Narcissism Has Reached Epidemic Levels in the United States — Could Self-Compassion be the Cure? – June 24, 2017

June 25th, 2017 By Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Narcissism is on the rise. We see it on social media, in friends and family — even ourselves, if we’re lucky enough to be self-reflective. In fact, Jean Twenge, author of Generation Me, believes we are experiencing a “narcissism epidemic” in America. To…

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Archangel Michael via Leslie Anne Menzies, May 23d, 2017

Brave Souls, As you walk blindfolded on the trapeze wire of life, you are navigating fields of possibilities for eons unavailable to you. The smorgasbord is now OPEN and the availability of choice, un-limited. Because of all the recent energy shifts,…Read more

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Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, May 7th, 2017

ONLY A LIE NEEDS LEGAL PROTECTION. TRUTH FEARS NO INVESTIGATION. Anon This truth must never be hidden. It must be fully understood, for preventing investigation of truth serves to hide it and thus holds you in slavery. It holds you…Read more

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Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, March 25th, 2017


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Each one of you wants to be known as a kind and loving soul. We in the heavens know that you already are. Even if you’re an angry human being, underneath the layers of protection, we behold only the truth of your sweet and sensitive heart. You never need to prove your worth or goodness to the heavens. We already see you, often more accurately than you see yourselves.

You are enough exactly as you are. You never need to please a soul to be worthy of love. When your service to others comes from joy, it comes from God. When your service to others comes from duty, from a sense of wanting to “get” them to love or acknowledge your goodness, or from guilt… then it comes from ego.

There is nothing wrong with ego. It is part of who you are. It is a container so to speak, for the greater Self – much as water is contained by the glass. The glass helps shape and define the water, but the water is free. It evaporates into steam, turns into rain, falls in the river, and runs to the ocean only to repeat the cycle again. It is only contained for a short time in that one glass, much as the love that sources you is only in this body and personality and ego for a lifetime, before it expands once again into a greater awareness. The water remembers the shape, color, and texture of the glass it once thought it was. Your soul will remember the personality it once was as well, but know itself as so much more.

How could you ever feel not good enough if you truly knew that you are nothing less than the love that creates universes – shaped in 7 billion bodies, minds, and personalities… and all of creation – but always the same love.

In every moment of your lives, you are attempting to remember this love. You have never failed God. You have never disappointed the heavens, for in truth you cannot fail that which you are made of.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels



Jesus through John – Guidance from an elder brother – March 08, 2017


 There is no one God does not love.


Jesus Audio Blog for Wednesday March 8th

All is unfolding precisely as divinely planned and intended, there are no other options.  Humanity has collectively chosen to awaken spiritually, and evidence of that choice is appearing all across the world and is being reported on by many news and alternate news sources.  Underlying all the disturbing or unsettling events is an intense desire and will for change, and that is what is driving humanity powerfully forwards towards awakening.  Your awakening is imminent!  Expect it because you have chosen it, and know that your choice is confirmed by your constant intent to terminate the game of separation which does not serve you.

Love is your nature and you have collectively chosen to open your hearts to welcome It in.  When you welcome Love into your open hearts you also allow and intend for It to flow out through you to all with whom you interact personally, to all who pass through your energy field each day, and to all on Earth.  Love cannot be contained, It always flows abundantly and ceaselessly into and through every space that offers even the most minimal of welcomes, endlessly seeking to integrate and mingle with all of life.  All that anyone need do is allow It to enter.  It desires to fill those empty, lonely, and abandoned spaces that have been locked closed due to fear and free them from their fear.

There is no one God does not love.  Love is the life force that flows constantly through all living beings.  Without It life would cease.  Even those seen by you as the most despicable and unconscionable of beings is living with Love flowing through them; they need It as much as anyone else.  What happens within those sad and lost ones is that they deny It and attempt to block It completely, but that is impossible.  It cannot be dammed or stored for use in circumstances the ego might think are to its advantage, It can only be diverted by those unhappy beings so that it appears that there is no Love within them or flowing from them.

As the awakening process unfolds unremittingly Love expands the hearts of all those who are in the slightest way open to receive It, intensifying the energy field in which you are all so lovingly held.  Those who would block or deny It are also most positively effected by It’s increasing intensity, even though they continue to hold the intent to block or deny It.  As you know, Love is gentle, It does not impose, but It is irresistible, and even the strongest and most powerful attempts to shut It out completely fail, because It is All That Exists.

As the flow of Love intensifies all across the planet the changes necessary for your awakening continue to be put into effect.  Many of you are doubtful, you think you see no signs of awakening but only signs of increasing chaos and confusion leading inevitably towards catastrophic disaster for Earth and all the life forms she so lovingly supports.  Know that this is not the case.

