Daily Message ~ Thursday June 22, 2017


Dear Ones, as you are in the process of co-creating, there may be some twists and turns in the unfoldment. This does not mean things are wrong in any way!

Occasionally it will be necessary to pause to allow other elements to fall into place. Sometimes you will find yourself inexplicably stalled or delayed in one place because your energy is required there. Or sometimes you may be rerouted momentarily because there is an opportunity for you to make an intersection with another person that will benefit you both. There is always a purpose to your circumstances that serves you.

So trust. Accept. Find peace wherever you are. Hold your vision, follow your heart, and know that you are doing a marvellous job. ~Archangel Gabriel


Montague Keen Via Veronica Keen, June 18th, 2017

What you and your team unravelled in the last 10 days will help unburden humanity. When minds are open to working with the spirit side of life, the sky is the limit. It helps you to break free of oppression….Read more

via Montague Keen Via Veronica Keen, June 18th, 2017 — Sananda

The Portal – Vacuum Metastability Event – June 22, 2017

 Monday, June 12, 2017

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces have completed “certain operations“ and are now intensively dissolving the head of the Yaldabaoth entity.
The head is positioned within the plasma anomaly accretion vortex close to the surface of planet Earth with its outer edge about 3 Earth radii from the planetary center, as it is described here in detail:

Channeled Message(excerpt)

One Who Serves via James McConnell, May 14th, 2017



“Q:  Can you give us an update on Montauk, Long Island after we had the Advance.

OWS: Yes we are glad that you brought this up. We could not bring it up unless somebody else did. But yes, your experience over the Advance had a great deal of effect, you are correct in that area as you were told in that time. But it also continued to have more of an effect: as a result there are meditations that are being geared toward this same thing that you did. Not in the same way but in focusing in that particular area.

That one you know as Cobra has announced this recently that there is a push, a need to express toward that particular area because that is an area that is still of much darkness. But it is dissipating and it will dissipate more and more as more focus is put there in your meditation time. Okay?….”

Sananda website

You may draw your own conclusions on the basis of the above information/TheLightHasWon

Artist Reimagines World Leaders As Refugees In Powerful New Series — June 21, 2017

Credit: Abdalla Al Omari It’s easy to judge others when you live a life of affluence and security is a companion. For the millions of people who have been displaced due to war, however, such luxuries are rarely afforded. It is for this reason artist and Syrian refugee Abdalla Al Omari created a powerful series…

via Artist Reimagines World Leaders As Refugees In Powerful New Series — True Activist

Daily Message ~ Wednesday June 21, 2017

Dear Ones, very few of you are taking full advantage of the amount of assistance that is available to you on a daily basis.

Do not be afraid to ask for our help! No request is too small or too silly. It is our greatest joy to serve and assist you, but as you are sovereign beings we do require your permission to help. You are part of a team – there is no need to carry the load alone. We are just waiting for the nod from you to launch ourselves into action on your behalf.

So simply ask! Ask to be shown the way, ask for unseen solutions to be shown, ask for greater ease and comfort, and be open to the magic, for that is how you move into receiving the love, support and guidance that has always been there for you. ~Archangel Gabriel