EU kan ha betalt 315 miljarder kronor i överpris för vaccinerna | 2021-10-01

Journalistgruppen Investigate Europe har granskat hur mycket EU betalt för vaccinerna mot covid-19 och rapporterar att man kan ha betalt 31 miljarder Euro  ( ca 315 miljarder kronor med dagens kurs) för mycket enligt uppgifter från gruppen People’s Vaccine Alliance som i sin tur baseras på en studie från Imperial College London.

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Billionaires EXPOSED: Look who’s getting even richer during the pandemic | NaturalHealth365


by: Sara Middleton, staff writer | May 31, 2021

(NaturalHealth365) The economic and psychological fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns took a devastating toll on the lives and livelihood of millions of people around the world.  In America, unemployment rates skyrocketed, businesses faltered and closed (many permanently), and people struggled with increasing rates of mental illness and social isolation.  All the while, mainstream media went into high gear, terrorizing the American public with doom and gloom headlines, and public “health” officials gaslit the entire country into believing that a mass-produced shot featuring brand-new gene therapy technology was the only ticket back to “normal.”

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