Vast quantities of karmic inheritance – bitterness, hatred, jealousy, rage, and betrayal – are rising to the surface of humanity’s consciousness and being massively released!  You are not alone, you are never alone, you are firmly and lovingly supported by all of God’s divine creation as you divest yourselves of all that is not in perfect and harmonious alignment with Love.  What you are releasing is unreal, it has caused you much pain and suffering because your physical forms, your human bodies are severely limited in their ability to transmute and release what blocks the divine Love flow.  These constrictions – emotional, psychological, and physical – are the source of that pain and suffering.  As you allow yourselves to release all that is so uncomfortably arising your pain and suffering will ease and dissolve.

Do not fear what arises within you for release, and do not judge it.  There have, over the eons, been many thought forms of violence which arose from the sense of fear, abandonment, and separation from Source that the illusion was intended to provide.  It worked very well, but now is the time of release for those horrifying thought forms, even as you wonder how such insane and unloving thoughts could arise within you when you want only to return to your natural state – Oneness with your Source.

Well, the illusion was constructed to allow insanity to develop in the sense that you would believe yourselves alone and separate, and then apparently find yourselves in that state, an intensely painful and terrifying state even though quite unreal.  As you know, when you were created God gave and shared with you everything that He had because Love is all encompassing, all sharing, It withholds nothing.  Therefore you had, and of course still have, the power of God in all its wonder to use freely as you chose.  You used that power to construct the illusion, and it was a major construction project, now you are deconstructing it, tearing it asunder because you realize and fully understand that it does not serve you.

Over the eons, although you have experienced much pain and suffering within it, the illusion has become very familiar.  You can sometimes even feel safe within it for short periods of time, and there is a reluctance to let it go, to release it, because, as humans within it, it is extremely difficult for you to imagine life without it and without all the restrictions that it places upon you.  To imagine life without it, because you have forgotten what your true nature offers you in every moment, is frightening – “if I let go what will happen to me?”

It is a little like someone who got lost at sea in a very small boat that eventually drifts to the shore.  The boat has become his life support system and he is most reluctant to move away from it, from its apparent safety and familiarity.  Finally he starts to move further and further from it as he explores his new surroundings, having initially used it upturned as a shelter, and in doing so he finds freedom and then discovers that he can build a far more satisfactory shelter from the abundance of material available all around him.

You will awaken, and your joy will amaze you as you find yourselves utterly free, just as you were created, and in that joy your own creativity will align once more with God’s and your creative potential will lead you to ever more new and wonderful opportunities to continue endlessly intensifying your joy.  Release your hold on all that holds you back – bitterness, resentment, rage, and fear – and open yourselves fully and completely to the intense divine field of Love that enfolds and embraces you in every moment of your eternal existence, and know that you have come Home.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


Daily Message ~ Sunday February 20, 2017

How many ways do you put yourself and your own needs and comfort last? Many of you do not wish to be selfish, so you continue to deny yourself. Self love is never about selfishness, Dear Ones, it is merely seeing yourself as equal and as deserving as everyone else. It is moving into balance,…

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Indications of a Global Shift in Consciousness – Feb 16, 2017

By Wes Annac, Editor, Openhearted Rebel

A friend recently made a good point: the youth are partly responsible for helping others become aware of the global shift in consciousness taking place. The masses need to know what’s happening, and if you’ve experienced a spiritual awakening, there must be a reason for it. Young or old, you’re here to help.

The youth aren’t the only ones here on a mission to share what we know. This job is entrusted to people of all ages, but by educating ourselves, spreading knowledge, and supporting the struggle for freedom across the world, we can inspire more people to take a stand. We can energize this revolution.

With all this in mind, here’s my perspective on the consciousness shift and the love that drives it……

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Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff, January 1st, 2017



January 2017

 Beloved Ones,

 I come on the wings of love to have discourse with you. The world moves into its next phase and this one contains increased energetic frequencies. This will create some intensity within your energetic and human body system. It is important that you take time each day and perhaps even several times a day, to rest and relax, for these energies are those which make people feel exhausted and when this occurs, that is when it is the time that rest and relaxation is necessary.

In this way, you will always be on top of the higher frequency energies as they come through and have their effect upon everything and everyone on this planet. These energies are in the process, as before, of unravelling all that lives within your energetic system that is not in alignment with the higher dimension that you are heading into. This can create a mental fogginess and sometimes it seems that no matter what you try to accomplish, it just doesn’t go where you want it to go. This is the time to take a break, stop and rest….

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Porda via Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba, September 7th — Sananda – Sept. 08, 2016

M U S H A B A Mushaba Platinum Light September 07 2016 Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba channeling Porda I am Porda and I am here with quite a group of spiritual supporters today! I am also being broadcast planet…Read more

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