Message from the Councils and Pleiadians (5/11/19) | Galaxygirl — Voyages of Light

(Voyages of Light)

Councils and Pleiadians 5/11/2019

We are the Councils of Nine, Twelve, Seven. We wish to begin an open communication line with humanity. We intend for great love to be felt within these words. For too long humanity has been isolated, felt alone and the truth has been so twisted up in your realm that there is truly much to unlearn and much to re-listen to. We wish to begin by saying you are tremendously loved, valued and supported. You, ground team, are a remarkable crew. Your fortitude, strength and resilience is astonishing, astounding, and we want you to know you are tremendously appreciated, and thoroughly loved.

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Message from the Oversoul of the Pleiadian Collective via Galaxygirl, April 9, 2019

Greetings friends, we are the Oversoul of the Pleiadian Collective. We view you, humankind, as our cherished friends and family who are just ready to embark on their return journey homeward after long years abroad. For you are our friends and family.

We have seeded many worlds. We have numerous colonies, worlds where our consciousness has expanded into, through, and created. Gaia was to be the pristine, perfect jewel and she shall be the centerpiece of this universe, showcasing her extreme beauty and her heart full of love and sacrifice. Gaia is, we believe, perhaps the bravest of warriors in that she allowed so much to occur on her form and yet still held her light, held her resolve to ascend, to grow, to become the true inner beauty that she is. You see, Gaia’s inner knowing that she was much more than she seemed is an excellent example for you freshly birthed Nova Gaians in this raw, tender time of ascension. You are just beginning to realize who you are, and yet you have always been this. You have always been a precious child of God, the out-breath of Source Creator. Your genetics glow with divine encodements of the most pristine and powerful system with computer-like efficiency, yet better. You are divine. You are awesome, truly. The time of the dumbing down and junk DNA is no more. NO. You are to be the once-again angelic humans that caretake Gaia in all of her beauty.

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Message from Mira and the Pleiadian Collective (2/26/19) | Galaxygirl

Mira & the Pleiadian Collective 2/26/19

Greetings grounded team we are the Pleiadian Collective.

We see the weariness of spirit and body with many of our ground team and we wish to offer specific encouragement for these ascension symptoms this day. For you hear much is proceeding which is indeed true and we know that you feel it in your physical bodies greatly. You are morphing into 5D crystalline – you are. Your DNA is coming online. Many of you are glowing and looking younger. Have you not noticed this? And yet the human part of you is exhausted. And so may we infuse you with a little bit of Pleiadian wit and wisdom?…Read more

Message from Pleiadian Collective, Mother God & Arcturian Collective (12/17/18) | Galaxygirl

Greetings dear one, we are the Pleiadian Collective, lending you our hearts this night for you are weary and have suffered much in this lifetime somewhat, but very much so indeed in previous lives past. And you are probably noticing that they (past lives) are coming up for cleaning at a rapid clip. You have lost many husbands, many wives, many children over the eons and in many cases you too were the ones lost and missed / mourned by others. You have seen much, experienced much. And thus you are strong. And thus you were selected to be here in this most auspicious precious now of planetary ascension / upliftment. For the rending of worlds – realities – is in full swing in this most precious moment. Chose your vibration wisely, carefully. Keep it up.

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Mira, Pleiadian and Arcturian Collective: Stir the Pot — Era of Light – December 15, 2018

Greetings dear friends, we are the Pleiadian Collective, returned to speak with you once again. Now, we have been speaking to many of you silently, and we want you to know that our presence is felt all around the world. Many of you are our our friends, family, and you have been visiting with us…..Read more

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The Pleiadian Collective: Recent Developments — Era of Light – November 23, 2018

Greetings, we are the Pleiadian Collective here this evening, this day, extending our warmest of greetings to you our ground team. Recent developments being what they may, please be assured that all is proceeding as smoothly as possible in this most sacred now of tumultuous changes upon dear Gaia. We Pleiadians have our own rich…..Read more

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The Pleiadian Collective via Galaxygirl, November 5th, 2018

Good morning, we are the Pleiadian Collective sending you our greetings through this one this day, this most blessed day of exceptional light codes and light streams from the central sun that are engulfing your forms at this Now moment. We see you humanity and the many gigantic leaps and strides that you have been making of late, and we are quite impressed! Truly, you were well chosen for the tasks of planetary ascension and you are growing and leading the way most ardently. And so hats off to you friends, for you are doing it.

