[Video] Awakening Not Reset Coming – Bo Polny | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

Bo Polny

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

Biblical cycle expert and financial analyst Bo Polny says believe it or not, we are living in the “End Times” talked about in the Bible.  Polny explains, “We are living in Biblical times, and we are about to see Biblical things go down.  God is in control of this. . . .

Read more & video interview(1:22:16): “Bo Polny – Trump Wins Dominos Will Fall Gold Will Rise”: Awakening Not Reset Coming – Bo Polny — Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog


By Utsava | First published at 19:26 UTC on November 6th, 2020.

Utsava is world wide known for highly accurate prophecies. For years she predicted accurately with specific time lines. You will not find these prophecies elsewhere. New 2021 prophecies about the Truth about Nesara/Gesara ,Currency Reset, Gold, are Diana,Elvis,Michael alive?, coming: New Dentistry,Medbeds,CXures.

Must Watch Video(34:45): https://www.bitchute.com/video/aYi1Z5L4GdJS/


Source: Dr Charlie [W]ard

Video(47:11): https://www.bitchute.com/video/kZH0ukKJKjWO/



Here is What is Going Down in the Next 3 weeks – ‘October Surprise 2020’ – (Video)

Source: Rumor Mill News | By Mr.Ed

Date: Thursday, 8-Oct-2020

Ethernet Warriors
Oct 5, 2020

Well, the October Surprise has arrived just as our Congressionally Discommodated Anon predicted.

Most of those of us who are on THIS side of the battle between good & evil, don’t even know it.

But now you do. Chill. Enjoy. Rejoice.

Video(13:50) via Rumor Mill News


or via Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/qqnOuwx61onJ/

How Self-entitled Frauds at Imperial College (Funded by Bill Gates) Changed the World | Humans Are Free – Aug 10, 2020

Arrest Bill Gates Jail

Humans Are Free

It starts with Neil Ferguson, a failed computer modeler bankrolled by Bill Gates. Working out of Imperial College in London with a team, Ferguson predicted 500,000 COVID deaths in the UK and two million in the US. →

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World on Verge of Spinning Out of Control – John Rubino | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog – July 29, 2020

John Rubino

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

July 29, 2020

Financial writer John Rubino says gold is at new all-time highs, silver is vaulting upward and there is no end in sight for the massive money printing around the world.  Rubino say’s if you look deeper, you can see the “real message” in the unfolding events.  Rubino explains, “It’s fun to be a gold bug and see your stacks getting more valuable, but the real message here is the world is on the verge of spinning out of control. →

Read more & video: “John Rubino – When Dollar Falls Everything Falls Everywhere” (40:09) via — Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

(Video) 3D to 5D Consciousness: Celebrities cancel shows, Human Trafficking, Trudeau’s crimes, Catalyst Twin Flame, Cannabis from 5D – June 30, 2020

Source: 3D to 5D Consciousness

June 29, 2020

Guess which celebrities are canceling their shows and plans? Find out the Malaysian Human Trafficking bust that involved their own authorities apprehended. I’m also covering Justin Fake Trudeau crimes he’s committed and showing his pedophilia connections. I’m expanding on the Twin Flame info that I have shared in my previous broadcasts and providing Cannabis plant from a 5D perspective.

Video(34:24): youtu.be/yu_aGKiThdg

(Video) PrayingMedic: Qanon June 6, 2020 – Only at the Precipice

Source: PrayingMedic

June 6, 2020

Q reminds us that only at the precipice will society develop the will to change.

Video (54:27): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXU99A4-_OU 

Website: https://prayingmedic.com/

(Video) X22 Report Spotlight: The Great Awakening Is Happening WW, Change Is Coming:Claudio Grass – June 7, 2020

Source: X22 Report Spotlight

June 6, 2020

Today’s Guest:

Claudio Grass Todays Interview: Todays interview is with Claudio Grass, Claudio breaks down the current event of the pandemic. This event was used to control the people, remove their rights and to push a new world order. Claudio believes a great awakening is happening now and people are starting to see what is really happening, change is coming.

Video (39:11): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4qVJMTasGY

(Video) SGTreport: THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM? — PRAYING MEDIC – April 27, 2020


April 26, 2020

Praying Medic Dave Hayes joins me to discuss Qanon, a topic about which he has written a new book titled ‘Calm Before the Storm’. In this interview I press Dave on the Trillions of Dollars in stimulus and the unaccountable criminal banks and corporate interests which are getting most of that money… Dave says that’s “a stone in my shoe.” Let the fireworks begin. And let’s pray that Dave is right.


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