Massivt avslöjande: Coronavirus, PCR-tester och injektioner – allt var redan patenterat | NewsVoice

NewsVoice | Text och översättning: Torbjörn Sassersson – 16 Juli, 2021

CORONAKRISEN. Dr David Martin som är risk-management-expert sammanställer i en video inför den tyska advokaten Reiner Fuellmich sina fynd efter att han granskat tusentals patent sedan början av 2000-talet gällande covidvaccininjektioner. Han namnger flera företag, universitet, DARPA och statliga enheter som aktörer.

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Processen för godkännande av vaccin följs inte. Processkonsult Bertil Lindqvist i Swebbtv Vetenskap nr 21 | SwebbTV

SwebbTV – 13 Mars, 2021

Vacciner mot Covid-19 togs hastigt fram och utan sedvanliga prövningar menar processkonsult inom läkemedelsindustrin Bertil Lindqvist. Han berättar för Mikael Willgert om rutiner för kvalitetsgranskning av vacciner och läkemedel med fokus på pandemin. Kanske har USA:s regering nu utövat påtryckningar på sina myndigheter och läkemedelsbolag säger Bertil Lindqvist i detta uppseendeväckande samtal med flera avslöjanden.

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CDC Applied For Secret Coronavirus Patent In 2003 | GreatGameIndia

GreatGameIndia – December 14, 2020

The American CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) applied for Coronavirus patent after the February 2003 outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in China, to control “100% of the cash flow that built the empire around the industrial complex of coronavirus.”

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COVID Rules till 2030 — The Final Wakeup Call

Social and human relations are being confiscated

Covid has nothing to do with your health

Not Allow Politicians to Dictate Science

Protection from Pandemics Does Not Come from a Syringe 

UK Supreme Court Judge Slams ‘Totalitarian” COVID “Control Freaks”

What No One Tells about Lockdowns

PCR Test Results Are Meaningless says Inventor

Source: The Final Wakup Call – December 9, 2020

Covid-19 is the Deep State’s Great Reset Defining Your Future 

It promises a horrifying future as at least 90% of the surviving population will be eliminated. George Orwell in his in 1948 published book “1984” wrote about in detail.

This is your final wake up call; COVID 19(84) is a big lie needed to enact big pharma sponsored coup that is now unfolding around us. Governments never act in people’s best interest, while Parliaments or Congress have never been self-governing and have made themselves legally unaccountable. The Corona virus act is unconstitutional, unlawful and passed without our consent. Your sovereignty has been illegally taken away and must be reverted back. Continue Reading → The Final Wakeup Call

Nederlands: COVID Heerst tot 2030

Sociale en humane relaties zijn inbeslaggenomen Covid heeft niets te maken met je gezondheid Niet toestaan dat politici de wetenschap dicteren Bescherming tegen pandemieën komt niet uit een injectiespuit  UK Suprême Court Judge Veroordeelt ‘Totalitair” COVID “Control Freaks” Wat niemand…Continue Reading →

Deutsch: COVID Herrschaft bis 2030

Soziale und menschliche Beziehungen wurden beschlagnahmt Covid hat nichts mit Ihrer Gesundheit zu tun Lassen Sie nicht zu, dass Politiker die Wissenschaft diktieren Schutz vor Pandemien kommt nicht aus der Spritze  Richter am Obersten Gerichtshof des Vereinigten Königreichs verurteilt “totalitäre”…Continue Reading →

Attorney Lin Wood: The People Are Going To Be Shocked At Level Of Pedophilia And Satanic Worship | HAF

Attorney Lin Wood The People Are Going To Be Shocked At Level Of Pedophilia And Satanic Worship

HAF – November 22, 2020

Attorney Lin Wood:

“Look, I’d like to see in a perfect world, John Durham’s report come out and people go to jail. I’d like to see Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and a lot of people go to jail. I’d like to see what’s on Hunter Biden’s laptop. I’d like to see those people go to jail. I’d like to see what’s on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. I’d like to see a lot of people go to jail.

