Our “Yes” to a New World Now is What Creates it, Focusing Solstice Energy for Positive Change | Parisse Deza — Voyages of Light – December 19, 2020

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Our “Yes” To A New World Now Is What Creates It – Focusing Solstice Energy For Positive Change

By Parisse Deza

We’re in the end zone of the year 2020 now. As the last bits of its energy fade off in time, the Sun seeds a new solar year in the womb space of solstice silence and stillness. There is peace and quiet inside and out.

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Official Donald J. Trump July 4th Full Moon Eclipse and How to Celebrate it | Parisse Deza — Voyages of Light – July 4, 2020

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The Official Donald J. Trump July 4th Full Moon Eclipse And How To Celebrate It

By Parisse Deza
July 2, 2020

“Trump says he looks like the Lone Ranger in a mask – and likes it.” – world-wide headline, 7/2/20

I am dedicating this very auspicious July 4th full moon eclipse to “The Freedom Ranger,” Donald J. Trump, in recognition of his fulfilling the mission and purpose of the united States as initiated by the signing of the Declaration of Independence, interrupted by the corporate cabal, acted upon vigorously by John F. Kennedy who died for his efforts which have been resurrected by the Freedom Ranger, and which are being brought to fruition now by us all. →

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Why Protesting is Not Enough: On the Nationwide Protests against the Freedom Lockdown | Parisse Deza — Voyages of Light – April 28, 2020

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By Parisse Deza, April 28, 2020

No single person, including the President of the United States, should ever be given the power to make a medical decision for potentially millions of Americans. Freedom over one’s physical person is the most basic freedom of all, and people in a free society should be sovereign over their own bodies. When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we in essence accept that the state owns our bodies. — Dr. Ron Paul

It’s been a lockdown on freedom, with globalists using fear of death as the panic button to get us to relinquish our right to move freely in our world. And if we’re not sufficiently scared by that, we are threatened with harm. Does the state own us, or do we?

Here are two websites organizing protests for May 1 at all state capitols at once:

https://americanrevolution2.org/ https://www.openthestates.com/

In part, I am utterly delighted that Americans everywhere have finally had it with the pathetic, anti-scientific, destructive actions taken by state and city officials to try to close down life because they were told to by criminals. The acts of these officials, and the public who followed them like sheep, will go on record as the stupidest, most detrimental reaction ever on the planet. The CDC, the pseudo-doctor with a proven criminal track record of forty years Fauci, the WHO, Bill Gates, et al, are now being exposed as what they are – globalist, psychopath, eugenics specialists – as real doctors, scientists, researchers, and journalists from all over the world are shouting out the factual numbers about the bug, and the real medical science about the immune system being compromised by social distancing, and the fact that artificial e-m radiation, especially 5G, interferes with the human body’s ability to use oxygen properly and that this is directly connected to “covid-19”. →

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Epidemiology Debunks ‘Distancing’ and a Call for the Return to Sovereignty | Parisse Deza — Voyages of Light – April 15, 2020

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By Parisse Deza, April 13, 2020

Dear Friends and Fellow Sovereigns,

Below are excerpts I transcribed from a recent interview with NY epidemiologist Dr. Knut Wittkowski, who has done modeling of epidemics for thirty-five years. He explains why “herd immunity” is necessary to end respiratory epidemics, and that social distancing is keeping that from happening. Social distancing is lengthening the epidemic, harming more people, and virtually insuring there will be a ‘second wave’ later on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=lGC5sGdz4kg&feature=emb_logo

Important Note:

I originally compiled this as part of a conversation I am attempting to have with a town council member here in Sedona about how unscientifically and irrationally the situation has been handled. I request conscious individuals everywhere share this, and any other relevant information, with your local authorities and friends to help bring rational energy into play in our greater field, as most people are making reactionary decisions based on fear and false science…….. →

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