Chauvin/Floyd (False Flag): Breakdown by Ronald F Owens Jr — Timothy Charles Holmseth REPORTS – June 8, 2020

by Ronald F Owens Jr – June 8, 2020

A former CIA officer, a New York alternative journalist, and a Missourian running for Congress said it was a lie.

Robert David Steele said all these riots in the United States, overseas, Berlin and elsewhere are false flag operations.

“It is absolutely certain now that the cop and the alleged murdered guy were both —basically paid provocateurs,” Steele said. “This is a false flag operation.”

Young Pharaoh, a knowledgeable truth teaching YouTuber, noted the video shown from across the street of Derek Chauvin kneeing George Floyd on the neck does not show the person standing on the sidewalk video recording the incident. →

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(Video) Robert David Steele: Riots as Sedition, NSA and OSA as Solution, Restoring Made in America & America the Beautiful – June 4, 2020

Robert David Steele is a former US Marine, CIA spy, and co-founder of the US Marine Corps Intelligence Activity.

SourceRobert David Steele

June 1, 2020

President Trump has lost the media narrative, in part because he still does not have loyal effective intelligence and counterintelligence.

In this short video former CIA spy, Robert David Steele discusses the riots (paid provocateurs, Somalis funded by George Soros, and dumb asses) that have been uniformly condemned by authentic black leaders that the President is NOT in touch with: authentic black leaders with grassroots depth and breadth.

Steele proposes that he get Bill Binney back into NSA immediately — with 100 people in 30 days Binney can nap all traitors including domestic seditionists and US Government officials (deep state) actively betraying the President and their Oaths of office. →

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