Economic Law Demands that the Golden Dawn is Upon Us (Videos) — April 4, 2018

Fake Money Making real things, and providing real services should earn us real money. Fake money is different. It is not earned and adds nothing to the world’s wealth. Fake money is borrowed from future output, and issued by a criminal bankster syndicate. On the contrary, real money is not controlled by anyone. It is…Read more & videos

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Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for March 31, 2018

Operation Disclosure


The process toward the transition event is a combination of a game of chess and dominoes.

It is a game of geopolitical chess and when each Dark piece is taken out, a big domino falls triggering a line of smaller dominoes.

The Light side is winning and the chances of the Dark side turning the tables is futile.

The last big domino to fall was when China launched their Yuan Oil Futures (Petroyuan).

The launch of the Petroyuan triggered a sequence of events which will lead to a global gold-standard monetary system.

Zimbabwe is next to introduce a gold-standard with China’s help.

The U.S. is next after Zimbabwe and the Republic has already prepared the bill to make it possible.

The bill to return the USD to the gold-standard (USN) will be introduced prior to the imminent stock market correction to prevent the nation from an economic crisis.

The IMF will then be forced to introduce a global gold-standard monetary system (under the direction of the Alliance) to avoid worldwide economic crisis.

The new quantum financial system (with all new currency rates) then replaces the old fiat financial system (this event is known as the Global Currency Reset).

The stock market will then level out to it’s true value based on the new financial system.

The RV will begin once release protocols are finalized by the Alliance. This can occur at any time as exchanges/redemptions will be handled behind closed doors through private 800# appointments.

Ultimately, the RV will occur before the GCR.