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The Pleiadian Collective via Galaxygirl, November 1st, 2018

Greetings friends, we are the Pleiadian collective joined tonight by the Arcturian Collective. For we are here today showing our unification and strong force of light, as a united front against the dark, pledging our support and love for humanity and for Gaia in her most blessed moment of ascension.

Life is but a string of moments, of memories. And we assure you friends that you will remember these moments with great tenderness. For you are tender, you are growing, you are morphing into that which you already are. And we see your growth and your realizations of who you are, who you have been and who you are becoming, within the guise of experience and we see the blessings behind these understandings and realizations and your future expansion from them, and it pleases us greatly. For this means that you are doing it. You are doing the work, you have done the work, and now it is time reap the glory of the expansion that follows hard self realization and self honesty. And perhaps – we hope – you will begin to see you as we see you, as family members serving within a dense, foreign form of the human body, to serve the light and to bless the others. It is a work of extreme self sacrifice, but this is how we grow, how we expand, and so it makes sense that the strong ones seeking more growth would jump at an opportunity such as this to expand and to reach for the light. But to reach for the light, as a being of light, you must convince yourself that you are reaching for it. But do you see that perhaps it was indeed within you this entire string of moments that you call your life? And that when you were crying out and heard that still small voice, that perhaps it was the God within you speaking when you were finally clear enough to listen? The rushing, the busyness, the stress and sheer havoc of survival on your planet must stop. It is time to change all of these shenanigans and to create lives of peace, of beauty, of simple joys. And we see this happening in the near future, friends.

~ galaxygirl


The Pleiadian Collective via Galaxygirl, October 30th, 2018

Pleiadian Collective 10/30/2018

Greetings friends, we are the Pleiadian Collective. We do not have much of a change in the news for you tonight friends, but wish to bestow through these words a healing, for we sense that you are all in great need of it at this time of energetic change. Much stress has been placed and is in the process of being transmuted within your physical forms and although it will be alright it perhaps now is a bit uncomfortable. And so we invite you to please sit down in a quiet space and do some deep slow breaths, grounding to both your planetary mother and spiritual mother. Become the bridge between them. Will that your chakras align with ease and grace and imagine a rainbow blend of dancing sparkling colors that ripple like plasma coursing through you extending from Mother God through your crown chakra through your body into Gaia’s planetary core, and in so doing you are balancing your chakras and hers. And of course when you do this friends, you are assisting to energetically balance all of humanity’s chakras as well. For you are a hive mentality in a way, you are truly all connected. One kind thought has a massive ripple effect, as does one loving intention. And so, when you send forward your own healing for the betterment of the others you bless all of the others. It is true. Now imagine if you all did this at the same time every day. Can you imagine how powerful your mass meditation would be – is – for you have heard this before, but it is true and warrants repeating; you are powerful creators and we are astonished and delighted with your progress.

Many of you are weary and feel it is to the point of no return. Come on up to our ships at night if that is your need and desire. Set your intention and we will welcome you if your intentions are pure. For we love to extend our healing modalities and are eager to work more closely with you. For all is well with the grand plan of the Mother to whom we yield. The Goddess has spoken and she is here amongst you now in many forms, in may ways. But suffice it to say she is here on your planet and her presence will continue to rise and to grow as you rise and grow in your own power. The days of the dark are done. It is now only a matter of time, and of course we listen for our commands and leadings from Mother and Father God whom we most joyously serve. We are all one huge family of light and of love, and we extend this to you as well, humanity. You have always been within this gigantic field of love but chose to experience forgetting. And the game got very dark, very fast, as the intruders came and mucked it up, and took advantage of your free well, such that it was heinously infringed upon, to the point of disgust. And so that is why you brave ones who are awake and aware, are reading these words, because you know that you are one of us. You are a star seed here for the higher purpose of healing this precious planet and restoring her to her former glory. And in so doing, your current physical body will be preserved and restored as well, for you are of the same stuff as Gaia and this is your healing. When you heal her, you in turn heal yourselves, and the others around you.

