El Morya: Become the Purest Love that You Are — Era of Light – April 2, 2019

Greetings dear ascended ones! I am El Morya, Chohan of the Blue Ray of the Divine Will, I am your brother, your teacher, and friend. I come today to speak to you about responsibility, about…let’s call it your earthly duties as this newly embodied ascended self that you are. And by all means understand that this is not a rigid state, for as you know, as a multi-dimensional being, you can easily shift from the wholeness of your sweet selves into different parts of you as tiny as the tiniest of your particles. But you see, the question is, when you shift are you consciously taking your power with you, that loving power and essence of who you are? Are you taking your divine wisdom and knowing with thee when you retreat and focus on some small part of your selves?

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The Grandmothers: There is Great Power Coming in From the Mother Now — Era of Light – November 27, 2018

I woke early in the morning to find the Grandmothers encircling me. They were crowding in, holding me so close that our bodies were merging. “There is great power coming in from the Mother now,” they said, and I felt the power they were speaking of. My body was responding to it — becoming massive,…Read more

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The Galactic Federation: Forward With Compassion — Era of Light – September 7, 2018

In order to have the dream you need to vibrate the dream. Embrace all that you are as Divinity in motion for a sacred spark lives within. We ask that you consider embrace that which you desire believing it is already your reality. For a mear shift of thinking can catapult you into a state….Read more

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Suzy Ward – Channeling Matthew Ward – April 15, 2018

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. We thank the reader who listed several areas wherein she sees progress, then wrote: “So thank you for helping us all stay the course, keep finding our optimism, and keep working for the world we know is possible!” Because optimism is light-filled, it plays a vital role in a society’s evolvement, and people who view the world as tumultuous and fearful rarely can feel optimistic about what is to come. They don’t know that what they see as upheaval is the clashing of low vibrations with high and the latter are gaining dominance on the way to prevailing overall. They don’t know that this “storm before the calm,” so to say, is purposeful, it is ushering in powerful changes worldwide. You do know this, and talking with people about substantive changes afoot is a splendid way to let the light of your optimism shine into their lives.

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Yeshua and Mary Magdalene: Honor Your Soul — February 16, 2018

Greetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, Yeshua. I come to you here with my Mother and my beloved Mary Magdalene. As you celebrate this week of love, it is of great importance that you begin to honor the beautiful essence of your own souls. I know we speak of this often, but we ask….Read more

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The Power To Change – June 10, 2017

Your Earth-plane existence is and always will be dictated by what you draw in and allow. If you choose to be put down, trodden up and otherwise disrespected, it is yours. If, on the other hand, you choose to be respected and admired for who you are (not WHAT you have), that experience will be yours.
A challenge for you today: take time and really LOOK at what you experience in an average day. What would you change? With that held firmly in mind, move one thought toward the positive. You have, and always have had, the power to change everything. ~ Creator.

The Creator Writings

Credit: The Galactic FREE Press