SANANDA – Heart Protection Technique – April 10, 2020 — Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

(Dancing Dolphin)

Introduction from Dancing Dolphin:  I am an extremely sensitive person as I feel what other people are feeling; whether I want to or not. Some may say I’m telepathic but this ‘gift’ has it’s drawbacks. For example: In March as the Covid19 virus starting spreading throughout the world and countries began shutting down and people were forced to stay at home, I became overwhelmed with the feelings of fear, anxiety and stress. I couldn’t calm myself down. Every relaxation technique I tried didn’t seem to work. I thought they were my own feelings at first; but then I finally came to realize that I was picking up the feelings of everyone! As soon as I had that realization, I remembered that recently Sananda had told me he was going to give me lessons on how to protect my heart. He said that I would be able to help more people in the future if I didn’t feel their pain so deeply. So, I asked Sananda if he could share this information with me now. He said “Of course, anytime!”  I have begun to speak aloud and record messages with my phone instead of typing them. So, you may notice that the messages sound a bit different. They are conversations, not dictations and you can tell that by the casual conversation feeling of them. My suggestion is to read this aloud to get the wonderful feeling that Sananda is speaking directly to you. →

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What You Want & Need ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – October 25, 2018

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are beginning to process the numerous requests that have come in recently, and we need to process them because we need to understand what it is that humanity truly needs. What you ask for and what you need are not always one and the same.

You look for the fastest way, oftentimes, rather than allowing for something to come in the appropriate timing. Or you just want to get your hands on a whole lot of money all at once, rather than having the experience of taking in what you need, spending it, and then receiving more.

So what we seek to impart to you is the wisdom that will help you to navigate through the challenges that you face, and at the end of that experience of facing the challenge, we want you to experience the growth as well. So what we give you may not always be exactly what you are asking for, but we will always support you in getting to wehre you ultimately want to go.

This is our way of saying, ‘Be patient.’ Be patient with yourselves, be patient with us, be patient with the universe, and especially the physical realm. If you want to change your experience of reality, you can do that much more quickly than you can change reality. If you want to receive something that you’ve been asking for, you will be able to access it energetically before you will be able to access it physically.

When you can be at peace with the process and the unfolding, that means you have mastered the physical reality. Mastery over the physical reality doesn’t come because you have figured out how to instantly manifest what you desire. Mastery comes when you are so certain that what you desire is on its way to you that you bask in the present moment and in the energy that you do have access to.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”