8 Minutes at 8PM: Highest Vision of Peace for the Middle East – December 11, 2017

Voice of Freedom.ca

Please join us for 8 minutes at 8PM every night for peace on Gaia — the alignment — as above, so below.

Sanat Kumara:

“. . . the Light is pouring down, and that Light is filled with Michael’s Blue Flame of Truth, of Justice, and of Peace.”

From our hearts, sending to the Middle East:

“. . . that sense of peace.” (1)


Please join us 8 @ 8

being the highest vision

of  joy and Love, peace

for the Middle East,

for all of Gaia.




(1) “Sanat Kumara Explains the 3rd Universal Law of Within & Without, Above & Below,” channeled by Linda Dillon for the Council of Love, August 31, 2013, at

Source: goldenageofgaia.com