Massive healing is going right now friends, and that is why our message is a bit different tonight. Many of you are barely crawling upstairs as you are transmuting for the others who are snarky and asleep. (Sigh). It will not always be this way. But remember you are the brave ones – you chose to serve in this capacity. And you are doing a most magnificent job. We are the Pleiadian Collective offering our love and greeting this night to you friends, as well as our healing vibrational technology. So before you sleep, set your intention and we will see you in the ships. We are your family after all. Welcome home. We are the Pleiadian Collective.

~ galaxygirl

Note: Hi friends! I suggest you intend to bring gifts with you, just as you would bring a hostess gift. I passed out boxes of See’s candy and roses last night and they were so pleased! Much love

Pleiadian Council via Galaxygirl, October 27th, 2018

Greetings we are the Pleiadian Council sending our light and our love to our grounded team this day, this evening, wherever you are upon Nova Gaia. And we say this with great delight that you have finally arrived, although many of you are shaking your heads in disbelief for you do not see Nova Gaia around you. But we say to you quite eagerly that yes, indeed that is because you are creating it. And the energies of this timeframe are in great support of this creation. And we ask that you stretch your belief and begin to see with your heart space for this is the womb of creation, from the heart space, and when one realizes this, all things are possible.

We wish to bestow upon you today this understanding, that indeed you are the ones you have been waiting for. We smile upon you from your now-friendly skies in our ships. If you see us would you say hello in greeting? Acknowledge and build upon this connection. These messages are our tendrils of love and light to you. Each message is encoded with our vibration of Source light and it is our intention that you feel and know deep within you how much you are loved, cherished beyond your current comprehension. And so you see, this must be felt with the heart mind. It must be vibrationally absorbed, not intellectually understood. There is the difference. For far to long Earth has been a place of where the mind ruled over the heart. No longer. It is to be a place of love, of light, of the Mother’s blessing and you can see this and create this more easily when you speak through your heart and see through your heart mind. It is a beautiful thing.

This one has many questions, and we see that many of you do as well. And we are eager and delighted to connect with our ground crew at this time point. For time is but moments of pinpoints of decisions strung together within an orthogonal matrix construct that from your perspective has always been a linear one, from the 3D viewpoint. But we see you expanding into the spiral matrix of time – not a matrix in a dark sense but an expanded understanding sense of sorts. And spirals twist upwards do they not? And so friends we see you ever spiraling upwards with these new energies of love and of high vibration that are a gift to you from the womb of the universe. We encourage you to continue to welcome them within you, to help you expand and grow ever upwards towards your true selves. We welcome you home to us and to your other galactic families of various origins. You are home when you see this with your heart mind.

When you perceive this as so you will be there, for Nova Gaia is a vibration, a space, a precious place that you are all in the midst of creating even now with every thought and decision to choose love in each and every moment – this is your goal and your trajectory. To build this love bridge for the others, to the others, who have become lost within their own inner matrix of choices that embraced anything other than the light. They are processing this, they are feeling this and seeing the higher energies from a different perspective from you who are awake and are excited about them. No, for these asleep ones it will be an abrupt awakening and they will need your calming touch, words, guidance. But know that when the flash of energy from the great central sun comes – and it is indeed well on its way we are happy to report – it is true that nothing – nothing – nothing will ever be the same again for you. You will be transformed in the blink of an eye as your scriptures say. For love has won and love is here! We are the Pleiadian Collective. We believe Mother God wishes to say a few words to you now. It has been our pleasure to connect.

~ galaxygirl