s ambassadors. These are very exciting times indeed.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Source: Daniel Scranton

Chemtrails – May 20, 2018

Hi all

Today (May 20, 2018) the Swedish criminal cabal ruled government with criminal cabal pilots have down the sky with chemtrails. It was a very beatiful morning with a blue sky no clouds, no chemtrails then it started again. White Hats and the Alliance why don´t you stop the cabal and this poisoning of Humanity and Mother Earth? This is High Treason. Location: Northern parts of Stockholm County, Sweden.  /TheLightHasWon

“What Most People Call “Chemtrails” Could Kill Tens of Thousands of People, Says Harvard Professor” Read more at: Collective Evolution






Sky-Watcher caught Being-Plasma Ball traveling through Space — March 3, 2018

A sky-watcher David S captured a strange phenomenon through his telescope on the evening of March 2, 2018 around 9.30 pm using a Canon powershot camera with a Celestron 130 telescope with an 18 mm eyepiece and a 2x barlow lens. The short footage shows a strange object that looks like a kind of transparent plasma…Read more & video

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Cosmic Disclosure: Zuni Disclosure with Clifford Mahooty — October 3, 2017

David Wilcock: All right, welcome to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock, and we have a special extravaganza for you: indigenous wisdom from none other than Clifford Mahooty. And here also with me to join in this exciting discussion is Corey Goode. Corey, welcome to the show. Corey Goode: Thank you. David: Clifford, welcome to…..Read more

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Chemtrails – UFO- Objects – Orbs – May 6, 2017

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When i zoomed in yesterday’s chemtrails photos( i found these ufo -object -orbs. Click and enlarge to view in full size. Unfortunately the resolution it´s not the best because I do not have a super camera nor a super computer. According to Steve Beckow in a channeled message from Archangel Michael via Linda Dillon he said that the Galactic Federation clean these toxic chemtrails since 2013. The UFOs – Objects – Orbs on the below photos are well proof of this?
In any case i would like to take the opportunity to thank Galactic Federation, space Brothers and space Sisters, I love you! 

Love, light and peace to all of you! TheLightHasWon









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