“And then when we get to the final phase of the election fraud I’d like to see people go to jail. The one thing I’ll say is there’ll be an intermingling. There will be people going to jail I believe who are involved in all of those or some of those same investigations.

Read more & video(54:14): “BOMBSHELL VOTER FRAUD REVEALED!!! | Lin Wood Exposes Voter Fraud and Shares How Kyle Rittenhouse…”

Fear induced financial crash | The [F]inal [W]akeup [C]all

Covid Hoax is psychological warfare
Economic destruction
Central Bank Money Printing Funds the Rich
People are Slave Workers on the Plantation
COVID-19 is Fear and Hysteria
Counterfeit money transfers real wealth

By The [F]inal [W]akeup [C]all – Oct 21, 2020

Not about saving Lives, but to implement the New World Order

The fake pandemic constitutes an act of economic warfare against humanity which has resulted in global poverty and mass unemployment. It has ground business to a halt, while Politicians are lying. Neither the lockdown nor the closing down of national economies constitute a solution to the public health crisis. Why are politicians deceitful?

They are the corrupt political instruments of the financial establishment including the “Ultra-rich philanthropists” like George Soros, Bill Gates, etc. Their task is to carry out their global economic restructuring project which consists in freezing economic activity Worldwide. Continue Reading →

Fear induced financial crash — The Final Wakeup Call

Nederlands: Angst leidt de financiële crash

Covid Hoax is psychologische oorlogsvoering Economische vernietiging Central Bank drukt het geld voor de Rijken Mensen zijn slavenarbeiders op de plantage COVID-19 is Angst en Hysteria Nepgeld draagt ​wel echte rijkdom over   Het gaat niet om redden van levens, maar…Continue Reading →

Deutsch: Angst führt zum finanziellen Absturz

Covid Hoax ist psychologische Kriegsführung Wirtschaftliche Zerstörung Die Zentralbank druckt das Geld für die Reichen Menschen sind Sklavenarbeiter auf der Plantage COVID-19 ist angst und Hysterie Falschgeld überträgt also echten Reichtum   Es geht nicht um Leben zu retten, sondern…Continue Reading →

Atomic Bombshell: We Have Proof That Rothschilds Patented Covid-19 Biometric Tests in 2015 and 2017 | HAF

Atomic Bombshell We Have Proof That Rothschilds Patented Covid 19 Biometric Tests In 2015 And 2017

HAF – Oct 14, 2020 | by Silviu “Silview” Costinescu

It’s not disputable, since the information comes from official patent registries in the Netherlands and US. And we have all the documentation.

As we’ve shown in previous exposes, the whole Covidiocracy is a masquerade and a simulation long prepared by The World Bank / IMF / The Rothschilds / World Economic Forum (basically the world’s “elite”, the 0.1%) and their lemmings, with Rockefeller partnership.

Our newest discoveries further these previous revelations.

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New Docs: NIH Owns Half of Moderna Vaccine | Prepare For Change – July 13, 2020

Prepare For Change | By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman, Children’s Health Defense

New documents obtained by Axios and Public Citizen suggest that the National Institute of Health (NIH) owns half the key patent for Moderna’s controversial COVID vaccine and could collect half the royalties. In addition, four NIH scientists have filed their own provisional patent application as co-inventors. Little known NIH regulations let agency scientists collect up to $150,000.00 annually in royalties from vaccines upon which they worked. These rules are recipes for regulatory corruption. →

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Lennart Fröderberg: Bill Gates – en antifilantrop? | NewsVoice – 6 Juli, 2020

Lennart Fröderberg – privat foto

(NewsVoice)  DEBATT. Är det inte lite märkligt att Bill Gates personliga nettoförmögenhet ökat med 65 miljarder dollar under de tio år han verkat som ”filantrop” och under samma period ”skänkt” minst 9,2 miljarder dollar till olika globala filantropiinitiativ? →

Läs mer & video: “Dependent Mass Media, Concerted Mass Politics and Mandatory Mass V*xine Policy” (4:02) via — NewsVoice