Pax | Poetry of Light — Voyages of Light – July 22, 2020


Humans bring their
Weapons to the
Recycling for none

Are needed on
The new Earth
Of global Love

Experiencing peace in
Our hearts we
Now declare ourselves

Beings of service
Honouring Pax within


Poem and photo by Jasper Kesteloo
Poetry of Light

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The Arcturian Collective via Galaxygirl, May 26th, 2018 — Sananda.Website

Arcturian Collective 5/26/18 We are the Arcturian Collective and we wish to speak with humanity this crystal clear evening of love, of harmony and of peace. For this is the direction that you are heading as a collective, in the…Read more

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Be At Peace – April 18, 2018


One of the most important things you can do during this shift is be yourself!  There will always be others that may attempt to tear you down, judge your looks, your thoughts, your way of living.  They may take the time out of their day to tell you that you are ‘eating wrong’ or not clearing your stuff the proper way.

The Universe is here to tell you…you are doing everything right for you!  If you allow it, there will always be those who will project/counter-project onto you.  As always, you have a choice.  You can accept it or not.  The only person you must please and be at peace with is yourself.  You are loved! ~ Creator

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Thousands of Palestinian and Israeli Women March for Peace (Videos) – October 14, 2017


September 28 to October 10, 2017 Israeli and Palestinian women marched together for peace and to bring an end to the long-lasting conflict in the region.

Women Wage Peace was founded three years ago in the aftermath of the 2014 Gaza War.

Rapidly becoming Israel’s largest grassroots organization for peace, they have been working to advance a political agreement.


Tens of thousands of determined men and women from all communities and all political affiliations call on government to reach a diplomatic agreement.




I invoke Archangel Michael,

Warrior of Love, Bringer of Peace

and his Blue Flame of Truth,

of Infinite Potential,

for peace within

and peace without,

for peace and Love everywhere on Gaia.


Thank you, Archangel Michael, 

the Divine Mother, the Council of Love,

and the Company of Heaven.


Source: Voice of Freedom

Credit: Golden Age of Gaia


Division or Inclusion – October 11, 2017

Today I will talk about lines of division.  Most have been created and perpetuated by those that seek power and control over others.  Division between religions, countries and people are all meant to keep you in your place.
Your ‘homework’ today is to examine how your own division lines serve you.  As The Universe moves toward Oneness, it is important to know that these lines are no longer necessary and can even be detrimental to peace, both within and without. Instead of creating isolation…it is time, my beautiful child, to create inclusion and you are a necessary part of this process! ~ Creator

Here is What Jim Carrey Really Wanted to Say in His Latest Interview — September 17, 2017

If you don’t know by now, Jim Carrey lives a highly spiritual life. He became obsessed with painting and sharing inspirational knowledge aiming to awaken the world.He believes that love should be our religion and we should all find a way to tune into the cosmic truth in order to raise the world’s vibration.That’s why…..Read more & video clip

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Love Is on the Wing — Sept 2, 2017

God said: Deep within you, deep within the depths of you and everyone else, lies a Bubbling Brook of Joy that runs through you, such Happiness that you can hardly remember feeling, yet this Fulsome Brook is Full of the Joy you have read about and long to remember. Clearly, this Brook of Resurgent Joy…Read more

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Masters Of Chaos – August 25

There will always be those in your life that create chaos just for the sake of it, sit back and watch their ‘work’ unfold.  How you choose to respond to it is completely up to you.  You can continue to allow these people influence your world, playing into their hands and plans……or… can send them Unconditional Love and release the toxicity to The Universe.
Your reaction to their actions is what will matter most in your existence.  It is all about boundaries.  How much and how often you allow others to ‘disturb your peace’ is completely up to you. ~ Creator



The one thing I have noticed; you spend a lot of time reaching, reaching, reaching to touch ‘beyond’. Everything you need already exists within you! Reach IN and touch Divinity. ~ Creator Category: The Creator Writings

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