VIDEO: Peter Maxwell Slattery – As You Wish Talk Radio | James Gilliland — ECETI Stargate

By ECETI Stargate Official YouTube Channel – Premiered Oct 10, 2021

Friend of the Show Peter Maxwell Slattery Joins James Gilliland to discuss the upcoming release of the much anticipated Documentary Film “Multidimensional”

Releasing Digitally October 18th 2021!

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David Zublick Channel | First published at 21:22 UTC on July 14th, 2021.

How can you recognize the difference between demons, shadow people and negative earthbound spirits? June Lundgren discusses each of these creatures, weaknesses, fears, appearances, abilities and how to get rid of them…if possible. Ginny Silcox talks about the dangers of 5G. Dr. James Fetzer continues his foray on how to spot a false flag. Mel K talks news of the day. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost! Watch the full show at!


John Petersen with Robert Steele on Consciousness, Extraterrestrials, Free Energy, and More (Video, 31:23) – January 15, 2020

Robert David STEELE Vivas #UNRIG

John Petersen, one of America’s foremost futurists with a huge international following because of his ability to anticipate the unexpected, is also one of the pioneers investigating and publicizing the potential of humanity to achieve global consciousness, restore paranormal capabilities, and engage with stellar civilization (what some call extraterrestrials). Robert Steele calls him the Lewis & Clark of the extraordinary.

Video: “John Petersen Talks Consciousness, Extraterrestrials, and Free Energy | Robert David Steele”

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“There Is Someone In There” – Professor Presents Remarkable Evidence of Plant Consciousness — Collective Evolution – August 3, 2019


When it comes to the topic of consciousness, it’s something, in my opinion, all living life forms posses. Including plants, and I believe there is conclusive evidence for that. In fact, the question of whether consciousness is something that resides outside of the brain, or is a product of it, has long been the subject of scientific debate. Parapsychological studies, which have gone through rigorous testing and according to statistics professor, Dr Jessica Utts at UC Irvine, have tighter controls than any other area of science, hint to the idea that consciousness is not solely located within us. This is evident by the fact that humans have the ability to “perceive” remote locations regardless of geographical distance (remote viewing) and it’s also evident by the fact that human thoughts and intentions can alter physical material reality at a distant location, at both the quantum level and at the human level.

Read more & video: “Monica Gagliano – Plant Intelligence and the Importance of Imagination In Science | Bioneers” (24:58) via “There Is Someone In There” – Professor Presents Remarkable Evidence of Plant Consciousness — Collective Evolution

UFOs: The Uncontrolled Narrative – FULL MOVIE – October 30, 2018

The Uncontrolled Narrative is about the UFO cover up, and how the real disclosure comes from the people.
Featuring James Gilliland, John Vivanco, Teresa Yanaros, Jimmy Church, Jordan Sather, Mary Rodwell, Clifford Mahooty, Greg Sullivan, Peter Maxwell Slattery, Billy Carson, Steve Murillo, Cathy Whittenburg Leidall and Kenzie Kazme.
Released 24th of August 2018
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UFO & Disclosure Update — Latest UFO sightings – February 26, 2018

Ben Emlyn-Jones is a former hospital porter and current on line radio broadcaster, vlogger and blogger. His now independent show “HPANWO Radio” has been broadcast […] The post UFO & Disclosure Update appeared first on Latest UFO sightings…..Read more & “HPANWO Radio”

UFO & Disclosure Update — Latest UFO sightings

10 Most Mysterious Secret Societies(videos) – May 27, 2017

Secret societies

Who rules the world? The global elite, bankers, politicians, or religion? Well, the world is ruled by powerful and dangerous secret societies. Powerful because their members occupy virtually every seat of power: from the corridors of government to the boardrooms of Wall Street. Dangerous because they carry out bizarre rituals and conduct their business behind…

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